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– Meeting to discuss necessity for global partnership measures to be jointly held with Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
○ Showcase of VR/AR companies supported by Gyeonggi Province to provide business and networking opportunities

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Content Agency hosted the third New Reality Partners (NRP) meetup, a global private-public partnership program to cultivate domestic VR/ AR companies, on July 1 at Bucheon Art Bunker B39.

The NRP meetup is a regular exchange program for domestic and foreign VR/AR companies at which they can collectively showcase their work and participate in business meetings.

The third meetup, held in collaboration with the 23rd Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), which is presenting a VR session for the first time this year, is expected to offer an enhanced program.

Held in conjunction with the BIFAN’s VR session “Beyond Reality,” this event will feature four VR producers who are active in global markets as invitational speakers.

The four producers are: Antoine Cayrol, who is the co-founder and producer of AtlasV and winner of the Golden VR Award at the 2018 Venice Film Festival for his work, “Spheres”; Estela Valdivieso Chen from Serendipity Films; Kane Lee, content director at Baobob Studio who won Emmy Awards for his short film “Invasion!”; and Nick Boyer, head of global business development for Citylights. They will talk about the necessity for and achievements attained through global collaboration in relation to VR content production as well as their visions for the future.

During the film festival, which runs from June 28 to July 7, the showcasing of NRP companies, which are VR/AR companies supported by Gyeonggi Province, will take place at B39. Of particular note, an exclusive exhibition space for NRP companies will be established on the first floor of B39. There will be a forum at which the VR content of Gyeonggi-based companies will be showcased and domestic and foreign VR experts and audience members can interact with each other.

“This NRP meeting will promote global exchanges among VR/AR experts and invigorate the VR/AR industry ecosystem through linkage with BIFAN. In addition, during #GDF2019, a VR/AR conference for global developers to be held by Gyeonggi Province on July 23, V-tuber, a new VR technology based on virtual avatars, will be showcased. Gyeonggi Province will continue to expand useful programs for VR/AR companies and start-ups,” said an official of Gyeonggi Province.

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Content Agency invited HTC VIVE, a global VR device provider, and a VR/AR company from British Columbia, Canada, for the first and second meetups that took place on May 9 and 29, respectively, to promote exchanges among domestic and foreign VR/AR companies.

To apply or for more information, visit the website of Onoffmix (https://onoffmix.com/event/184191). Inquiries can be directed to the Gyeonggi Content Agency Gwanggyo Cluster Center (+82-31-8064-1717).

TEC Concert Season 3 to Launch for “Scaling-Up Your Business” https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/tec-concert-season-3-to-launch-for-scaling-up-your-business/ Wed, 03 Jul 2019 07:04:57 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15363 ○ Season 3 of Tech Experience Content (TEC) Concert for technology and content fusion to be launched
– Circuit of Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hubs in five areas, starting with Goyang Hub on July 2
○ Expected to provide insights for aspiring entrepreneurs with introduction of success cases in scaling-up beyond technology development

The Tech Experience Content (TEC) Concert, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Content Agency, will launch for a third season with improved content.

This season, the TEC Concert will be jointly held by the Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub in Gwangyo, located in southern Gyeonggi where the concert has been held since its first season, and four other hubs: Siheung and Bucheon in western Gyeonggi as well as Goyang and Uijeongbu in northern Gyeonggi.

Starting from this season’s first concert on July 2, which will take place at the Goyang Hub, the TEC Concert will take place five times in a circuit incorporating each hub―Goyang on Tuesdays, Gwanggyo on Wednesdays, Siheung on Thursdays, Bucheon on Fridays, and Uijeongbu on Saturdays―at 7:00 pm on weekdays and at 2:00 pm on weekends.

The TEC Concert program features lectures by experts on topics related to the fusion of technology and content. It has been held 24 times over the last two years with 1,520 people taking part, and has been well-received by entrepreneurs and the general public as Gyeonggi Province’s representative program for technological and entrepreneurial fields.

This season, lectures on new media and mobile, VR/AR, IoT, hardware, and design will be offered with consideration given to the characteristics of each hub and the needs of the hub users.

The first lecture on July 2 at the Goyang Hub will be given by Choi Byeong-han, director of Pandora TV’s Biz Solution Team. Choi is an expert in e-commerce using videos; his lecture on “Korean V-Commerce version 2.0” and “influencer marketing” will focus on SNS marketing skills that SMEs and start-ups can effectively use.

