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Background And Overview

To promote sustainable export agriculture fostering by building a basis for export of agricultural and food products and strengthening overseas marketing, and thus expand Gyeonggi-do’s export of excellent agricultural and food products

Export Goal

$1.4 billion in 2018 (KRW 1.5 trillion)

Export Expansion Policy

To support overseas marketing, encourage exports and strengthen export competitiveness; provide export-related training, provide field consultations to exporters, discover prospective export items and promote P.R. with the press

Gyeonggi-do Export Performance

Export Performance by Year

Unit : $1,000

Gyeonggi-do Export performance table
ClassificationTotalAgricultural productsLivestock / Fisheries / Forest products
2009390,101294,276Livestock products –36,098
Fisheries products –43,101
Forest products –16,626
2010494,615380,780Livestock products –36,280
Fisheries products –60,225
Forest products –17,330
2011583,592446,481Livestock products –46,192
Fisheries products –74,154
Forest products –16,765
2012748,521492,219Livestock products –117,346
Fisheries products –84,044
Forest products –54,912
2013755,844487,362Livestock products –116,121
Fisheries products –89,159
Forest products –63,202
2014867,799577,559Livestock products –116,773
Fisheries products –104,561
Forest products –68,906
20151,000,730649,068Livestock products –133,401
Fisheries products –144,871
Forest products –73,390
20161,243,135775,144Livestock products –121,287
Fisheries products –255,943
Forest products –90,932
2017.111,168,176673,799Livestock products –75,357
Fisheries products –311,895
Forest products –107,125

The export performance in November 2017 is $1,160 million, which was increased by 3% from the same period last year. This year’s export goal, which is $1.35 billion, has been fulfilled by 87%.

Export Amount Increase

$5.84 million in 2011 -> ‘$12.43 million in 2016 (↑ by 113%) -> 2017 goal $13.5 million

Diversification of Export Targets

: 51 countries in 2011 -> 81 countries in 2016 (↑ by 30) ※ Countries of export by $250,000 or more

Gyeonggi-do Export performance detail table
ClassificationExport Amount ($100M)Exporting Country
Main Export targets

China, the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Taiwan

Gyeonggi-do Export performance Major exporter table
Name of CountryExport Performance ($1,000)FluctuationExport Trend and Key Export Items
ChinaNov. 2017 : 236,575
Nov. 2016 : 272,954

Thanks to the popularity of Korean TV shows, exports increased centering on processed food items. The export of key items, such as yuzu tea and beer, has been stagnant.

  • Key Items : Beverages $14,173,000, Dried laver $8,876,000, Vegetable seeds $7,027,000, Biscuits $5,975,000, Instant noodles $3,484,000, Yuzu tea $1,848,000 etc.
U.S.Nov. 2017 : 204,428
Nov. 2016 : 172,205

The U.S. consumer sentiment index is on an upward trend. This exerts a positive impact on Korea’s exports.

  • Key Items : Dried laver $15,109,000, Biscuits $10,173,000, Bread $6,166,000, Vegetable seeds $7,680,000, Beverages $359,000, Instant noodles $9,361,000
JapanNov. 2017 : 142,650
Nov. 2016 : 143,326

Friendly atmosphere towards Korea is spreading. Since the first half of 2015, export conditions have been improving, such as the appreciation of the Japanese yen.

  • Key Items : Dried laver $48,656,000, Ginseng $4,213,000, Perilla seed oil $276,000, Unrefined rice wine $1,553,000, Samgyetang $1,418,000, Sea mustard $641,000
Hong KongNov. 2017 : 56,092
Nov. 2016 : 60,136

Greater China Region and Southeast Asia: Exports have been steadily increasing as a result of the effect of Hallyu, such as the popularity of K-pop, TV shows and entertainment programs.

  • Hong Kong : Beef $333,000, Ginseng $1,363,000, Biscuits $2,792,000, Instant noodles $2,847,000, Beverages $1,851,000
  • Vietnam : Chicken $772,000, Ice cream $2,881,000, Ginseng $2,270,000
  • Taiwan : Pear $1,867,000, Dried laver $6,058,000, Yuzu tea $982,000, Ginseng $384,000
VietnamNov. 2017 : 52,962
Nov. 2016 : 50,653
TaiwanNov. 2017 : 44,653
Nov. 2016 : 45,210

Gyeonggi Province Export Expansion Policy

Overseas Marketing
To promote a range of overseas marketing projects for export expansion of agricultural and food products, such as marketing / PR of Gyeonggi Province’s excellent agricultural and food products, supporting participation in international food fairs and organizing export consultation sessions by inviting overseas buyers
Agricultural and Food Product Export Encouragement and Competitiveness Improvement
Strengthening export competitiveness of agricultural and food products by supporting customized packaging materials in terms of design and size to meet the needs of the export market (buyers)
Contributing to a farmhouse income level increase through the establishment of export bases, such as by supporting agricultural materials for the production of fresh agricultural products including seeds and seedlings and modernizing export complex facilities

Cultivation and Export of New Varieties of Roses and Chrysanthemums

New Varieties of Roses and Export Status


3 varieties cultivated, 150,000 distributed in Korea, 620,000 seedlings sold abroad (4.51 million to date)

