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○ Governor Kim: “Gyeonggi Province will improve outdated residential conditions in old urban areas as well as first-phase new cities.”

On September 8, Gyeonggi Province Governor Dong Yeon Kim announced that the province will formulate a plan to improve the residential conditions of outdated multi-family housing in old urban areas.
Governor Kim visited Anyang 4-dong in Manan-gu, Anyang City, and heard resident complaints. “Many people are having hard times due to outdated residential conditions in old urban areas as well as first-phase new cities. I heard that some people are living in accommodations other than apartments in the old urban areas of Anyang 4-dong. Gyeonggi Province will formulate a plan to improve residential conditions as soon as possible,” Kim said.
A total of 218 declining areas (eup/myeon/dong) exist in Gyeonggi Province (in 23 cities/counties); of these, 27 are in Anyang, the largest number after the cities of Seongnam and Suwon. The Special Act on Promotion and Support for Urban Regeneration defines a declining area as one that exhibits two of the three following criteria for at least three consecutive years over the past five years: (a) a decline in population, (b) a decrease in the total number of enterprises, and (c) a 50% or more ratio of buildings that were constructed more than 20 years ago.
Anyang 4-dong, with a population of 6,900, had become a central area with the relocation of Anyang City Hall in 1961. However, it began to rapidly decline with the development of Pyeongchon New City in the 1990s. Anyang 4-dong had been designated as an urban renewal acceleration district (new town) in 2008. However, this designation was canceled in 2011 and no renewal project has been conducted since. Local residents are demanding a solution to the parking problem stemming from the lack of public parking lots, the improvement of the recreational environment for children, the creation of a safe environment for pedestrians, and more.
On August 24, Governor Kim announced Gyeonggi Province’s comprehensive plan for the renewal of first-phase new cities, saying, “We will pay attention to outdated housing including old urban areas as well as the issues of the first-phase new cities so as to achieve balanced development.”

Eco Fair Korea 2022, a Three-Day Exhibition for Carbon Neutral Gyeonggi, Ends Successfully Thu, 08 Sep 2022 01:01:22 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, Clean Air International Forum, and Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum held concurrently
○ Joint declaration of carbon neutrality, operation of 350 technical exhibits and booths, international forum, and more

Eco Fair Korea2022, a comprehensive environmental exhibition for a sustainable future, ended successfully on September 7.
Eco Fair Korea 2022 ran for three days from September 5 to 7 at the Suwon Convention Center under the theme of “Sustainable Future, Carbon-Neutral Gyeonggi.” Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, the Clean Air International Forum, and the Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum were also held during the fair.
Around 120 companies participated in Eco Fair Korea 2022 and showcased their environmental technologies at 280 booths. In addition, six environmental technology certification briefing sessions were held with the participation of the Korean Standards Association. Other ancillary events such as presentations on project bidding hosted by the Korea Environment Corporation also took place. Of particular note, a total of 188 meetings took place between 90 public institutions and 72 participating companies in procurement consultations in which cities/counties and public institutions of Gyeonggi Province participated as buyers.
Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, in which 53 institutions and 70 booth operators participated, provided an opportunity to foster awareness of carbon neutrality. At the Carbon Neutrality Declaration Ceremony, Gyeonggi Province, cities/counties of the province, and the Gyeonggido Assembly affirmed their unity in cooperation; this was followed by the launching ceremony for the Gyeonggi Residents Carbon Neutrality Group.
At the International Forum on Carbon Neutrality, officials from East Asian governments and experts discussed local government roles in Korea-China-Japan cooperation. In addition, participants fostered climate crisis awareness through the pursuit of ideas regarding air, climate, and energy in the Carbon Neutrality Idea Contest. A total of 54 teams participated in the contest, of which eight were selected for the finals through application screening. The King of Climate team submitted the winning entry of a “rental building energy consumption display campaign,” which will be positively reviewed for policy application by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Environmental Energy Agency.
The Clean Air International Forum, jointly hosted by Gyeonggi Province and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), was attended by 750 environmental experts from 16 countries as well as those from international organizations, governments of six Asia-Pacific nations, and academia, including Tudevdorj Gantumur, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, and Abdullah Nasir, Minister of State of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology of the Maldives. They attended the three-day event online or offline. At this forum, consisting of six sessions and three ancillary events, attendees shared a variety of clean air policies, technologies, and research results, as well as the current situations of different nations and regions.
The Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum held on September 5 saw the participation of approximately 250 representatives of the environmental industry and relevant companies. At this forum, attendees made presentations on support plans for small businesses in Gyeonggi Province, revitalization plans for the environmental service industry, and exemplary environmental service cases. The presentations were evaluated so as to determine effective means by which to achieve the desired outcomes.
Eom Jin-seop, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Environment Bureau, commented, “We were able to successfully hold this event thanks to the interest of many provincial residents in the environment. We will continue to do our utmost to realize sustainable development and carbon neutrality.”

