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Gyeonggi-do Export Expansion Policy

Grounds for Promotion

Agreement for mutual exchange and training of public officials between Gyeonggi-do and five provinces of China

baseline table
Classification Exchange Agreement Date
Liaoning Province General 2001.04
Executives 2012.03
Guangdong Province 2005.10
Jiangsu Province 2013.01
Hebei Province 2013.01
Shandong Province 2013.05

Gyeonggi-do → China (province, city and county public officials), China → Gyeonggi-do (public officials from five provinces in China)

Objectives of Training
  • To increase exchange and cooperation and improve understanding between Korea and China and among provinces of the two countries
  • To improve the global mind of Korea’s public officials by organizing training in China, which has emerged as a G2 nation, and establish a human network between the countries
  • To provide courses for substantial and economic assistance to the countries receiving training centering on the advanced policies of Gyeonggi-do and foster the foreigners who are friendly to Gyeonggi and Korea.

Training Content
  • Case studies to understand the history, culture, politics and economy of Gyeonggi-do of Korea and China
  • Understanding the social and cultural aspects of the two countries through industrial inspections and trips to cultural sites that are related to the subjects of the training

* According to the training agreement, an organization to which the trainees belongs covers airfare and traveling expenses and the other country assumes responsibility for accommodation and education expenses.

Promotion Status in 2016
  • China → Gyeonggi-do: 1 course (14 trainees) (from Shandong Province)
  • Gyeonggi-do → China: 4 courses (64 trainees) (in Liaoning, Jiangsu, Hebei and Shandong)

* Preliminary group course for trainees and post group course to share training results

Expected Benefits
  • To increase friendship between the areas of exchange and promote economic cooperation based on excellent policies and advanced technologies
  • To build a global human network between Korea and China and foster the foreigners who are friendly to Gyeonggi and Korea.

Training Course by Inviting Public Officials of Developing Countries

Course Overview

Consignment of training projects to invite overseas public officials to Korea by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)


To foster public officials capable of leading social and economic development in developing countries


Mid-level and high-ranking officials from each country

Selection Procedure
  • Demand survey in training target countries by KOICA (year before last)
  • selection of training course (early Jan.)
  • public invitation of consignees (early Feb. by quarter)
  • consignees selection (Mar., by quarter)

Objectives of Training
  • To contribute to economic development and improve competency of developing countries by providing training on Korea’s advanced administration and economic development
  • To improve the status of Gyeonggi-do and Korea by increasing mutual friendships with partner countries
  • To increase non-tax revenues, such as from consignment commission, through projects implemented with funds to replace revenues

Training Content
Cost Sharing

Full cost sharing by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)


Subject-related lectures and field trips, inspection in local areas, seminars

Consignment operation of KOICA global training public invitation course

* Progresses: 358 trainees in 22 courses (Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Cambodia, Bhutan, Peru, Tunisia)

Promotion Status in 2016

Training by Inviting Public Officials from Developing Countries: 15 public officials of Iraq

* Course: Iraq Development and Strategic Planning Competency Improvement (Aug. 23 – Sep. 2)

Expected Benefits
  • To improve the status of Gyeonggi-do in the international society and increase mutual friendships with partner countries
  • To develop competencies of trainees from developing countries and contribute to economic and social development of the countries

Overseas Public Officials’ Training in Gyeonggi-do (Last 3 Years)

baseline table
By Year/ Course Training Period Performance (No. of People) Remarks
2016 2 courses 29
China sub Total 1 course 14 Independent Project
Shandong Province Jun. 29 – Jul. 12 14
Developing Countries sub Total 1 course 14 KOICA Cost Sharing
Iraq Aug. 23 – Sep. 2 15
2015 9 courses 144 29
China sub Total 5 course 77 Independent Project
Jiangsu Province Apr. 13 – Apr. 26 15
Shandong Province May 27 – Jun. 9 15
Hebei Province Sep. 17 – Sep. 30 15
Guangdong Province Nov. 9 – Dec. 4 18
Liaoning Province Oct. 25 – Nov. 7 14
Developing Countries sub Total 4 course 67 KOICA Cost Sharing
Peru Mar. 23 – Apr. 3 14
Iraq KRG May 19 – May 29 19
Haiti Sep. 1 – Sep. 11 15
Iraq Oct. 20 – Oct. 30 19
2014 8 courses 129
China sub Total 3 courses 50 Independent Project
Guangdong Province Jun. 23 – Jul. 18 20
Hebei Province Sep. 15 – Sep. 26 17
Shandong Province Oct. 14 – Oct. 27 13
Developing Countries sub Total 5 courses 79 KOICA Cost Sharing
Iraq KRG Jun. 24 – Jul. 4 15
Butan Aug. 25 – Sep. 2 20
Global Training Sep. 17 – Oct. 3 15
Afghanistan Oct. 20 – Oct. 31 16
Peru Nov. 10 – Nov. 14 13

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