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– Campaign name signifies “reducing use of disposable products (‘Zero’) starts with me (‘Me’)”
– Promotional activities to be undertaken by over 100 consumer safety volunteers

○ Continued promotion of “eco-friendly consumption” among provincial residents

Gyeonggi Province is conducting its “Zero Me” eco-friendly consumption campaign until the end of the year to phase out disposable items, such as plastic products.

From November 22 through to the end of the year, in the cities of Suwon, Yongin, Bucheon, Goyang and elsewhere, campaign volunteers will visit multi-use facilities, schools and institutions within Gyeonggi Province to continuously promote activities to reduce the usage of disposable products, such as the utilization of reusable shopping bags and personal cups.

“Zero Me” signifies “reducing the use of disposable products (‘Zero’) starts with me (‘Me’),” emphasizing voluntary actions of consumers, increasing their awareness and fostering empathy. Of particular note, the plan is not limited to a one-time event, but will instead be implemented on an ongoing basis every year and promoted as a nationwide movement.

One hundred consumer safety volunteers will participate in on-site promotional activities this year. Gyeonggi Province has been recruiting the volunteer corps every year since 2019 to create a safe consumption environment led by provincial residents. Until the end of the year, the volunteers will carry out public relations efforts such as wearing promotional shoulder sashes, gathering signatures in support of the reduction of disposable items, and distributing promotional materials.

Kim Ji-ye, Director General of Gyeonggi’s Fairness Bureau, said, “Marine life is suffering because of plastic bags and containers. If consumers reduce their usage of disposable items, we will be able to create a clean and beautiful planet upon which we can all live happily together. I hope many of our residents will participate in the Zero Me campaign through such activities as using reusable shopping bags and personal cups.”

Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters hold closing ceremony to celebrate publicity achievements of past half-year Fri, 19 Nov 2021 08:07:59 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters hold closing ceremony after promoting Gyeonggi tourism to world amidst pandemic
○ Certificates and cash prizes awarded to exceptional supporters

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization held the 2021 Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters Closing Ceremony on November 23 to wrap up and reflect on the activities of foreign supporters, who have promoted Gyeonggi Province’s tourist destinations to international tourists, and to celebrate their achievements of the past half-year.

This past June, 20 foreign residents of Korea from a total of 18 countries were recruited through an evaluation of their social media follower numbers, content production skills, and interest in Gyeonggi tourism. In order to introduce the attractions of Gyeonggi Province to international tourists, they experienced major tourism content first-hand, such as Gyeonggi’s beaches, clean valleys, themed alleys, subway trips, and Gyeonggi Dullegil (Trails). Accordingly, more than 300 reviews and promotional content items were posted on their social media channels to inform the world about the beauty of Gyeonggi Province.

At the closing ceremony, award certificates and cash prizes were presented to 3 recipients who posted the most remarkable content as well as to 5 other recipients who generated the greatest number of posts. In addition, certificates of completion and admission tickets to major tourist attractions in the province were given to all supporters.

Choi Yong-hoon, Director of Gyeonggi’s Tourism Division, commented, “I would like to thank all the supporters who have worked hard to promote Gyeonggi tourism online via social media in the midst of international travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Next year, we will continue operating the Gyeonggi Foreign Supporters program to promote Gyeonggi tourism attractions through livestreaming and will contribute to the revitalization of Gyeonggi tourism after the pandemic.”

Gyeonggi Province to open entire 860 km of ‘Gyeonggi Dulegil’ on Nov. 15; hikers can experience provincial ecology, culture and history Mon, 15 Nov 2021 04:54:12 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province to open all 60 courses of the 860-kilometer-long Gyeonggi Dulegil (Trails), encompassing 15 cities and counties, on November 15
– Gyeonggi has been connecting trails for three years since establishment of master plan in 2018
– In 2019, trail routes were finalized, reflecting basic principles of route creation and opinions of private advisory bodies
– In 2020, comprehensive brand and character of Gyeonggi Dulegil, which people hike together to become one, were developed
– Pilot section was temporarily opened in September this year; province developed official website and completed final inspection of entire trail network at end of October

○ Various pre-opening events and promotional campaigns launched, such as litter collection and walking campaigns

○ From 2022, provincial government will form representative walking trails in Gyeonggi that connect all corners of province; will develop trails as comprehensive Gyeonggi Province brand

On November 15, all sections of Gyeonggi Dulegil, an 860-kilometer-long trail network that connects the outskirts of Gyeonggi Province and offers access to beautiful natural scenery throughout the province as well as its ecology, culture and history, were opened.