Other experts lined up for July programs include Choi Myeong-gyun, director of PIXELPIMPS; Sanago, 3D pen creator; Heo Je, CEO of N15; and Jang Su-han, CEO of T-School Company. Their lectures will deal with influencer marketing, VR games, 3D pens, and team-building skills for start-ups, respectively.

“This season’s TEC concerts will provide interesting and practical information on topics related to Fourth Industrial Revolution industries to accelerate the growth of start-ups in the region. Lectures by experts from various sectors of Fourth Industrial Revolution industries will present local entrepreneurs with new, innovative insights,” said an official of Gyeonggi Province.

The Gyeonggi Content Agency has signed an MOU with Interbiz to release the content of this season’s TEC Concerts on Naver’s Business Platform so as to provide business information to those who are interested in but unable to attend the concerts while also contributing to the spread of entrepreneurship

Applications to participate can be made via the websites of either the Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub (www.gcon.or.kr/ghub) or Onoffmix (www.onoffmix.com), and detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Gyeonggi Content Agency (+82-31-8064-1714).

Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services to Conduct Joint Research on Insect Pheromone Utilization with USDA-ARS https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-do-agricultural-research-extension-services-to-conduct-joint-research-on-insect-pheromone-utilization-with-usda-ars/ Wed, 03 Jul 2019 07:02:36 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15361 ○ Signing ceremony for joint research agreement to identify insect pheromone biosynthesis mechanisms and to develop related technologies
– Hosts: Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services and USDA-ARS
– Date: June 28, 2019 (GMT-7)
– Venue: USDA-ARS Horticultural Crops Research (Corvallis, Oregon)

On June 28, the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services (GARES) announced a July 1 agreement signing ceremony for a joint research project to identify insect pheromone biosynthesis mechanisms and to develop related technologies with the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA-ARS).

The ARS is a national research institute operating under the USDA with over 90 laboratories in the US and overseas. With an annual budget of USD 1.2 billion, ARS is conducting approximately 690 research projects.

Pheromones are chemical communication substances secreted in very small amounts by insects to attract other individuals of the same species. Unlike chemical insecticides that act on a wide range of insect species, pheromones only affect specific species, and therefore can be used for environment-friendly pest control.

In accordance with the agreement, GARES and the USDA-ARS will jointly carry out research on pheromone candidates, extraction identification methods, and genes involved in pheromone biosynthesis, as well as the uses and pest-controlling effects of pheromones over the next three years.

GARES plans to dispatch researchers to the US during the project period to acquire advanced research capabilities and develop technologies for the utilization of insect pheromones.

“This agreement will contribute to sustainable agriculture and safe food production through the development of environment-friendly pest control technologies using pheromones. Gyeonggi Province will establish a system for research collaboration with the USDA-ARS in other agricultural fields via the seeds planted with this agreement,” said GARES Director Kim Seok-cheol.

Gyeonggi SMEs Target Two Important ASEAN Markets: Thailand and Myanmar https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-smes-target-two-important-asean-markets-thailand-and-myanmar/ Wed, 03 Jul 2019 07:00:17 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15359 ○ Gyeonggi Province FTA-based ASEAN Market Delegation makes 6-day visit to Thailand and Myanmar from June 24
○ 137 contracts worth USD 7.99 million promoted by 10 participating companies

The Gyeonggi Province FTA-based ASEAN Market Delegation that departed for Thailand and Myanmar on June 24 to foster local market leadership returned to Korea on June 29 after promoting 137 contracts worth USD 7.99 million.

The delegation consisted of representatives of 10 Gyeonggi-based companies seeking to advance into the markets of Thailand and Myanmar. Gyeonggi Province supported them by providing prior matching, local buyer pairing, meeting venues, and interpretation services.

The delegation visited Bangkok in Thailand and Yangon in Myanmar during its 6-day mission, holding export conferences in both cities. It succeeded in promoting 51 contracts worth USD 5.39 million in Bangkok and 86 contracts worth USD 2.6 million in Yangon.

The hydrogen water generators and water purifiers of Weltech Korea, a company that seeks to expand exports to Southeast Asian markets, garnered enthusiastic reactions from local buyers for their superior performance and marketability. During the conference, the company met with a buyer who had previously dealt with the company three years ago and who forged a new business agreement for annual exports worth USD 1 million.