Gyeonggi Province Discusses Environmental Safety and Provides Experiential Programs Through Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum on September 5 Thu, 01 Sep 2022 00:59:58 +0000 ○ Environmental information and technology exchange forum reflects Gyeonggi Province’s environmental safety policies
– Technology and information exchanges through discussions and case presentations on air pollution reduction
– Experiential programs including contents relevant to environmental diseases such as atopic dermatitis

Gyeonggi Province announced on September 1 that it will hold the 2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum at the Suwon Convention Center (third floor conference room) on September 5.
The Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum is being held to facilitate exchanges of technical information regarding environmental safety between companies, experts, public officials, and residents while concurrently establishing Gyeonggi Province’s environmental safety management policies. This forum will be livestreamed on YouTube and can be accessed via the official website ( or the associated YouTube channel by searching for the “2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum.”
Major contents of the 2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum include support plans for small businesses within the province, revitalization plans for the environmental service industry, and presentations of exemplary environmental service cases.
In terms of support plans for small businesses within Gyeonggi Province, attendees will discuss the province’s current environmental safety issues, including (a) progress and development directions, (b) case presentations on air pollutant reduction technologies for the printing and dyeing industries, and (c) other panel discussions.
Regarding revitalization plans for the environmental service industry and exemplary case presentations, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province will present citations to 11 environmental service companies (seven construction companies, three measurement agencies, and one management agency) that have contributed greatly to the development of the province’s environmental industry by reducing air pollution. In addition, attendees will present plans to revitalize the province’s environmental service industry and also introduce two exemplary environment service provider cases (one construction company and one measurement agency).
At the Outdoor Event Hall on the first floor of the venue, the Suwon Center for Environmental Disease & Atopy and Gapyeong Center for Prevention of Environmental Diseases will provide experiential programs such as dracaena cultivation for air purification and eco-friendly mug making on September 5 and 6.
Kim Sang-cheol, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Environmental Safety Management Division, said, “We need the attention of people from all walks of life in order to resolve the province’s current environmental safety issues such as air pollutant reduction… We hope this forum serves as an opportunity to reflect on-site opinions of businesses emitting air pollutants and establish environmental safety policies for residents.”

Eight Gyeonggi-based Businesses Realize Export Consultations Worth USD 7.93M at ASD Market Week in Las Vegas Fri, 26 Aug 2022 08:36:29 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province sets up booth for ASD Market (August 21 to 24, 2022) in Las Vegas
– 8 Gyeonggi-based SMEs participate, recording 249 consultations valued at USD 7,935,100
– Wide range of consumer goods displayed including hair/beauty, kitchenware/dishware, and athletic products
○ In-person meetings with export and distribution companies from the US and Latin America under full COVID-19 protocols

