News – Gyeonggi Global Global Inspiration, Global Gyeonggi Province Fri, 20 Jan 2023 01:56:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 News – Gyeonggi Global 32 32 Gyeonggi Contributes to Protection of Property Rights by Providing ‘Land Information’ Equivalent to 3.6 times Total Provincial Area Last Year Wed, 11 Jan 2023 07:32:28 +0000 On January 11, Gyeonggi Province announced that it had contributed to the protection of property rights by providing information on 37,155 square kilometers of land, which is equivalent to approximately 3.6 times the total provincial area (10,199.54 square kilometers), to Gyeonggi residents and public institutions.

Specifically, Gyeonggi Province provided land information, including that pertaining to 8,000 applications and 59 million parcels (37,000 square kilometers), to public institutions seeking policy data regarding such matters as 122,000 applications, 170,000 lots (155 square kilometers), and tax arrears, as well as lawsuits and investigations through the ‘ancestral land search service’ for individuals or their heirs.

The ‘ancestral land search service’ for general Gyeonggi residents is a free administrative service. When an individual dies unexpectedly and the heirs are unaware of the current state of land ownership, this service ascertains current land ownership as registered in the public cadastre through computerized inquiries.

The ‘ancestral land search service’ can access the whole country irrespective of the land area to be searched. The required documents are as follows: the applicant must present ID, or their proxy must bring a power of attorney and a copy of the applicant’s ID. The heir of the deceased needs to submit documents proving that they are the heir (copy of family register, basic certificate, certificate of family relationship, etc.). For more detailed information, please contact the nearest city/province or city/county/district office and visit the relevant department to utilize the service.

Gyeonggi Province has been operating the ‘online ancestral land search service’ since November 2022 to address increased demand for non-face-to-face administrative services due to the spread of COVID-19 as well as civil complaints stemming from in-person visits.

This service can be accessed via the K-Geo platform, the National Spatial Information Portal, and Government 24. The online service targets parents, spouses, and descendants who died on or after January 1, 2008. When applying, the basic certificate of the subject of inquiry (ancestor) and the family relation certificate downloaded from the electronic family relation registration system of the Supreme Court must be attached.

Go Joong-guk, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Land Information Division, said, “Resident satisfaction with the ancestral land search service is very high. We will contribute to the protection of the property rights of residents through active publicity.”

Gyeonggi to Allocate KRW 365.1 billion by 2027 to Secure 13,864 Parking Spaces Tue, 10 Jan 2023 07:30:48 +0000 Gyeonggi Province will allocate KRW 365.1 billion by 2027 to secure 13,864 parking spaces while also supporting the establishment of a smart parking information system that collates and provides parking information.

On January 10, Gyeonggi Province announced that it had established the ‘Five-Year Support Plan for the Gyeonggi Province Parking Environment Improvement Project (2023-2027),’ and that it would focus on carrying out the key tasks of the plan to provide a pleasant and safe parking environment to Gyeonggi residents.

There are four key tasks included in the plan: creating 10,134 public parking spaces in densely populated residential and commercial areas; creating 1,300 parking spaces in the back alleys of residential areas; opening 2,430 free-of-charge spaces in parking lot annexes; and establishing a smart parking information system.

When the key tasks are completed, the number of areas in Gyeonggi Province suffering from severe parking difficulties, those with a parking supply–and-demand rate of less than 100% (less than one parking space per vehicle), will decrease by 18% from 215 places areas in 2021 to 176 areas in 2027.

Looking at details of the key tasks, support for creating public parking lots will see the establishment of large public parking lots in densely populated urban, commercial and residential areas. This entails the allocation of KRW 356.7 billion (provincial funding of KRW 143.1 billion, municipal funding of KRW 213.6 billion) to secure 133 parking lots and 10,134 parking spaces.

Support for creating small parking lots will secure idle land such as old housing lots for use as parking spaces. To create 1,300 parking spaces in 50 locations, KRW 5.4 billion (100% provincial funding) will be allocated.

Support to open free parking lots will cover necessary costs for installing parking lots or improving facilities when a parking lot annex is opened for free use by local residents. By allocating KRW 3 billion (50% provincial funding and 50% municipal funding), 2,430 parking spaces in 30 locations will be made available free of charge.

Finally, support to establish a smart parking information system will provide real-time parking vacancy information from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Gyeonggi Transport Information Center’s Smart Parking Information System to private applications, thereby promoting information and communication technology-based public services.

The targeted areas for the parking lot security project will be determined in the first half of the year after receiving requests from cities and counties for each business year. The smart parking information system is slated for integration and management via the smart parking information system of the Gyeonggi Provincial Traffic Information Center after consultations with cities and counties this year.

Park Seung-sam, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Transportation Bureau, said, “We are continuously working to resolve parking difficulties, and as we are seeing a significant effect in this regard through the project, we plan to continue its implementation for areas facing parking problems.”

Gyeonggi Expands Number of Public Facilities Accepting ‘Gyeonggi Smart-D’ Provincial Resident Card from 53 to 83 Sun, 01 Jan 2023 07:26:47 +0000 The number of facilities at which Gyeonggi residents can use the provincial resident card included in ‘Gyeonggi Smart-D,’ a customized administrative service application utilizing public My Data, has been increased, allowing provincial residents to receive discounts at a total of 83 public facilities.