Queen Art, a kitchenware company, attracted considerable interest from Thai and Myanmar buyers through the Korean Wave that has influenced Southeast Asia. Queen Art met with a company importing Chinese products for distribution via Thai TV home shopping companies and online stores, and exchanged opinions regarding specific product lines. They agreed to discuss contracts after conducting sample tests.

“Gyeonggi Province’s market-leading support program is very helpful for small and medium-sized enterprises that lack human resources and the information needed to advance into overseas markets. The province made an active effort to match each of the companies with suitable buyers, and this helped many of us obtain good results,” said Han Chan-jae, CEO of Jinsung Energy Tech and member of the delegation.

“With the ever increasing number of obstacles to trade such as US-China trade disputes, the delegation’s visit to ASEAN markets was very meaningful for exporting companies based in Gyeonggi Province that need to diversify export channels. Gyeonggi Province will actively support SMEs in the region so that they can reach ASEAN markets where purchasing power is increasing every day,” said Gyeonggi Province Assistant Governor for Economy Oh Who-seok.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is an intergovernmental cooperation organization launched in August 1967 with five member countries: the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. With the addition of Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia, ASEAN now has a total of 10 member countries. The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), a single shared market with a population of 630 million, was launched in December 2015, and expanded investment in infrastructure such as roads, railways, ports, and urban transportation in the ASEAN region is expected to lead to increased business opportunities for Korean companies. Gyeonggi Province has dispatched delegations to ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand, and strengthened relationships through exchanges and cooperation with these nations in order to secure footholds in ASEAN markets.

Gyeonggi Province YESFEZ Holds Investment Briefing Session for 30 French Business Leaders https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-yesfez-holds-investment-briefing-session-for-30-french-business-leaders/ Wed, 03 Jul 2019 06:54:57 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15357 ○ Investment briefing session held in conjunction with France-Korea Technical Cooperation Seminar
– Presentation by Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Innovation and Digital Economy
– Promotion of French Tech programs
○ Introduction of Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (YESFEZ) and its investment environment
– Special economic zone for international tech collaboration with plans for expansion to Siheung, Gimpo, and other areas
– Investment-inducement activities to be ramped up with completion of basic facilities (waterworks, electricity, etc.) in this October
※ Lot prices: KRW 1.67 million won per 3.3㎡ (industrial lots, 30% lower than market price), KRW 1.72 million per 3.3㎡ (logistics lots)

During the Korea-France Technical Cooperation Seminar that took place on July 3 at the Seoul Dragon City Hotel, Gyeonggi Province’s YESFEZ held an investment briefing session for French companies that have entered the Korean market.

This event was attended by 90 French political and business leaders, including: Fabien Penone, the French Ambassador to Korea; Fleur Pellerin, former French Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Innovation and Digital Economy; Kim Kyung-rog, CEO of Schneider Electric Korea (a smart factory); Patrick Defranoux, CEO of Thales Korea (a defense company); and Stéphane Ferreira, CEO of Arkema Korea.

A presentation on current technical collaboration between France and Korea and directions to pursue for greater cooperation took place first, followed by a briefing session on the investment environment of YESFEZ, an economic zone geared to facilitate international technical cooperation.

YESFEZ Commissioner Hwang Seong-tae revealed his vision for the future of YESFEZ in his opening address, saying, “Approximately 20 years ago, Gyeonggi Province formed the Pangyo Techno Valley where approximately 1,300 IT and BT companies generate approximately KRW 79 trillion in sales every year. I hope that YESFEZ, as a special economic zone for international technical cooperation, will become another successful model through the creation of a future auto industrial cluster spanning Pyeongtaek, Siheung, and Gimpo.”

YESFEZ started the phased sale of 778,663㎡ of industrial lots and 556,174㎡ of logistics lots in the Pyeongtaek Business & Industry Complex (BIX). The industrial lots are being sold for KRW 1.67 million per 3.3㎡, which is 30% lower than market prices. The logistics lots are being sold for KRW 1.72 million per 3.3㎡.

Of particular note, the Pyeongtaek BIX has 269,456㎡ of chemical industry lots, the only remaining lots of that type for foreign-invested companies in the capital region. Pyeongtaek Port, nearby YESFEZ, is the international port in Korea through which the most automobiles have been exported for seven consecutive years and through which 98% of foreign vehicles are imported.