The trails were formed by connecting existing forest paths, village roads, riverside walks, and streets along river banks throughout 15 cities and counties of the province in order to create an ideal walking network that encompasses Gyeonggi Province. Following the establishment of the master plan in November 2018, it only took three years for the province to complete the trails.

Gyeonggi Province finalized trail routes (a total of 860 kilometers, 60 courses) in 2019 by reflecting the basic principles of route creation and the opinions of private advisory bodies while putting user safety first. The basic principles considered for trail routes are: easy accessibility by road and public transportation, presence of various sights and changing vistas, and a continuous trail network without any broken routes.

Last year, Gyeonggi Province also created the Gyeonggi Dulegil brand with the slogan ‘Hiking Together as One’ and a character embodying a line that connects all corners of the province. The design was also incorporated into information/direction signs, ribbons, and forest-style milestones during the development stage of the trails.

Gyeonggi Province started full-fledged repair work this year including trail surface maintenance and temporary information systems, and opened the 340-kilometer-long pilot course (from Daemyeonghang Port in Gimpo City to Seorak Terminal in Gapyeong County) in September.

Following the opening of the pilot course, Gyeonggi Province developed the official Gyeonggi Dulegil website ( to provide comprehensive information on all courses, detailed features of individual courses, and tourism resources of the trails. Additionally, it launched pre-opening events on its social media accounts from October 21. From November 17, a ‘ploking’ campaign, an eco-friendly activity in which people pick up litter while walking, will be launched at major courses in each region (cities of Gimpo, Pocheon, Yeoju, and Ansan).

Gyeonggi Province plans to continue its efforts to ensure the operational sustainability and stability of the trails even after the official opening, including the development of activities and programs that promote the beautiful natural landscapes, historic sites and cultural tourism resources along the trails. Of particular note, Gyeonggi Province will engage research service providers to link the trails that connect the outskirts of the province with the Old Gyeonggi Road (Gyeonggiyetgil), and regionally themed streets (e.g. Silhak Scholar Street, Namhansanseong Fortress, etc.) so that the trails can be enjoyed throughout the province.

Choi Yong-hun, Director of the Tourism Division of Gyeonggi Province, said, “In this contactless age, walking tours have become a general travel trend that promote healing and quality of life. The four regional sections of Gyeonggi Dulegil will feature various aspects of Gyeonggi Province that people have never experienced before. We are going to develop this as a comprehensive Gyeonggi brand by forming a representative hiking trail network that connects every region of Gyeonggi Province beyond the 15 cities and counties that we have connected so far.”

□ Here is how you can enjoy Gyeonggi Dulegil to the fullest:

Gyeonggi Dulegil is divided into four regional sections: Pyeonghwa Nurigil (Gimpo – Yeoncheon, 186 km), Forest Path (Yeoncheon – Yangpyeong, 245 km), Mulgil (Yeoju – Anseong, 167 km), and Gaetgil (Pyeongtaek – Bucheon, 262 km).

You can find information on the distances, estimated hiking times, and difficulty levels of the 60 courses (e.g. Gimpo Course 1: 13.6 kilometers, 245 minutes, very easy) on the official Gyeonggi Dulegil website. Except for nine national trails, you can select and enjoy any course without prior reservation. Along the trail courses, visitors can enjoy other trails favored by residents of Gyeonggi Province, including the Yeoju River Trail (Yeogang-gil) in Yeoju City, Jusanjeolri-gil in Pocheon City, and Park Du-jin Literature Street (Munhak-gil) in Anseong City, as well as tourist attractions such as Sanjeong Lake, Yongchu Valley, Pyeongtaekhyanggyo (a local Confucian school), Gungpyeonghang Port, and the Gogang Prehistoric Relics Park.

