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On January 6, the provinceGyeonggi announced that they it have investedallocated KRW 50 million in to helping the 5,600 disaster victims of in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, delivering 1,424 emergency food packages containing rice, cooking oil, biscuits, salt, canned goods and drinking water from November to December last year.

The northern Sulawesi region of Indonesia is adjacent to the Southsouthern Sulawesi Province,region which signed a cooperative agreement with the Gyeonggi pProvince in 2002. The tsunami and magnitude 7.5 quake that hit the region resulted in 1,700 deaths and 70,000 homeless residents.

Following this, in October, Gyeonggi the province selected Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management as the delegating organization to that would send representatives to investigate in the region disaster and provide better aid to those affected.

The emergency food packages and drinking water prepared by the provinceGyeonggi were firstly delivered to the victims with disabilities and the elderlyies, who were most in need of the packages according to Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Korea’s investigation.

Korea Ceramic Foundation Recruits Participants for the Winter Break Special Ceramics Program http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/korea-ceramic-foundation-recruits-participants-for-the-winter-break-special-ceramics-program/ Thu, 17 Jan 2019 02:39:31 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13575

As the winter break approaches, the Korea Ceramic Foundation (Chairman Seo Jeong-gurl) is recruiting participants for the Winter Break Special Ceramics Education Program it will be running at the Clay Play Hand-on Class located in the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum from this month to March.

This special program, is designed as an indoor program event to escape the cold winter cold, is, catered structured fortoward students on winter break, their parents, people with disabilities, stay-at-home parents and anyone else who is interested in finding inner peace and rest through ceramic art. The program can host up to 220 people and is free of charge.

The program offers: “I Am a Clay Artist,”
▲an experiential storytelling ceramics experiential activity for elementary school students, called “I Am a Clay Artist,;” “My Family’s Table,”
▲a dinnerware-making family experience;, “Healing through Clay,” “My Family’s Table,”
▲a clay class for provincial residents with disabilities;, “Stay-at-home Parent Pottery Classes,” “Healing through Clay,”
▲pottery classesstaged by levels for stay-at-home parents, “Stay-at-home Parent Pottery Class,” and more.

Of particular note, the pottery classes are composed of different levels, from beginner to intermediate, so that participants can learn about pottery in more details
There are two registration periods for this program. While the first application period ended last month, the Korea Ceramic Foundation is now accepting applications for the second period.

As of now, only Gwangju residents are eligible to apply. Depending on the situationcircumstances, registration may be expanded to people residents ofin other regions, too.

To participate, those interested parties must first leave a comment through via the KakaoTalk Plus Friend chat (ID: 경기도자박물관). Individuals will then be selected, after which they may apply in person to finalize their registration to the program. For more information and schedule details, please refer to the Korea Ceramic Foundation website at www.kocef.org.

During this time, the “Jidang, Park Bu-won Special Exhibition,”, an exhibition featuring works of the Gwangju Royal Ceramics Master, will be takeing place at the Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park. In addition, other unique exhibitions will be held at the Gyeonggi Ceramic Museum, including “Our History through Ceramics,” an exhibition that presents Korean history as it is understood through the transformations of in its ceramics over time, —from Goryeo Celadon, to Buncheong Ceramics and Joseon white porcelain—, and “Ceramic Culture Hall,” an exhibition that will tell provide visitors more about with a greater understanding of ceramics.

Korea Ceramic Foundation’s Chairman, Mr. Seo Jeong-gurl, sharedsaid, “This winter, we hope that this special program will warm everyone’s hearts and give families an opportunity to heal and rest through ceramics.”

Gyeonggi Province’s 15 Representative Festivals to Receive Financial and Marketing Support http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-provinces-15-representative-festivals-to-receive-financial-and-marketing-support/ Thu, 20 Dec 2018 03:50:46 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13337
On December 6, Gyeonggi Province announced the selection of 15 festivals—including the Icheon Rice Cultural Festival, Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival and Siheung Gaetgol Festival—as the 2019 Gyeonggi Representative Tourist Festivals.

The Gyeonggi Representative Tourist Festivals are selected every year to promote local festivals held by cities and counties in the province with high marketability and competitiveness.

This year’s selection included the Icheon Rice Cultural Festival, Yeoju Ogok Naru Festival, Siheung Gaetgol Festival, Yeoncheon Jeongok-ri Paleolithic Festival, Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival, Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival, Paju Jangdan Soybean Festival, Hwaseong Boat Festival, Bucheon International Comics Festival, Gunpo Royal Azalea Festival, Ansan Street Arts Festival, Osan Doksanseong Cultural Festival, Gwangju Namhansanseong Cultural Festival, Yangpyeong Yongmunsan Mountain Vegetable Festival, and Dongducheon Rock Festival.