Eight SMEs of Gyeonggi Province participated in 249 export consultations valued at USD 7,935,100 during ASD Market Week, North America’s largest consumer trade show.
Gyeonggi Province announced on August 26 that it operated a booth at ASD Market Week 2022 in Las Vegas from August 21 to 24.
More than 1,500 businesses from 75 countries participated in the trade show with 4,200 booths, showcasing a variety of consumer goods, including gifts, promotional/advertising, stationary/character, cosmetic/beauty, home fashion/interior, and food products.
Eight provincial SMEs that have competitiveness in quality displayed a variety of products at Gyeonggi Province’s booth, including dishware, kitchenware, and nail care items, as well as athletic and packaging products, garnering substantial attention.
These businesses said participation in the trade show provided a valuable opportunity to explore North American market entry and understand the latest global trends.
An official from company A who participated at Gyeonggi Province’s booth said, “I was able to get in touch with export and distribution companies in the US as well as Latin America by participating in ASD Market 2022… This was a great chance for me to set a marketing strategy direction based on the latest trends in the local consumer electronics industry.”
Gyeonggi Province and the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) were given considerable recognition since they supported not only the installation and operation of local booths but also translators, buyer consultations, shuttles, one-way airfare and more.
Considering that buyers are increasingly opting for high quality Korean products as substitutes for Chinese imports in the wake of the US–China trade conflict, Gyeonggi Province expects that this initiative will serve as a stepping stone for North American market entry by Gyeonggi-based businesses.
Gyeonggi Province will maximize the results by supporting the participating businesses with the completion of contracts and relevant documents as well as export-related post-management including certifications.
Director Park Keon-kyun of Gyeonggi Province’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Division said, “Trade conditions are extremely difficult for Gyeonggi-based SMEs due to surging oil prices, interest rates and exchange rates, limiting their chances to meet overseas buyers in person,” adding, “Moving forward, we will continue to actively encourage participation by Gyeonggi-based SMEs in international exhibitions, enabling their expansion into global markets.”

Gyeonggi Province Holds Technical Conference on Air Pollution Control for Economic and Environmental Protection Fri, 26 Aug 2022 08:32:09 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province hosts a technical conference to foster and expand highly efficient and optimized air pollution control facilities while addressing local complaints and environmental issues.
– Announcement of eight new technologies (five for asphalt, two for dyeing, one for printing) and Q&A with experts

Gyeonggi Province announced on August 26 that it is hosting two rounds of the 2022 Technical Conference for Air Pollution Control Facilities to identify and promote the latest air pollution control facilities.
The conference is being held to respond to growing complaints about businesses that emit high levels of asphalt and other pollutants as well as to identify and promote air pollution control facilities that utilize new methods and the latest technologies.
Gyeonggi Province livestreamed the presentations of four technical businesses related to asphalt, dyeing and printing on its official YouTube channel on August 25, and plans to livestream another four businesses at 1 PM on August 30. Those interested in viewing the conferences can search for “Gyeonggi Provincial Government” or “Gyeonggi Province Technical Conference on Air Pollution Control Facilities” on YouTube.
Gyeonggi Province previously planned the staging of the technical conferences through two advisory meetings with environmental experts and publicly recruited relevant businesses during a 30-day period. To ensure fairness and objectivity, the participating businesses supplemented their self-reported air pollution test results in the presence of public officials, and eight businesses were eventually selected for conference participation.
The technical conferences consist of presentations by participating businesses and Q&A sessions with experts so that the pros and cons of new methods and the latest technologies for air pollution control facilities can be identified. Gyeonggi Province expects this to be an opportunity to reduce pollutants and change negative public perceptions of pollutant-emitting businesses by reinforcing environment-friendly industries and introducing new technologies.
Director Kim Sang-cheol of Gyeonggi Province’s Environmental Safety Management Division said, “There are limits on the reduction of pollutants by air pollution control facilities that use outdated technologies, “adding, “We expect the technical conferences will enable advanced new technologies to be applied on site, cutting air pollutants and improving air quality.

