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Called the Hawaii of Ansan, Daebudo was an island before it became a part of mainland through the construction of Sihwa Embankment. Still, Daebudo retains the ambiance of an island. The road to Daebudo, which connects many islands, offers a unique drive. Particularly interesting is the clustering of Yukdo (six islands): Tando (island of black stones), Buldo (island where there was a Buddha), Seongamdo (island where wizards came and played), and the three other islands. Pungdo Island residents move to the nearby Dorido Island to pick oysters and short-necked clams in the winter and return to Pungdo before New Year. 




The shores of Daebudo are full of clams, sea snails, goby, flounder, black rockfish and belly greenling. The Daebudo area is also famous for its local specialties: short-necked clams and oysters on Yukdo, fermented turban shells and natural dunggeulle tea on Pungdo, and bajirak kalguksu (noodle with short-necked clams) on Daebudo.


Glass Island
Glass Island
ClassificationGeneralGroup (20 members or more)Discount for the disabled (disability level 3 or higher) and senior citizens (aged 65 and older)
AdultsKRW 10,000KRW 8,000KRW 8,000
(aged 13 – 18)
KRW 9,000KRW 7,000KRW 7,000
(aged 3~12)
KRW 8,000KRW 6,000KRW 6,000
(aged less than 3)
FreeKRW 6,000KRW 6,000
  • ※ Please present your ID card (welfare card, national merit certificate) to receive discounts.
Paper Art Museum
Paper Art Museum
AdultsKRW 5,000
ChildrenKRW 4,000
(aged less than 3)
Free (general admission) – Discounted rates apply to group admission (children from childcare centers and kindergartens).
  • Children: Aged 3 – 18
Chung Mun Kyu Museum
Chung Mun Kyu Museum
TargetGeneral ExhibitionsSpecial/Project ExhibitionsGroup Discount (20 or more people)
College Students, AdultsKRW 3,000KRW 4,000 General Exhibitions
KRW 2,000
Special/Project Exhibitions
KRW 3,000
Elementary, Middle and High School StudentsKRW 2,000KRW 3,000 General Exhibitions
KRW 1,000
Special/Project Exhibitions
KRW 2,000
  • KRW 1,000 discount on the first floor 1000 won discount in Arpeggione Café on 1st floor
  • Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more.
BerAdel Equestrian Club
BerAdel Equestrian Club
Regular Experience Course A

(Approximately 10 min)
1. Leading a horse

2. Horseback riding (5 laps)

3. Taking pictures with a horse
KRW 25,000
Course B

(Approximately 20 min)
1. Leading a horse

2. Feeding a horse

3. Horseback riding (5 laps)

4. Taking pictures with a horse
KRW 45,000
Course C

(Approximately 30 min)
1. Basic horseback riding skills class (class)

2. Leading a horse

3. Feeding a horse

4. Horseback riding (15 laps)

5. Taking pictures with a horse
KRW 65,000
  • Equipment rental fee is included. Also, if you have coupons, please ensure you arrive on time for riding a horse.

Major Place

Glass Island

Glass Island

Glass Island of Daebudo, the Murano of Korea, stretches over an area of 43,000㎡. This space of cultural experience set against the backdrop of beautiful sunset and the breathtaking view of the wetland of the West Coast offers fantastic glass works filled with the artistic spirits of the best glass artists.

Paper Art Museum

Paper Art Museum

A place where the sea meets the mountain
A place of art and people A place where our thoughts begin
Paper Art Museum is the first of its kind in Korea.
This happy and beautiful museum shares culture and art expressed in diverse ways through the medium of paper.

Chung Mun Kyu Museum

Chung Mun Kyu Museum

Chung Mun Kyu Museum is leading local art and culture by organizing various exhibitions and concerts with a goal to provide local residents who have been relatively neglected in terms of art and culture with an opportunity to enjoy art and culture. In Exhibition Room 1 and Exhibition Room 2 on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which have been built as the spaces for permanent exhibition, project exhibition and also venue rental, visitors can enjoy and appreciate refined art works. Arpeggione, a gallery cafe on the 1st floor, serves fragrant coffee with beautiful classical music.

BerAdel Equestrian Club

BerAdel Equestrian Club

Heaven-blessed nature closest to Seoul
A symbol of horse riding culture to complete the value of life
BerAdel Equestrian Club where the noble spirit and glorious history of equestrianism breathe alive develops healthy and refined equestrian culture.
This high-class equestrian club succeeds and spreads equestrian culture as a leader to awaken the spirit of horse-riding people. This is a site of physical and mental training, majestic and classical equestrian leadership development and socialization to build knowledge, virtue and physical strength surrounded by both leisurely and energetic atmosphere of the clean and beautiful nature.


1-1, Daebudong-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
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