Gyeonggi Province strongly recommends that visitors carry light bags and wear comfortable shoes as the long-distance courses typically take over two hours to complete. If you are unsure about directions for Gyeonggi Dulegil, you can check the ribbons, arrows and signboards installed along the trails.

Trail stamps can be collected at the starting and finishing points of each course. Visit the official Gyeonggi Dulegil website ( for detailed information on individual courses and other general information.

Korea Ceramic Foundation holds K-Ceramic ‘Online Conference for Exports to Vietnam’ Wed, 10 Nov 2021 04:52:17 +0000 ○ Eight Vietnamese businesses including interior design and trade/distribution enterprises interested in purchasing Korean ceramics to participate in conference
– Foundation will provide consulting services to ten Korean ceramic studios supplying products to Export Brand Mall of ‘K-Ceramic Shopping Mall’

On November 11 and 12, the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) will hold the ‘Online Conference for Exports to Vietnam’ via the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall.

The purpose of the conference is to provide export opportunities to Korean ceramic studios whose overseas sales activities have been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference will be held through a remote meeting platform connecting the Korean Ceramic Promotion Hall (buyers) in the Gyeonggi Business Centers (GBCs) of Hanoi, Vietnam, with Korean ceramic studios (artisans) in real-time to the Export Brand Mall of the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall.

The participating businesses include: Viglacera, a Vietnamese industrial complex developer; Minh Duc, an interior construction business; Winston International, a handicraft distributor; and eight other Vietnamese buyers. In addition, ten Korean ceramic studios supplying products to the ‘K-Ceramic Shopping Mall’ will also participate, including: Tomi153, a hand-made ttukbaegi studio; Gamajigi, a hand-made ceramic vessel studio; and Haerak Pottery, a producer of hand-made ceramic household supplies and interior accessories.

The products in which local Vietnamese (selected through a prior promotional activity) are primarily interested include: Square Ttukbaegi Vs Mint by Oh Jeom-suk; Firewood Kiln Set by Ahn Seong-ju; Handle Plate Plate by Kang Byoung-deok; Aroma Warmer Stovepipe by Yoo Kyung-hee; Jade Green Square by Bae Bo-yeong; Trumpet, Donut Speaker by Ko Mik-young; Mongdol Tea Cup Set by Shin Hee-chang; Hexagon Plate by Kim Sung-hun; Stone Handle Plate by Han Woo-ram; and Stone Handled Plate by Kang Mu-chang.

KOCEF will provide professional personnel such as interpreters to facilitate smooth one-on-one consultations between the Korean artisans and Vietnamese buyers.

Even after the buyers and Korean artisans successfully make deals, KOCEF will continue to provide follow-up services so as to ensure substantial outcomes, such as professional reviews of contract terms and conditions, drafting and translation of contracts, and administrative work related to product import/export activities, as well as transportation and customer service activities (e.g. customer consultations, complaint resolution).

Choi Yeon, CEO of KOCEF, said, “Starting with this export conference, we will actively provide marketing assistance to Korean artisans to increase their opportunities to sell Korean ceramic products overseas.”

Meanwhile, the Export Brand Mall of the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall (operated by KOCEF) retails 163 products from 44 Korean ceramic studios that were carefully selected through expert reviews including the 2021 Global Strategic Ceramics Contest.

Gyeonggi Province conducts industrial accident prevention inspections to increase safety; receives positive responses Tue, 09 Nov 2021 04:48:57 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province conducted ‘Industrial Accident Prevention Inspection and Consulting Services’ over two-week period from October 11 to 22

○ Inspection teams visited 118 sites in five cities and counties, focusing on four major causes of industrial accidents, and provided safety training and consulting services
– Inspection teams identified 298 risk factors including falling, trapping, collision, and fire/explosion, and issued 250 correction requests while providing consulting services

○ Inspection methods and consulting services that provide tailored instructions for individual sites received positive responses; Gyeonggi Province plans to expand services in 2022

In response to growing public concern over the increased number of industrial accident fatalities and a series of large fires at logistics centers, Gyeonggi Province revealed on the November 9 that it conducted ‘Industrial Accident Prevention Inspection and Consulting Services’ in order to promote worker safety.