Gyeonggi YESFEZ Seeks to Attract Chinese Logistics Companies: Delegation to Visit Qingdao, Shandong Province, on 3-day Mission from May 28 https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-yesfez-seeks-to-attract-chinese-logistics-companies-delegation-to-visit-qingdao-shandong-province-on-3-day-mission-from-may-28/ Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:47:54 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15254 ○ Investment briefing session for Chinese logistics companies
– Co-hosted with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Qingdao
○ Cooperation agreement on investment attraction reached with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Chinese Transportation Association

The Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Autority (YESFEZ) in Gyeonggi Province announced on May 27 that it would seek to actively attract investment from Chinese logistics companies through investment-attraction agreements with Chinese organizations and enterprises.

YESFEZ plans to send an investment-attraction delegation on a 3-day mission to Qingdao in Shandong Province, China, from May 28, and conclude an agreement with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Qingdao Branch) and the Chinese Transportation Association (Logistics Branch) on cooperative efforts to attract investment. Under this agreement, YESFEZ will actively seek investment from the two Qingdao-based organizations and their member companies in China, including logistics enterprises.

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Qingdao Branch, founded in 1988, is an overseas trade promotion organization led by the Qingdao City Government, with approximately 4,000 member companies.

Established in 1982, the Chinese Transportation Association has approximately 2,000 transportation and logistics companies as members.

“Pyeontaek BIX will be equipped with logistics infrastructure by September of this year. The complex is adjacent to Pyeongtaek Port, and the lots within the area are selling at prices approximately 34% lower than current market prices. So inquiries from domestic and foreign companies wanting to cooperate with China are increasing,” said YESFEZ Commisioner Hwang Seong-tae.

Gyeonggi Province Supports Grant of 36 Fire and Rescue Vehicles to 6 Developing Countries, including Vietnam, and Dispatch of Maintenance Teams https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/gyeonggi-province-supports-grant-of-36-fire-and-rescue-vehicles-to-6-developing-countries-including-vietnam-and-dispatch-of-maintenance-teams/ Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:44:44 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15252 ○ Gyeonggi Province grants 36 fire and rescue vehicles and parts to 6 developing countries
– Recipient countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines
○ Maintenance team also dispatched to these countries starting with Vietnam and Cambodia from May 29 to June 3

Gyeonggi Province is supporting the grant of 36 fire and rescue vehicles (for which the domestic legal usage period has ended) to 6 developing countries, including Vietnam and Cambodia, in order to improve their disaster response capabilities and strengthen exchange and cooperation with these countries.

According to the announcement made by Gyeonggi Province on May 30, the decision was made to grant a total of 36 fire and rescue vehicles owned by the Gyeonggi Province Fire and Disaster Headquarters, including 7 pump vehicles, 4 water tank vehicles, 1 rescue vehicle, and 24 ambulances, as well as consumables and maintenance parts (684 parts, 9 types), to developing countries as part of its official development assistance (ODA) projects.

These vehicles are currently classified as unavailable in Korea, as their domestic legal usage period has ended.

The vehicles are to be sent to Vietnam (5 vehicles), Cambodia (15), Mongolia (5), Myanmar (4), Indonesia (6) and the Philippines (1). Cambodia’s 15 vehicles were delivered on May 5, and the delivery of the remaining vehicles will be completed in the second half of this year.

The Gyeonggi Province Fire and Disaster Headquarters also plans to send five technical support personnel to these countries to provide training on the maintenance and operation of the vehicles. The team will visit all 6 countries, starting with Vietnam and Cambodia from May 29 to June 3. The team will be sent to Mongolia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and the Philippines during the second half of this year.

A Gyeonggi Province Fire and Disaster Headquarters official said: “So far, the fire rescue vehicle support project has been carried out jointly with the National Fire Agency. But, from this year, Gyeonggi Province decided to independently proceed with the project. The province will provide these developing countries with not only the vehicles, but also with the necessary maintenance and operation skills to help them enhance their disaster response capabilities.”

Between 2006 and 2018, Gyeonggi Province provided a total of 62 fire rescue vehicles to developing countries.