Gyeonggi Province Targets Southeast Asian Markets, Recruits Businesses for ASEAN Trade Delegation Wed, 24 Aug 2022 08:34:57 +0000 ○ Businesses to participate in Gyeonggi Province’s ASEAN FTA Trade Delegation for 2022
– 6-day mission to Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh from November 21 to 26 (Monday to Saturday)
○ Support provided for local buyer consultations, interpreters, meeting rooms and vehicle rentals

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi-do FTA Business Center will recruit Gyeonggi-based SMEs for a mission targeting ASEAN markets until August 30.
Gyeonggi Province’s ASEAN FTA Trade Delegation will visit Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) during a 6-day mission (November 21 to 26) to cultivate new buyers.
The delegation will comprise 12 Gyeonggi-based SMEs selected in consideration of their exports, international standard certifications, domestic patents, marketability in local markets, and certificates from public institutions.
Once businesses are selected, they will be provided with amenities and services including a meeting room, one-on-one buyer matching, interpretation, and vehicle rentals. However, airfare, travel expenses and taxes arising in customs clearance are to be individually paid by the participating businesses.
Gyeonggi-based SMEs with offices or factories in the province that exported goods valued at less than USD 20 million in 2021 are eligible to apply.
Those wishing to participate can visit the egBiz website ( to apply for the FTA trade delegation until August 30. Company information and evaluation documents are required for application submission.
Taking this opportunity, Gyeonggi Province will promote exemplary products made by provincial SMEs, fostering export opportunities and providing follow-up support so that the buyer consultations can lead to signed contracts. In addition, the province will encourage the participating businesses to improve cost-competitiveness by offering FTA consultation services.
Director Park Keon-kyun of Gyeonggi Province’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Division said, “The importance of ASEAN markets has grown due to disruptions in global supply chains, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the US–China trade conflict, “adding” Gyeonggi Province will stand at the forefront to target ASEAN markets which have ever-growing purchasing power.”
Gyeonggi Province has organized eight trade delegations in total (7 virtual meetings, 1 local dispatch) so far this year, supporting 105 companies. It plans to organize six more trade delegations before the end of the year with destinations that include Eastern Europe from September 19 to 23, the Commonwealth of Independent States from October 9 to 15, and Japan in November.

Tour de DMZ 2022, A Race for Peace to Take Place After a Three-Year Hiatus Tue, 16 Aug 2022 00:55:38 +0000 ○ Tour de DMZ International Road Cycling Tour to take place after three-year hiatus
– Five-day event runs from August 26 to 30 through Gyeonggi Province, Gangwon Province and Incheon
– Tour de DMZ International Junior Road Cycling Race and Masters Cycling Tour Korea also featured
– Event enhanced by various competitions held for general public and athletes

The 2022 Tour de DMZ International Road Cycling Tour — co-hosted by the Ministry of Interior and Safety, Gyeonggi Province, Incheon Metropolitan City and Gangwon Province, and supervised by the Korea Cycling Federation — is taking place again after a three-year hiatus.

Marking its 5th anniversary this year, the Tour de DMZ has been held since 2016 to promote the balanced development of border regions, aspirations for peace on the Korean Peninsula, and interest in cycling.

In 2020 and 2021, the event was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the competition will run from Friday, August 26, to Tuesday, August 30, under the theme of “Challenge, Passion, and Running on the Path of Peace.”

Participants will embark on an epic five-day journey in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and border region, passing through ten cities and counties of Gyeonggi Province, Gangwon Province, and Incheon — moving from Ganghwa to Paju and Cheorwon before finishing in Goseong.

The event will also feature the Tour de DMZ International Junior Road Cycling Race, in which Korean and international cyclists will show their skills, as well as the Masters Cycling Tour, in which registered members of the Korea Cycling Federation will participate.

In addition, to enhance the overall event, a cycling event for the general public will be held in Goyang City, a BMX competition will be held in Ganghwa County, and a bike tour will be held in Inje County.

A Gyeonggi Province official said, “As it is the first event to be held in three years, this year’s Tour de DMZ is expected to serve as an opportunity to share the importance of peace on the Korean Peninsula, the value of the DMZ, and a message of hope to the world.”

Meanwhile, the 2019 Tour de DMZ was successfully held with the participation of 142 youths from 16 overseas teams including those from Kazakhstan, the United States, Finland, Ireland, and Hong Kong as well as cycling teams from Gapyeong High School, Bucheon High School, and Uijeongbu Public High School of Gyeonggi Province.