The purpose of the inspection and consulting services was to promote a culture of safety at industrial sites in Gyeonggi Province. The services were conducted separately through the Labor Safety Guardians program that the 31 cities and counties of the province had been promoting previously.

The inspections were conducted by teams comprised of officials of each city and county who oversee industrial accident prevention and the Labor Safety Guardians. The inspection teams visited 118 high-risk work sites (construction/building sites, manufacturing sites, and transportation/warehouse enterprises) based in five regions including the cities of Hwaseong, Yongin, Pocheon, Namyangju, and Icheon over a two-week period that ran from October 11 to 22.

The focus of the inspections were four major causes of industrial accidents including falling, trapping, collision, and fire/explosion. The teams identified 298 risk factors and requested corrections in 250 cases.

The inspection results revealed that falling accounted for 108 cases (36%) while collision accounted for 95 cases (32%). The two causes accounted for 68% of the total risk factors. Falling (89 cases) was the greatest risk factor at construction sites, trapping and collision (28 cases each) at manufacturing sites, and collision (67 cases) at transportation and warehouse sites.

Of particular note, the inspections found that workers at small construction sites often did not wear safety helmets. There were a number of areas that needed improvement such as safety rail insufficiencies that could cause falling accidents, unstable footholds at entrances, and problematic construction material loading on scaffolds.

In addition to the inspections, the team also provided safety management training for site managers and workers, and urged industrial sites that lacked safety measures to make voluntary improvements through consulting services.

Many business managers indicated that the program, unlike conventional one-way inspections, provided practical help through the tailored consulting services that encourage voluntary participation and improvements. The regular visits and on-site instructions provided by the teams also garnered positive responses.

Gyeonggi Province plans to continue the Labor Safety Guardian program in its 31 cities and counties in 2022, and will also expand industrial accident inspections and consulting services for high-risk businesses and regions.

Kim Jong-gu, Director General of the Labor Bureau, announced, “The Gyeonggi Provincial Government will take the lead in eliminating preventable industrial accidents and creating safe labor environments. In administration, ‘fairness’ is a competitive advantage while ‘safety’ is for industrial sites. We will continue to make utmost efforts to protect the lives of workers at industrial sites based in Gyeonggi Province.”

Meanwhile, Gyeonggi Province has been making various related efforts by promoting the sharing of labor supervising authority between central and local governments, providing industrial accident prevention training, certifying exceptional labor safety and health businesses, and operating the Labor Safety Guardians program.

This year, Gyeonggi Province conducted 16,391 inspections at 11,272 business sites based in Gyeonggi Province through the Labor Safety Guardians program, and followed through with 8,373 correction requests (as of September 30).

Gyeonggi Province launches smart app service that shows convenience facilities for mobility impaired individuals Wed, 03 Nov 2021 04:46:14 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province provides information on barrier-free amenities at public facilities for mobility impaired individuals
○ Launching ceremony for smart app service attended by provincial assembly members, public officials, Gyeonggi-do Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities (KGPPD) representatives and mobility impaired individuals

On November 3, Gyeonggi Province launched a ‘convenience facility information app’ that identifies and provides directions to nearby facilities (e.g. accessible toilets and lifts) for the mobility impaired, including individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women.

On the same day, a launching ceremony was held for the smart app in front of the Gyeonggido Assembly’s main entrance in the presence of individuals in wheelchairs (the app’s target users), as well as members of the Health & Welfare Committee of the Gyeonggido Assembly and KGPPD representatives.

The ‘convenience facility information app’ is an expanded version of an existing Gyeonggi Province app that was developed in 2019. The older version only provided information on facilities, while the expanded app offers a location search service that enables users to find nearby parking spaces, washrooms, infant facilities, lactation rooms, lifts, and ramps. The app has also been integrated with a navigation app so as to provide directions to selected facilities, and features a voice recognition function for improved convenience. In addition, the app also displays photos of facilities for elderly users who may find it difficult to locate a facility using the mobile map alone.