Cheerfully Pedaling Towards Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Successful Completion of 2019 Tour de DMZ https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/cheerfully-pedaling-towards-peace-on-the-korean-peninsula-successful-completion-of-2019-tour-de-dmz/ Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:41:38 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15250 ○ 2019 Tour de DMZ held on June 1
○ 1,500 participants, including nationwide cycling club members and US military personnel stationed in Korea, enjoyed the 54-km cycling course
– Enthusiastic reaction to course section within CCL area, which is normally closed to the public
– Large number of participants in competition category, which was established last year; Kim Gi-hang and Choi Mi-ju respective winners of men’s and women’s competitions

The 2019 Tour de DMZ, which offers a unique opportunity to enjoy cycling while conveying wishes for peace and appreciating the beautiful scenery of the DMZ, was held on June 1 in the DMZ areas of Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, and Cheorwon, Gangwon Province, with 1,500 cycling enthusiasts taking part.

The event, which celebrated its seventh anniversary this year, was launched by Gyeonggi Province in 2013 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice. It has been hosted jointly by the provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon, which signed a mutual growth agreement in 2015 to develop the event into a DMZ-related tourist attraction.

This year, during the opening ceremony, all guests and participants observed a moment of silence in memory of the victims of the recent tour boat accident in Hungary.

The participants, starting from Yeoncheon Public Stadium, biked along a 54-km course that connected Yeoncheon Intersection, Sintalli Station, Baekmagoji Station, the DMZ Peace Culture Plaza, and Goseokjeong Intersection, and then looped back to the stadium.

Of particular note, the competition category attracted many participants and was held in an enthusiastic atmosphere. The rankings were determined by combining participant times from the first segment (Yeoncheon Intersection to Sinseo Intersection, 7km) and the second segment (DMZ Peace Culture Plaza to Sangsa-ri Three-way Intersection, 12.3 km) of the course.

Most participants expressed excitement about the second section, which extended along the DMZ southern limit line, as the area is normally closed to the public.

Kim Gi-hang (age 42; from Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province), who won the men’s competition, expressed his joy, saying: “I’m so happy to win this year’s Tour de DMZ. It is very meaningful to me, as the competition was held in the DMZ.”

Choi Mi-ju (age 38; from Cheonan City, South Chungcheong Province), who took first place in the women’s competition, said: “I have practiced for this competition for a long time. I was happy to enjoy riding in this place that we cannot visit at any other time, and I hope to participate in the next Tour de DMZ if possible.”

This event was attended by Vice Governor for Peace Lee Hwa-yeong, who oversees Gyeonggi Province’s projects to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula. He also participated in the ride to encourage participants.

“The DMZ is no longer a symbol of division and conflict, but rather of peace and harmony. We will do our best to promote the value of the DMZ, in which the history, culture, and nature of Korea is preserved, and to develop various related content and ecosystem conservation projects,” said Vice Governor Lee.

Smart City to be Created in Pyeongtaek BIX https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/smart-city-to-be-created-in-pyeongtaek-bix/ Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:38:41 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15248 ○ Smart city creation project in Pyeongtaek BIX to be accelerated
– To provide services, such as public transportation information (BIT), parking violation control, public area safety monitoring, CCTV monitoring to prevent disasters, traffic control, and emergency situation detection
– Design for smart city system to be completed by end of this month
– Expected to commence in July with completion to coincide with that of BIX in 2020

The Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (YESFEZ) will implement a smart city system to raise the competitiveness of the Pyeongtaek Business and Industry Complex (BIX).

YESFEZ announced on June 3 that Pyeongtaek BIX would remotely provide 24-hour public services related to traffic, crime, and disaster prevention in connection with the Pyeongtaek Integrated Smart Control Center, which has introduced construction, information, and communication convergence technologies as well as integrated broadband information networks.

The Pyeongtaek BIX Smart City Creation Project will be carried out in accordance with the Act on Smart City Development and Industrial Promotion, which allows the construction of a smart city in a newly developed district with a total area of more than 300 thousand square meters.

Project objectives include the creation of a comprehensive communication network connecting all parts of the district in consideration of the future expansion of communication facilities as well as the provision of services including public transportation information (BIT), parking violation control, public area safety monitoring, CCTV monitoring to prevent disasters, traffic control, and emergency situation detection.

First, information kiosks will be set up at 36 bus stops to provide bus arrival information in real time. The electronic displays (variable message signs) will provide real-time traffic information based on current road condition information collected from nearby areas.

