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History & Meaning

The DMZ created by the cessation of the Korean War

On July 27, 1953, the Korean War ended with a cease-fire. The Northern and Southern Limit Lines were created as each side moved their troops back 2km from the Military Demarcation Line. The lines reach 248km in length from Jeongdong-ri, Paju-si to Myeongho-ri, Goseong-gun. At the present time, an area within 2km in both the north and south side is designated as the DMZ(the Demilitarized Zone). Excluding the DMZ, the overall area is considered to be the most heavily militarized region in the world.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

General Status of the DMZ in Gyeonggi-do

4l% of the total length
The total length of the DMZ: 248km
(Gyeonggi-do: 103km/ Gangwon-do: 145km)

34% of the total area
The total area of the DMZ: 453㎢
(Gyeonggi-do: 153㎢/ Gangwon-do: 300㎢)

50% of the total village
4 villages within the Civilian Control Line
(Gyeonggi-do: 4/ Gangwon-do: 4)

81% Local Residents, 19% Foreigners
The number of tourists: 7.97 million
(Local Residents: 6.47 million, Foreigners: 1.5 million)


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