Of particular note, 40 mobility impaired individuals acted as field surveyors of convenience facilities in cities and counties of the province, contributing to the development of a database by visiting and taking photos of related sites. The app also allows users to add facilities that are not shown on the map, so two-way communication between app administrators and users is also anticipated.

Anyone can download the ‘convenience facility information app simply by searching for ‘Gyeonggi Province convenience facility information’ in the App Store or Play Store.

During the launching event, Bang Jae-yul, Chair of the Health and Welfare Committee of the Gyeonggido Assembly, said, “Thank you for working hard to develop this app. All the members of the Health and Welfare Committee will continue to work hard to improve quality of life for the mobility impaired.”

Moon Jeong-hee, Director General of the Welfare Bureau, said, “I will work hard on the operation and management of this app, as well as on the expansion of the app to the rest of the country. Gyeonggi Province will also take the lead in promoting the human rights of the mobility impaired.”

Meanwhile, the ceremony attendees, including Chair Bang Jae-yul, Vice Chair Choi Jong-hyun, and Vice Chair Lee Hye-won of the Health and Welfare Committee of the Gyeonggido Assembly, as well as Assembly Member Kim Yeong-jun, Assembly Member Park Jae-man, KGPPD Chair Kim Gi-ho, and two wheelchair users acting as awareness improvement instructors for the mobility impaired, displayed a banner that said ‘Barrier-free Gyeonggi Province!’ and celebrated the launch of the convenience facility information app.

Experience the ‘More Just and Fair Gyeonggi’ at Korea Balanced Development Expo Tue, 26 Oct 2021 02:16:47 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Hall to be installed and operated at 2021 Korea Balanced Development Expo
– To be held in Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province, from October 26 to 28 both online and offline

○ Introducing major provincial policies in balanced development under theme of “More Just and Fair Gyeonggi”
– Gyeonggi’s public delivery app, relocation of public agencies to northeast regions, sustainable operation model for restoration and public return of clean valleys, and more

From October 26 to 28, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government will showcase its achievements and a vision of its major policies for balanced development, including the clean valley restoration project, at the 2021 Korea Balanced Development Expo in Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province.

Under the theme of “More Just and Fair Gyeonggi,” the province will operate three exhibits at the Gyeonggi Hall to introduce its policies, notably, Gyeonggi’s own public delivery app, the relocation of public agencies to northeast regions, and a sustainable operation model for the restoration and public return of clean valleys.

Through various graphic and video materials, viewers can learn about the background, major accomplishments, and anticipated effects of different projects and policies.

First, the “Gyeonggi public delivery app” corner displays items related to the achievements of a “public digital SOC foundation” established to resolve the issue of a digital platform monopoly and to solidify an order for a fair market economy.

In the “relocation of public agencies to the northeast” exhibit, the policy of the dispersed arrangement of public agencies, which is being promoted as special compensation for northeastern regions of Gyeonggi Province that have had to endure sacrifices in the past, will be explained to demonstrate the province’s dedication to balanced development.

Lastly, for the “sustainable operation model for the restoration and public return of clean valleys,” the province plans to not only introduce its accomplishments in restoring clean valleys but also to present a sustainable maintenance platform for clean Gyeonggi valleys, which will operate based on government-private sector collaboration and the participation of local communities.

Kim Kyung-hwan, Director of the Balanced Development Division, said, “Under the slogan of ‘Special Compensation for Special Sacrifices,’ Gyeonggi Province has made various efforts to improve the quality of resident lives and realize balanced development among different regions. Through this expo, we hope to share our know-how in balanced development policies with other local governments while further enhancing our policies and systems.”

The Korea Balanced Development Expo is an event where visions and policies for balanced national development are discussed and policies for regional balance are shared and discussed among local governments.

This year’s expo, to be conducted in a festival format, will be attended by representatives of the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and 17 metropolitan cities and provinces. The participants will introduce the innovative policies of their regions while learning, sharing and cultivating visions for balanced development in a free atmosphere.

Of particular note, in consideration of COVID-19, the event will be held in an integrated format that utilizes both online ( and offline venues.