Gyeonggi Province will recommend seven of these festivals—hosted by Icheon, Yeoju, Siheung, Yeoncheon, Anseong, Suwon, and Paju—as candidates for the 2019 Korean Culture & Tourism Festivals managed by the central government. If selected, the festivals will receive financial support of between KRW 105 million and KRW 450 million from the central and provincial governments.

The remaining eight city and county festivals that fail to qualify as Korean Cultural & Tourism Festivals will be given financial support of between KRW 50 million and KRW 60 million by the provincial government.

In addition, the 15 festivals are allowed to use the title of “Festival Supported by Gyeonggi Province” and are provided with big data analysis such as cell phone use by festival visitors as well as support for promotional activities.

“Starting next year, Gyeonggi Province will discover unique festivals held by cities and counties and actively support their revitalization as cultural spaces for civic participation,” said Oh Who-suk, Director General of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau of Gyeonggi Province. “In addition to these fifteen festivals, Gyeonggi Province is also seeking ways in which to support other promising festivals that have great growth potential,” he added.

Gyeonggi Province Hosts International Symposium on Population Outlook and Policy Alternatives http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-hosts-international-symposium-on-population-outlook-and-policy-alternatives/ Tue, 18 Dec 2018 07:07:27 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13331
The “2018 Gyeonggi Province Population Policy International Symposium” was held on December 11 at the Novotel Ambassador Suwon. It was attended by 250 personages including Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor Kim Hee-kyeum, Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly Planning and Finance Committee Chairperson Jeong Dae-un, Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly Women, Family, and Education Committee Chairperson Park Ok-bun, Yeoju City Mayor Lee Hang-jin, Ajou University Professor Emeritus Choi Jin-ho, and population policy experts from home and abroad.

In this symposium hosted by Gyeonggi Province, various cases from different countries and of policy alternatives were shared by experts seeking countermeasures to population decline and the local community extinction crisis through the examination of population policy successes in developed countries such as Japan and European nations.

Junko Takezawa, a researcher of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in Japan, who took the podium first, introduced Japan’s policy on low fertility rates, focusing on local government cases and suggesting the roles of municipalities.

Of particular note, the low fertility policy in Japan that changed in the 2010s and the local growth policy of the Abe government to create a livable environment in each region received great attention from attendees.

Dr. Sobotka Tomas, a leading researcher of the Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria, gave a presentation on the challenges and prospects of European population policy.

Dr. Tomas received enthusiastic responses from participants by introducing key features and overviews of the low birth rate phenomenon in Europe, along with family policy goals and various customized policies promoted throughout the continent as well as examples of low birth rate policy packages being implemented in various European countries.

Yeoju City Mayor Lee Hang-jin delivered a compelling presentation of vivid examples drawn from his experiences and actual data as mayor under the theme of “Population Status and Policy of Yeoju City.”

Participants listened attentively to his presentation, which focused on population policy cases of Yeoju City and alternative measures for low birth rates, and reflected on the roles of local governments.

Finally, Lee Sang-rim, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, delivered his presentation on the roles of local governments in the era of population decline, during which he suggested new policy directions by relating local population issues to population movements.

In his presentation, Lee emphasized that population gaps between regions should be studied from a long-term perspective that considers the two variables of demographic structure and population inflow, and suggested government roles at the central, regional, and district levels.

In his opening address before the presentations, Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor Kim Hee-kyeum stressed: “The response to the population crisis will determine the growth potential of Korea, and the role of Gyeonggi Province is now more important than ever as we have entered an era in which a fundamental paradigm shift in population issues is inevitable.”

A Gyeonggi provincial official said, “We will continue to draw up practical population policies based on the results of today’s symposium and to make progress by constructing an effective policy network.”

Gyeonggi Province Begins Exporting to Korean Wave Hub Markets of Thailand and Myanmar http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-begins-exporting-to-korean-wave-hub-markets-of-thailand-and-myanmar/ Mon, 17 Dec 2018 07:29:38 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13325
A Gyeonggi provincial trade mission has obtained export opportunities in Thailand and Myanmar, hubs of the Korean Wave in the ASEAN region.

Gyeonggi Province announced that it had dispatched the (4th) FTA Utilization ASEAN Trade Mission to Bangkok in Thailand and Yangon in Myanmar for six days from December 3 to 8 to support small and medium-sized enterprises based in the province with their advancement into the ASEAN region.