Governor Dong Yeon Kim Discusses Green Technology Exchanges and Further Cooperation with German Ambassador to Korea Tue, 09 Aug 2022 00:54:11 +0000 ○ Governor Dong Yeon Kim met with German Ambassador to Korea Michael Reinffenstuel at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government complex on August 9.
○ Discussion of Gyeonggi-German cooperation in sectors including green technology and promising SME promotion

Gyeonggi Province Governor Dong Yeon Kim and German Ambassador to Korea Michael Reiffenstuel discussed approaches for exchange and cooperation between Gyeonggi Province and Germany in diverse areas including green technology and the promotion of promising SMEs.

After meeting with Ambassador Reiffenstuel at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government complex on August 9, Governor Kim said, “Germany is Korea’s largest trade partner in the EU,” adding, “As both countries have a shared experience of division, I look forward to close cooperation in a variety of sectors.”

Governor Kim continued, “I hope Gyeonggi Province and Germany can closely cooperate in the ‘Let’s DMZ Peace Walk Event’ in October,” extending an invitation to Ambassador Reiffenstuel.

In response, Ambassador Reiffenstuel replied, “I appreciate your invitation and hope to have an opportunity to share the history of German division and unification.”

Governor Kim also noted that the Free State of Bavaria has signed a friendship and economic cooperation agreement with Gyeonggi Province, saying, “Based on our strengths, both regions seek to promote cooperation in batteries, semiconductors, hydrogen energy, promising SMEs and future technology sectors.”

Governor Kim and Ambassador Reiffenstuel also discussed a variety of other topics including energy crises, global politics, economic crises and future trends.

Appointed as the German Ambassador to Korea in August 2020, Ambassador Reiffenstuel is an expert in diplomacy who previously served as Consulate General in Istanbul (2018–2020) and Ambassador to Cairo (2009–2012).

The meeting was initiated by Ambassador Reiffenstuel with the intent of discussing Korean-German relations with Governor Kim as well as approaches for exchange and cooperation between Gyeonggi Province and Germany.

Gyeonggi Province signed a friendship and economic cooperation agreement with the Free State of Bavaria in May 2016; exchanges were suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic but resumed this year at the request of Bavaria. During a virtual meeting with representatives of the Bavarian Bureau for International Business Relations in March, relations between the two regions were renewed with discussions on green technology exchanges and promising SME promotion as well as the pursuit of reciprocal visits.

Meanwhile, as head of Korea’s foremost provincial government, Governor Kim has been engaging in a variety of diplomatic activities including a meeting with British Ambassador Colin Crooks to discuss means by which to expand exchanges with the UK.

Gyeonggi Province Recruits Companies to Participate in K-Beauty Expo Bangkok, Targeting Largest Beauty Market in Southeast Asia Mon, 01 Aug 2022 00:39:47 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province recruits companies to participate in K-Beauty Expo Bangkok in December
– Application by 10 local exporting companies related to cosmetics and beauty products via egBiz website by August 18
– One-way airfare, one-to-one consultation matching with buyers, simultaneous interpretation and more provided in support
○ Bridgehead for market entry into Thailand, the second largest economic power among ASEAN countries and the largest beauty market in Southeast Asia

Gyeonggi Province is supporting the entry of promising local SMEs into Thailand, the largest beauty market in Southeast Asia.

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi FTA Business Center announced on August 1 that they are recruiting promising beauty-related consumer goods companies in the province to participate in K-Beauty Expo Bangkok 2022 that will be held in Thailand for three days from December 15 to 17.

The targeted companies are those with exports valued at less than USD 20 million in 2021 that focus on the export of promising consumer goods related to cosmetics and beauty and have offices or factories located in Gyeonggi Province.

Gyeonggi plans to select ten exemplary companies and provide them with one-way airfare (10 kilograms, 100%), interpretation services, one-to-one consultation matching with buyers and more.

K-Beauty Expo was first held in 2009 as a large-scale exposition to promote the Korean cosmetic industry and help innovative beauty companies advance into new markets. This year, the Expo will be held in Taiwan and Indonesia in August, Goyang City (Gyeonggi Province) in October, and Bangkok in December.