In addition, real-time signal controllers will be installed at 14 intersections, along with CCTVs to monitor road traffic and congestion in real time for emergency situation control at major intersections.

In addition, more than 26 CCTVs will be installed along streets as well as in parks and residential areas where crime prevention measures are required. In the event of an emergency, real-time images can be automatically transmitted to the Pyeongtaek City Integrated Smart Control Center, which can connect to 112 and 119 services so that police and ambulance personnel can be quickly dispatched to the scene.

The project is also expected to help with preventing disasters and enhancing the safety of the city through the installation of CCTVs for disaster monitoring at disaster-prone detention ponds.

The Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation, which is implementing the project, plans to finalize the design of the Pyeongtaek BIX Smart City by the end of this month, commence the project in July, and complete it by 2020; this coincides with the expected completion of BIX.

YESFEZ Commisioner Hwang Seong-tae expressed his anticipation for the project, saying: “With the creation of a smart city that will provide services using various advanced technologies such as ‘ubiquitous’ technology, the Pyeongtaek BIX will not only function as a production base, but also provide a safe workplace and a pleasant residential environment for those working in the district. We will continue our efforts to make YESFEZ a special economic zone that can lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea.”

The Pyeongtaek BIX is being constructed on 2.04-million-square meter site near Pyeongtaek Port, and the lots inside the complex are currently being sold at a prices 20-25% lower than those in nearby industrial complexes.

Foreign-invested Firm Air Liquide to Pass Along Safety Technology Knowledge to Future Industry Talent https://english.gg.go.kr/blog/daily-news/foreign-invested-firm-air-liquide-to-pass-along-safety-technology-knowledge-to-future-industry-talent/ Fri, 07 Jun 2019 08:35:14 +0000 http://english.gg.go.kr/?post_type=daily-news&p=15246 ○ Air Liquide Advanced Materials Korea to provide chemical safety and vocational training to specialized high schools in Gyeonggi Province
– Part of agreement to boost investment concluded with Gyeonggi Province last October
– Knowledge about how to safely handle chemicals will be passed along to talented vocational high school students
○ Expected to foster job opportunities with foreign-invested firms for vocational high school students
– Introduction of advanced corporate culture and enhancement of safety awareness for chemistry department students

Air Liquide, a global, foreign-invested chemical company operating in Gyeonggi Province, supports the employment of vocational high school students in Gyeonggi Province and the enhancement of their safety management capabilities.

Gyeonggi Province announced on June 5 that Air Liquide Advanced Materials Korea, a Korean subsidiary of the French company Air Liquide, will provide “Air Liquide Vocational High School Chemical Safety and Vocational Training” to vocational high school students in Gyeonggi Province.

This training is being offered as part of the USD 28 million agreement for investment in Gyeonggi Province, which was signed by the province and company in Paris last October.

Under this agreement, Air Liquide Advanced Materials Korea pledged to invest USD 28 million in the Hwaseong Jangan Foreign Investment Zone for the commercialization of semiconductor processing gas, and to do its utmost to nurture talented young individuals in the region and develop the local community by passing along the 110-year-old firm’s chemical safety technology and safety management expertise to vocational high schools in the province.

Eight training sessions will be held, with four sessions each in the first half and second half of this year.

In the first half of the year, Air Liquide is offering training to juniors and seniors from the chemistry and chemical engineering departments of Suwon Samil Technical High School and Ansan Technical High School on how to safely handle chemicals used at manufacturing sites and how to use protective gear.

The first training session was held on June 5 at Suwon Samil Technical High School for 80 seniors from the chemical engineering department.

In the second half of the year, training will be provided to students in the electronics and electrical engineering departments. The selection of participating schools is currently underway.

Through these training sessions, Gyeonggi Province will be able to showcase the advantages of vocational high schools, which serve as a link between education and employment at foreign-invested companies, as well as the work culture and employment conditions of such enterprises. These sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to increase the employment of talented vocational high school students throughout the province by foreign-invested companies.

“These training sessions will be an opportunity for Air Liquide – an exemplary, advanced company in the area of safety compliance – to disseminate its operational know-how to manufacturing sites around Gyeonggi Province. The practical safety training and introduction to foreign corporate culture is expected to contribute to strengthening the capacity of the future workforce in the local community,” said the Innovative Industry Policy Bureau Director General Choi Kae-dong.