During the visit, the trade mission members, representatives of 13 SMEs in Gyeonggi Province, held export consultation meetings for 196 contracts worth USD 18.99 million and agreed to promote export contracts worth USD 9.1 million with local buyers.

To facilitate successful consultations, Gyeonggi Province had contacted local buyers and arranged meetings in advance, providing assistance with briefings, transportation, and interpretation for the meetings.

As a result, in Bangkok, Thailand, export consultations were held for 76 contracts worth USD 8.38 million, and the promotion of 56 contracts valued at USD 3.68 million was pledged. In Yangon, Myanmar, export consultation meetings for 120 contracts worth USD 10.61 million took place and contracts valued at USD 5.42 million were promoted.

Samwon Korea, a manufacturer based in Gwangju City, signed an annual supply contract worth more than USD 100,000 with T company in Bangkok and received an order worth USD 12,000 on the spot.

Specter Korea Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of thermal transfer paper in Yongin City, attracted local buyers by introducing specialized products that its Chinese rivals have not yet developed. It is expecting to secure export contracts worth more than USD 50,000 annually in close partnership with F company and L company.

HnB, a specialist in sheet mask production in Gwangju City, promoted its price competitiveness and invited buyers to compete for an exclusive contract. In Yangon, there was fierce competition among buyers to purchase its product samples, and the conclusion of contracts worth at least USD 200,000 is expected in Myanmar.

Power Bridge, a manufacturer of small energy storage devices in Gunpo City, discussed partnership agreements with E and P companies in Bangkok for annual transactions valued at USD 100,000 each and began discussing the conclusion of a USD 300,000 contract with A company in Myanmar based on Power Bridge’s solution for the country’s power grid issues.

“I wanted to meet partners who will import our parts and then assemble, process, and export them. We found a large number of local buyers who can meet our needs thanks to the active support of the Gyeonggi FTA Business Center and KOTRA,” said Cho Yong-ho, CEO of Power Bridge.

A Gyeonggi provincial official said, “The achievements of the FTA Utilization ASEAN Trade Mission are quite meaningful considering unfavorable conditions such as the US-China trade dispute and Brexit. We will continue to help local companies enter overseas markets, especially the markets of ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Myanmar with growing purchasing power.”

Hantangang National River Geopark Submits Application to be Certified as UNESCO Global Geopark http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/hantangang-national-river-geopark-submits-application-to-be-certified-as-unesco-global-geopark/ Thu, 13 Dec 2018 03:50:10 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13313
The treasure trove of mineral resources that flows through the Gyeonggi and Gangwon regions, Hantangang River National River Geopark, is one step closer to being recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark.

The provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon announced that they submitted an application to UNESCO on November 30 for the recognition of Hantangang River National Geopark as a Global Geopark .

This initiative began after the decision made at the 20th meeting of the Geopark Committee that took place on November 22 to designate Hantangang River National Geopark as a Global Geopark candidate.

Following the decision, the provinces submitted the park’s plan to meet Global Geopark requirements, as well as an application to the Ministry of Environment for certification that the park is a suitable Global Geopark candidate. These documents have been processed by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and delivered to the UNESCO headquarters.

The recognition of Hantangang River National Geopark as a UNESCO Global Geopark is one of the Coexistence and Cooperation initiatives being pursued by Gyeonggi and Gangwon. The entire Hantangang River area encompassing Pocheon and Yeoncheon in Gyeonggi Province and Cheolwon in Gangwon Province, which boasts ample geological resources of superior quality, is being reviewed in this application.

Global Geopark is a designation granted by UNESCO in recognition of the aesthetic, archaeological, historical, cultural, ecological and geological values of sites and is given to promote tourism. Together with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves, it is one of three UNESCO protection initiatives.

The application will be evaluated by UNESCO member states between March and April of 2019, followed by a site visit by the UNESCO evaluation committee between July and August. The final decision will be made by April 2020.

Hantangang River National Geopark was certified as a National Geopark by the Ministry of Environment in December 2015 for its unique geological and topographical features. There are a total of 24 renowned geological sites along the 1,164.74 square-kilometer area of the river that flows from Yeoncheon to Pocheon and then to Cheolwon, including the Jaein Falls, Bidulginang Falls and columnar joints.

Since March 2017, the provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon have collaborated in registering academic articles, hosting seminars by the Ministry of Environment, and inviting members of the UNESCO Global Geopark evaluation committee to those seminars in order to promote UNESCO recognition of Hantangang River National Geopark as a Global Gepoark.