Thailand, where K-Beauty Expo Bangkok is to be held, is a member of the ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Area (FTA) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP); it serves as a forward base for entry into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market. As the demand for Korean products increases in tandem with continued interest in Korean popular culture, Gyeonggi expects this event to be an ideal opportunity for companies seeking to enter Southeast Asian markets.

The province explained that approximately 1,000 beauty companies from Korea and abroad will participate in the Thailand Expo, and a synergy effect is expected as it will be held concurrently with the Bangkok Beauty Show.

Kim Tae-hyeon, Director of Gyeonggi’s Foreign Affairs and Trade Division, said, “There are many difficulties for companies seeking to enter overseas markets due to COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War, so Gyeonggi plans to provide local SMEs with greater support for advancement into Thailand and nearby Southeast Asian markets.”

Online application and registration are possible until August 18 via the egBiz website ( For details, contact the Gyeonggi FTA Business Center (+82-31-8064-1397).

Gyeonggi Province most popular travel destination in Korea for three consecutive years; 53.4 million domestic visits last year Tue, 12 Jul 2022 04:31:48 +0000 ○ According to the 2021 Tourism Survey by the Korea Culture & Tourism Institute, Gyeonggi Province is the most visited travel destination in the nation
– No. 1 in average visits per traveler, ranked first in nation as day trip destination
○ Creation of tourist spots at unique sites such as Gyeonggi Dulegil Trails and ocean waters of the province

Gyeonggi Province was revealed to be the most popular travel destination in the nation for three years in a row, according to a survey of Koreans who traveled domestically last year; the province received 53.4 million visits from Korean travelers.

After a review of the 2021 Tourism Survey results published by the Korea Culture & Tourism Institute under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on June 13, Gyeonggi Province was found to have the highest number of Korean visitors last year, totaling 53.4 million. This was more than twice as many as Gangwon Province (25,422,000), which ranked second in the survey. In 2020, Gyeonggi Province also ranked first with 45,496,000 visits, followed by Gangwon Province with 22,362,000.

When dividing the trip type into day trips and longer trips, Gyeonggi Province was still first with an overwhelming majority of 46,259,000 visits. This is approximately three times greater than the number of visits received by North Gyeongsang Province, the second-most visited day-trip destination in the country at 15,078,000 visits. In terms of overnight trips, Gyeonggi Province ranked no. 7 with 7,142,000 visits; Gangwon Province received the most visits with 15,875,000.

Gyeonggi Province also had the highest national average of visits per Korean citizen (1.17 times). According to the province, this indicates that every Korean traveling domestically visits Gyeonggi at least once. Second place went to Gangwon Province with 0.56 times.

For the average expenditure per person, which indicates the impact of tourist visits on the local economy, Gyeonggi Province was third in the country at KRW 66,000. Jeju-do ranked first at KRW 115,000, followed by Gangwon Province at KRW 74,000.

The survey estimated national data based on a sample of 50,400 Korean citizens aged 15 and above who were interviewed by the Korea Culture & Tourism Institute last year.

Gyeonggi Province determined that the figures are indicative of a range of tourist sites in the province attracting domestic travelers who became more active during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gyeonggi has made steady efforts to attract more tourists; these include the formation of ecotourism bases in each area, opening the Gyeonggi Dulegil Trails, and launching policies to revitalize the ocean waters of the province, in addition to traditional tourist attractions such as Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon City, as well as Yangpyeong Dumulmeori and the Imjingak Pavilion in Paju City. Furthermore, it expanded barrier-free tourist facilities at major tourist sites so as to ensure accessibility by persons with disabilities. Gyeonggi Province is also working to form fair tourist environments by including residents in tourism policymaking so that tourist consumption can lead to local economic vitalization.

In line with the increased tourist demand driven by the return to normality, Gyeonggi Province plans to actively devise measures to attract more foreign travelers through tourism industry partnerships.

“While expanding new and unique tourist attractions in Gyeonggi Province, such as the Gyeonggi Dulegil Trails and the ocean waters, we plan to provide more entertaining content, events, and tourist information so as to ensure genuine comfort, healing and relaxation, eco-friendly experiences, and tourist safety in the province,” said Choi Young-hoon, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Tourism Division.