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Welcome to the official English homepage of Gyeonggi-do!

Gyeonggi-do has long served a key role in the development of Korea through its
strategic location and vibrant economy. Home to world-leading enterprises such as
Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia, our province accounts for one-fifth of the nation’s
exports and GDP. Also, as the fastest growing regional economy in Korea,
Gyeonggi is one of the most sought-after destinations for foreign investment.

Since Gyeonggi-do borders on North Korea, the region is strategically
important in terms of international relations and business opportunities.
At the same time, the west coast of Gyeonggi-do is gaining importance as the core of
Northeast Asian logistics through the full-scale
development of Pyeongtaek Port, the closest seaport to China.

Gyeonggi is regarded as the center of Korea’s culture – both ancient and modern –
and as the heart of its agriculture. We are blessed with countless cultural artifacts
and remains as well as beautiful mountains, lakes and coastlines and a bounty of
agricultural products. For all these reasons, we pride ourselves on being the epitome
of Korea.

From lucrative business opportunities to exciting travel experiences, Gyeonggi-do
has what you are looking for and much more. I invite you to explore Gyeonggi-do
and discover why we truly are the heart of Korea!

Kim Moon-Soo photo

Kim Moon-soo
Governor of Gyeonggi-do