Governor Lee Jaemyung: “Gyeonggi’s 7th local elections strove to realize the value of fairness; I am extremely regretful and sorry that I couldn’t finish my term” Mon, 25 Oct 2021 02:14:18 +0000 ○ Governor Lee Jaemyung holds press conference on October 25 to announce resignation
– Gyeonggi’s 7th local elections proclaimed “New Gyeonggi, Fair World” and strove to realize the value of fairness
– Governor Lee mentioned fairness policies, including the relocation of public agencies, eradication of illegal valley establishments, and advent of local currency

○ Governor Lee delivered his final farewell by saying, “Just as we’ve created the proud Korean province of Gyeonggi, so too will we create a proud country that is admired by the world”

○ Visiting the Fire & Disaster Headquarters, presiding over an expanded executive meeting, and attending the provincial assembly in the afternoon; Lee’s final act as governor is a visit to encourage COVID-19 response teams

Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung stated that the province’s 7th local elections were a process through which the value of fairness was realized and expressed his apologies to all residents for failing to finish his term.

At a press conference held on the morning of October 25 at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government complex to announce his resignation, Governor Lee said, “Today is the 1,213th day since I became the proud governor of Gyeonggi Province. Feeling extremely regretful and sorry that I failed to finish my assigned term, I bid my final farewell as the governor.”

Lee then added, “I would like to take this opportunity to proudly report to all provincial residents that Gyeonggi has successfully carried out 98% of our original pledges as of June this year. I would like to thank all of you who have placed unwavering trust in me, cheered for me, and encouraged me despite my many shortcomings.”

Regarding the provincial administration resulting from the 7th local elections, Governor Lee stated, “We proclaimed ‘New Gyeonggi, Fair World’ and have striven to realize the value of fairness because fairness is the most basic and essential value through which we form communities and live together.”

“We’ve worked hard during the past three years to make Gyeonggi a province where everyone enjoys equal opportunities, people are guaranteed their fair shares according to their efforts, peace in the Korean Peninsula starts, and every resident is provided with a chance to live their lives,” he recalled.

He then mentioned cases of fairness that have been realized through major provincial policies, including the introduction of a standard market cost system for public construction under KRW 10 billion, the relocation of public agencies, the eradication of illegal valley and riverside establishments, and the expansion of local currency, as well as the introduction of the Delivery Express app, basic income, basic housing, and basic financing.

Governor Lee also emphasized, “Gyeonggi’s policies have become a standard for Korea, and now they are spreading nationwide. This includes the installation of CCTVs in surgery rooms, the legalization of rest areas for cleaning and patrolling workers, and regional currency.”

The governor also expressed his gratitude to Gyeonggi residents: “I feel unspeakable joy and satisfaction as the governor when our residents say that they are proud of living in the province. Looking back, the past three years have been a series of crises, but we were able to find the energy to move forward thanks to the heartwarming support and encouragement from our residents.”

He did not forget to mention Gyeonggi provincial officials who have worked alongside him during his term. “Gyeonggi wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what it has to date if it weren’t for the efforts and dedication of our talented Gyeonggi officials. I urge you to fulfill your solemn duties as public officials who make the lives of residents their utmost priority.”

In his final words, Governor Lee stated, “From the position of overseeing the lives of 13.8 million residents, I would like to now become a servant of this country and its 50 million people. Just as we’ve made Gyeonggi a proud province of Korea, so too will we turn this crisis of great transformation into an opportunity for a grand leap forward and make this a proud country that is admired by the world.”

Meanwhile, after the morning press conference, Governor Lee will visit the Gyeonggi-do Fire & Disaster Headquarters at 1 PM to encourage personnel and preside over his final expanded executive meeting at 2 PM. He will then attend the Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly at 3 PM to make his farewell.

As his final act as the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Lee will meet with officials of the Disease Control Policy Division, who are doing their utmost to fight COVID-19, and deliver words of encouragement and appreciation to them.

Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Volunteer Center work to reduce bird collisions with windows via “Gyeonggi Saerogochim Monitoring Group” Sun, 24 Oct 2021 02:11:41 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi-do Saerogochim Monitoring Group participates in volunteer campaign for coexistence with smaller lives
– Gyeonggi-do Volunteer Center hosts sticker event to reduce bird collision with windows
– Affirming value of life through activities to save birds and realizing public consensus on related policies

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government and the Gyeonggi-do Volunteer Center, together with the Gyeonggi-do Saerogochim Monitoring Group, hosted an event on October 23 for the distribution of stickers to reduce bird collisions with transparent soundproof barriers near the Maesilgyo Bridge area of Homaesil-dong, Suwon City.

This event – part of the “Love Life Volunteering Campaign” of the Gyeonggi-do Volunteer Center – was planned to address the problem of birds flying into transparent sound barriers or building windows in urban areas and included activities to prevent such collisions and reach a public consensus regarding related policies.

Approximately 20 volunteers from the Saerogochim Monitoring Group joined the event and, to help birds recognize and avoid transparent obstacles, attached collision prevention stickers to transparent sound barriers in a 10 centimeter by 5 centimeter grid. The volunteers strictly adhered to COVID-19 guidelines by wearing masks and using hand sanitizer.

“While taking part in this monitoring activity, I learned that over 8 million birds in Korea alone die from window collisions. I’m extremely grateful to be part of efforts to save their lives,” said Seo Yu-jin, a volunteer who attended this day’s event.

Park Seong-nam, Director General of Gyeonggi’s Environment Bureau, said, “The province recently laid an institutional foundation by enacting an ordinance for the prevention of bird collisions, and we hope to reach a public consensus regarding wild bird protection.”

“We hope that our activities to prevent collisions will serve as an opportunity for the culture of Love Life Volunteering to spread throughout the province. We will initiate more activities with residents for the coexistence of nature and people,” added Kwon Seok-pil, Director of the Gyeonggi-do Volunteer Center.

Meanwhile, the Saerogochim Monitoring Group recruited residents in March and completed preliminary training on bird collision theory. Group members have also paid regular visits to trial sites of the province’s bird collision prevention project to monitor bird collisions and record the findings. The group is overseeing the collection of materials on current provincial conditions in terms of bird collisions with windows.

Gyeonggi to jointly crackdown on illegal fishing along coasts and Sihwa Lake with Korea Coast Guard and city/county governments Tue, 12 Oct 2021 01:31:11 +0000 ○ The Gyeonggi Provincial Government, in partnership with the Korea Coast Guard and city/county governments, will patrol restricted fishing areas along provincial coasts from October 19 to November 13.
– The crackdown will focus on major fishing areas, including Gukhwa and Ippa islands of Hwaseong City and Bangameori Beach of Ansan City, as well as restricted fishing areas of Sihwa Lake.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government will jointly crackdown on illegal fishing activities along coastal areas of the cities of Hwaseong, Ansan, Siheung, and Pyeongtaek as well as in restricted fishing areas of Sihwa Lake together with the Korea Coast Guard and city/county governments. The patrols will run from October 19 to November 13.

The organizations will target any violation of fishing restrictions and fishing boat safety rules (such as failure to wear a life jacket or non-compliance with maximum passenger capacity), as well as illegal fishing activities in restricted fishing zones. The prohibited length limits for major fish species are 35 centimeters or less for halibut, 23 centimeters or less for Korean rockfish, and 30 centimeters or less for seabass.

Fishing areas that are popular during peak seasons such as Gukhwa and Ippa islands of Hwaseong City, Bangameori Beach of Ansan City, and Palmi Island of Siheung City, as well as Sihwa Lake—which is a restricted fishing zone per the Fishing Management and Promotion Act—will be subject to the crackdown.

Violators will be subject to administrative punishments and/or fines in accordance with the Fishing Management and Promotion Act and the Water-Related Leisure Activities Safety Act.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government conducted the first round of this crackdown from June 19 to July 24 and identified a total of five violations—three violations of fishing restriction standards and two violations of fishing in restricted areas—and proceeded with necessary measures such as the levying of fines.

Kim Seong-gon, Director of the Maritime and Fisheries Division of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “With the recent increase in the fishing population and demand for outdoor activities, preventing safety accidents has become more crucial. Accordingly, we plan to execute an effective crackdown together with the city/county governments with the support of the Korea Coast Guard.”