Gyeonggi Province to Designate 2019 as Gyeonggi Year of Culture and Initiate Gyeonggi Province Culture Day http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-to-designate-2019-as-gyeonggi-year-of-culture-and-initiate-gyeonggi-province-culture-day/ Tue, 11 Dec 2018 07:40:36 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13307
From 2019, Gyeonggi Province is designating its own ‘Culture Day’.

The province announced on December 6 that it will make significant changes to the existing ‘Culture Day’ and rename it ‘Gyeonggi Province Culture Day’ with the enactment of relevant legislation underway.

The newly established Gyeonggi Province Culture Day will take place on the last Wednesday of every month in place of the existing ‘Culture Day,’ but the special promotions offered on that day will be extended to the private sector. The province will expand free admission and discounts for the day and also feature more cultural and art programs so as to further promote appreciation for arts and culture among its residents.

Accordingly, Gyeonggi Province plans to expand the number of organizations participating in Gyeonggi Province Culture Day to 560, which is 232 more than currently participating, by 2022. Public culture and art centers will see the addition of 38 more cultural sites, 70 sites in total, offering discounts on Gyeonggi Province Culture Day. The total number of museums and art museums providing free admission will also be increased from 55 to 100 as well.

The province also added 46 public campsites and 10 temple stay locations to the list of participating organizations so as to provide residents with opportunities to enjoy unique cultural experiences that were not as readily available before.

To encourage participation by private organizations in Gyeonggi Province Culture Day, the province is considering the organization and development of special performances, as well as the support of fund applications available for museums and art museums and other incentives for interested organizations.

Additionally, the province is planning supplementary public projects so as to encourage more public participation in Gyeonggi Province Culture Day and to prevent it from becoming a token gesture. Some of these projects include: the organization of a provincial art company with local performance admission discounts for provincial residents; the expansion of traveling performances to foster more cultural events in local spaces; special screenings of Gyeonggi’s diversity movies; indie band performances, and more.

The province will draft legislation required for the provision of discounts and free admission to cultural sites for Gyeonggi Province Culture Day by March 2019.

The Power of Korean Documentaries in Amsterdam http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/the-power-of-korean-documentaries-in-amsterdam/ Tue, 27 Nov 2018 08:20:04 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13234 korean-documentary-night_the-festival-director-of-dmz-docs-hong-hyung-sook
On November 18, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival hosted “Korean Documentary Night” with Docs Port Incheon and the Korean Film Council in Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The event, which was hosted during the globally renowned International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA, November 14 to 25, 2018), successfully drew approximately 300 people, including programmers of famous documentary movie festivals such as Canada’s Hot Docs and the Sheffield Doc Fest, as well as international and domestic directors, producers and filmmakers.

Korean Documentary Night was hosted to promote Korean documentaries that were invited to 2018 IDFA’s main event featuring movies and their significant contributions to the sector. It also created a networking opportunity for professionals in the field to interact with those from other parts of the world.

Four Korean documentaries were officially invited to 2018 IDFA: Junha’s Planet, directed by Hong Hyung-sook, the Festival Director of DMZ Docs, was featured in the IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary Category; In the Absence, directed by Yi Seung-jun, was part of the Frontlight program; Eyebrows, directed by Jung Yoon-suk, competed among the Central Pitch projects; and the Rough Cut selection featured Forget Me Not, directed by Sun Hee Engelstoft, a Swedish-Korean adoptee.

In the Absence, a new work by director Yi Seung-jun, whose movie Planet of Snail was awarded the Grand Prize in the Feature-Length Documentary Category of 2011 IDFA, was also selected as a candidate for the Grand Prize at last year’s DOC NYC that was held from November 8 to 15.

IDFA, which is in its 31st year, is a festival in which approximately 200 groundbreaking, daring documentaries are celebrated. The festival attracts approximately 100,000 visitors and movie industry personnel as its market and forums are vital events for these professionals.

The Festival Director of DMZ Docs, Hong Hyung-sook, said that she was “delighted that the first event in which a film festival, the market and industry-supporting organizations came together to promote Korean documentaries to an international audience is receiving such great feedback,” adding that she “looks forward to DMZ Docs’ further growth so that it may become a must-attend festival for industry professionals.”

Leading Taiwanese Robotics Company Pledges Investment and Job Creation in Gyeonggi Province http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/leading-taiwanese-robotics-company-pledges-investment-and-job-creation-in-gyeonggi-province/ Wed, 21 Nov 2018 10:30:40 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13210 leading-taiwanese-robotics-company-pledges-investment-and-job-creation-in-gyeonggi-province
During a recent mission to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, a Gyeonggi Province delegation succeeded in attracting investment (confidential amount) from a leading Taiwanese robotics company, “Company A.” The company also agreed to hire over 300 employees.

Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor Kim Jin-heung lead the delegation on a visit to Company A in central Taiwan at 10 A.M. (CST) on November 14 to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the above-mentioned information.

Company A is renowned as a high-tech company that possesses vital technological capabilities for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as manufacturing techniques for key components in terms of factory automation, robots, and automated machinery, as well as construction techniques for smart factories and more.

Through this MOU, Company A agreed to establish a manufacturing and R&D facility in Gyeonggi Province’s Hwaseong City. This will benefit small businesses within the province as it entails easier access to precision parts and a reduction in production costs.

In addition, positive outcomes are also expected in terms of employment opportunities, a key area of interest to Gyeonggi Province and the Korean central government.

During negotiations, Company A agreed to provide job opportunities through more than 300 permanent positions, as well as to prioritize the hiring of graduates from the province’s specialized vocational high schools. This MOU is the province’s largest employment agreement among all foreign investment agreements made with manufacturing companies in the past 2 years.

To this end, out of over 100 specialized vocational high schools, the province selected two schools that provide the most relevant industry training and invited them to participate in this MOU.

Company A’s CEO stated, “I hope that this agreement will be a good example of an ideal match between a company and jobs, and that we will successfully lead this project by working closely with the province’s specialized vocational high schools so as to hire their most outstanding graduates in a timely manner.”

Vice Governor Kim Jin-heung said that he is “greatly thankful to Company A for the mass job creation,” promising that “Gyeonggi will gladly provide human resources and administrative support so that Company A can successfully carry out its project in the province.”

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Province delegation signed an economic cooperation MOU with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) on November 13, prior to its visit to Taiwan. After Taiwan, the delegation continued investment promotion efforts in Japan on November 15 and 16.

Gyeonggi Province Takes on Global Rose and Cactus Markets http://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-takes-on-global-rose-and-cactus-markets/ Thu, 15 Nov 2018 06:33:57 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=13166 .flower_box {overflow:hidden; } .flower_box ul {} .flower_box ul li {float:left; display:inline-block; margin-bottom:20px; margin-right:6%; } .flower_box ul li span {display:block; text-align:center; font-size:16px; margin-top:15px; } .cactus_box {overflow:hidden; padding-top:20px; border-top:1px dashed #ddd; margin-top:20px; } .cactus_box ul {} .cactus_box ul li {float:left; display:inline-block; margin-bottom:20px; margin-right:2%; text-align:center; } .cactus_box ul li img {display:inline-block;} .cactus_box ul li span {display:block; text-align:center; font-size:16px; margin-top:15px; }

From November 7 to 9, the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services will participate in the 2018 International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) in the Netherlands, globally showcasing cactus export products and rose breeds developed by Gyeonggi Province.

The Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services will host a booth at the IFTF and promote market expansion for currently exported and outstanding breeds with potential for success, as well as the local industry itself.

Fourteen rose breeds will be displayed at the booth under ‘G-Rose Breeding,’ a rose breed brand developed by Gyeonggi Province. These breeds include Deep Purple, Deep Silver, Bounty Way and others that are already recognized for their high quality through international export.

  • Deep PurpleDeep Purple
  • Deep SilverDeep Silver
  • Show GirlShow Girl
  • Red CrownRed Crown
  • Red DragonRed Dragon
  • Bounty WayBounty Way
  • Candy PartyCandy Party
  • Spark CondorSpark Condor
  • Red PocketRed Pocket
  • Double-Potted Cacti ProductsDouble-Potted
    Cacti Products
  • Completely Packaged Cacti ProductsCompletely
    Cacti Products
  • Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Red HeatGymnocalycium
    Red Heat
  • Chamaecereus Silvestrii Gold BoomChamaecereus
    Gold Boom
  • Astro Pityum Snow BallAstro Pityum
    Snow Ball

The cacti exhibition booth operates in collaboration with a specialized export company that is part of an industry-university-institute collaboration initiative. The booth will serve to diversify the list of exported items and increase exports of value-added products by showcasing currently exported breeds as well as new breeds and by conducting export consultations.

Gyeonggi not only supplies locally produced rose breeds domestically but has also been active in global exports since 2009. It has subsequently exported 15 breeds and 5,270,000 rose seedlings, contributing to the industry by reducing the burden of royalties for domestic farms, receiving royalties from abroad, and more.

Of particular note, Gyeonggi Province specializes in cacti production, which accounts for 68% of the province’s plant cultivation. Exported to approximately 20 countries for more than 20 years, cacti continually prove to be stable added-value generators and key export plants for the province.