  • Deep Silver

    Deep Silver

    For export, light purple, thorn-free and fast growing

  • Show Girl

    Show Girl

    For export, orange, notable longevity of cut flower

  • Pink Secret

    Pink Secret

    For domestic market, light pink, disease and pest resistant


5 varieties cultivated, 150,000 distributed in Korea, 480,000 seedlings sold abroad (3.89 million to date)

  • Fascinar


    Aromatic, white, large size, excellent cut flower quality

  • Volare


    For domestic supply, red, large size, excellent cut flower quality

  • Bounty Way

    Bounty Way

    For export, light purple, large size

  • Bobos


    For domestic supply, mid-size, dark pink, strong against powdery mildew

  • Pacific Eye

    Pacific Eye

    For export, light purple,
    (English flower shape)


4 varieties cultivated, 150,000 distributed in Korea, 600,000 seedlings sold abroad

  • Red pocket

    Red pocket

    Red, mid-size, high yielding, for domestic supply

  • Cheese cake

    Cheese cake

    Mid-size, excellent productivity, for domestic supply

  • Spark Condor

    Spark Condor

    Large size, high yielding, disease resistant, for export

  • Wedding cake

    Wedding cake

    Large size, excellent cut flower quality, for export to Europe

New Varieties of Chrysanthemum and Export Status


5 varieties (3 cut flowers and 2 re-potting variety) cultivated, 2.5 million distributed in Korea, 180,000 cut flowers exported abroad

  • LuLu Star

    LuLu Star

    Cut flower, notable extensibility, pest resistant

  • Noble Star

    Noble Star

    Cut flower, early flowering, notable longevity

  • Milky Star

    Milky Star

    Cut flower, stable flowering response

  • Myelf


    For differentiation, grows well in high temperature, short length

  • My Pearl

    My Pearl

    For differentiation, excellent branching ability, short length


4 varieties (3 cut flowers and 1 re-potting variety) cultivated, 2.6 million distributed in Korea, 110,000 cut flowers exported abroad

  • export_img13

    Perky Star

    For cut flower, for export in summer, excellent flower color and growth in high-temperature season

  • export_img14

    Summer Star

    For cut flower, anemone type, long lifespan of cut flowers, resistant to white rust

  • export_img15

    Lovely Star

    For cut flower, early florescence, consistent flower color expression all year round

  • export_img16

    My Honey

    For re-potting, vivid color in high-temperature season, early florescence


4 varieties (3 cut flowers and 1 re-potting variety) cultivated, 2.5 million distributed in Korea

  • export_img17

    Green Dream

    For cut flower, long lifespan of cut flower, disbud type cultivation possible

  • export_img18

    Cutie Dream

    For cut flower, dark flower color, early florescence

  • export_img19

    Snow Dream

    For cut flower, for export in high-temperature season

  • export_img20

    My Heart

    For re-potting, little de-coloration in high-temperature season, strong green disc center

Cactus and Succulent Plant New Varieties and New Technology Development and Marketing

Research Background
  • Cactus and succulent plant new variety development and distribution for export and substitution of imported seeds
  • Marketing for export competitiveness improvement technology development and domestic and overseas market expansion
Key Research Outcomes

Grow New Species and Distribute Cactuses / Succulents : 20 species, 510,000 units

  • Cactuses : 8 species (Redtop 4, Yellow Peanut 1, Astrophytum 1, Crab Cactus 1, Levita 1)
  • Succulents : 12 species (Echeveria 5, Kalanchoe 5, Crown of Thorns 1, Sedum 1)
  • Red Top Brown Eye

    Red Top Brown Eye
  • Crab Cactus Red Young

    Crab Cactus Red Young
  • Echeveria  Blush Wine

    Echeveria Blush Wine
  • Kalanchoe Tango

    Kalanchoe Tango

Major Results in 2015 – 2016 : 29 Species, 800,000 units (Association of producers and expert farms)

  • Cactuses : 9 species (Redtop 6, Yellow Peanut 1, Crab 2) 440,000 units
  • Succulents : 20 species (Echeveria: 15, Kalanchoe: 3, Crown of Thorns: 2) 360,000 units

Develop and distribute productivity improvement technologies for cactuses and succulents for export

  • Development of box hydroponics mode for grafted cactuses and extensive diffusion: 13 farms, 100 acres
  • Development of export techniques for succulent plants differentiation : Culture medium concentration 1/4, temperature for international shipping 12℃
  • Development of breeding manual for new Kalanchoe species : proper concentration of growth retardant by species
  • Development of enhancement techniques for Crab cactus branch strength : topping method

Domestic and International Marketing for Market Expansion: To hold a cactus festival and participate in IFTF held in the Netherlands

  • Succulent plant re-plotting export technology

    Succulent plant re-plotting export technology
  • Cactus Festival

    Cactus Festival
  • International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF EXPO) in the Netherlands

    International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF EXPO) in the Netherlands

Expected Benefits

  • To expand cactus and succulent plant exports through new variety cultivation and marketing: 2016) $6.28 million → 2018) $7 million
  • To improve productivity and income levels of farmhouses by developing technologies to increase export competitiveness
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