Gyeonggi Province announced that, from January 2, when Gyeonggi residents present the Gyeonggi Smart-D provincial resident card at any of 83 public facilities without other documentation, they can receive the discount corresponding to their residence, age, number of children, or status as a disabled or meritorious individual.

Participating public facilities now include the Gaetgol Camping Site in Siheung City, the Indoor Swimming Pool in Anyang City, the Buraksan Forest Experience Center in Pyeongtaek City, and the Cheonbosan Natural Recreation Forest in Pocheon City. A total of 30 additional facilities are part of the expanded number, including 23 in Siheung City, 3 in Anyang City, 3 in Pyeongtaek City, and 1 in Pocheon City. Previously, the service was only applicable at 53 facilities in the province.

The provincial resident card of the Gyeonggi Smart-D application provides the user’s name, address, age and gender information. The user can also click View Details to verify the names and birth dates of family members in the same household.

Gyeonggi Province explained that the provincial resident card can be issued and used immediately after installing the Gyeonggi Smart D application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, verifying one’s identity and completing the consent procedures. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes and reduces user inconvenience by eliminating the need to carry supporting documentation in order to receive applicable discounts.

This year, Gyeonggi Province plans to continuously expand the use of the provincial resident card to sports facilities and major tourist attractions managed by the 31 cities and counties of the province.

Lee Soo-jae, Director of Gyeonggi’s AI Big Data Industry Division, said, “We will continue efforts to provide a convenient experience to Gyeonggi residents by improving the Gyeonggi Smart-D application.”

The Gyeonggi Smart-D application provides the ‘My Report Service’ in a customized format that is useful for daily life. This service includes: ‘customized benefit information’ such as welfare and open recruitment information for Gyeonggi residents; a ‘Gyeonggi provincial resident card’ that enables identity verification based on public My Data; an ‘electronic wallet’ in which various electronic certificates can be stored and used on mobile phones; and the My Data information of Gyeonggi provincial residents.

Gyeonggi Province Recruits 100 ‘Apartment Technical Advisory Team’ Members; Expands Related Information & Communication Fields Such as Home Networks Wed, 21 Dec 2022 04:17:12 +0000 * Gyeonggi Province is promoting on-site technical advice from private sector experts for apartment repairs.
– Technical advice (construction plans) → Support for design documents (construction details & specifications) → Construction advice (construction quality)
* Gyeonggi Province has appointed the ‘5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team’ (expansion from 100 experts in nine fields to 100 experts in ten fields).
– Expansion of information and communication fields such as home networks and CCTV systems
– Experts augmented to respond to rapid increase in consultations regarding elevators in older apartments in 1st phase new towns.

On December 21, Gyeonggi Province announced the appointment of 100 private sector advisors to the 5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team so as to provide safer housing environments to apartment residents.

The advisory team has been dispatching private sector experts and public officials to scrutinize apartment repairs since 2014. During these visits, they provide technical advice based on construction plans and design documents, such as construction details and specifications, with the aim of increasing quality throughout the entire repair process.

The 5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team has separated electronic communication into electrical and communication fields so as to better deal with home networks and CCTV systems. Accordingly, the advisory team will offer consultations on ten different fields including construction execution and structures, as well as transportation.

Since there has been increasing demand for technical advice regarding elevators in older apartments of 1st phase new towns, the number of advisory members for elevators has been increased from 9 to 15.

Representative resident groups that wish to receive advice from the team can apply through the Gyeonggi Province website ( or fax a completed application form to Gyeonggi’s Apartment Technical Support Team (031-8008-4369).

Ko Yong-soo, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Apartment Housing Division, said, “The technical advisory system provides optimized administration services that reflect the needs of provincial residents… We are constantly communicating with residents and will carefully take residents’ perspectives into account.”

700 Gyeonggi Residents Participate in 1st ‘Gyeonggi Province Brand Forum’ – Successful Brand Festival Venue Realized Tue, 20 Dec 2022 04:14:46 +0000 * The forum was held at the Suwon Convention Center on Saturday, December 17, with lectures by author Jo Seong-yeon, Professor Yoo Hong-jun and others.
* More than 700 provincial residents (555 pre-registered attendees and 150 on-site visitors) participated, fueling brand interest and enthusiasm.
* Participants were able to enjoy various activities at the festival, including Gyeonggi resident card creation and character coloring, as well as visits to city/county brand PR booths.

The 1st Gyeonggi Province Brand Forum took place on December 17 at the Suwon Convention Center with the participation of 700 provincial residents to discuss the past, present and future of Gyeonggi brands.

Under the theme of ‘Opportunity to Change with Brands,’ experts, entrepreneurs, city/county officials, members of the public and representatives of various fields gathered to discuss Gyeonggi brands. A total of 555 attendees pre-registered for the event, demonstrating their considerable interest in Gyeonggi brands, while a further 150 visitors registered on-site, marking a total of 700 participants who took part in the brand festival.

In the first session, titled ‘Change,’ Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor Oh Byeong-kwon offered congratulatory remarks before author Jo Seong-yeon, a humanities writer and YouTuber with 1.48 million subscribers, delivered a lecture on ‘Characters of Landmark Cities and Regional Branding.’

In addition, City Planning Assistant Deputy Director Park Jong-yeon of Gwangmyeong City presented best practices in city branding under the theme of ‘Brighten Up with New City Branding,’ and Domestic Business Team Leader Jang Hye-jin of the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization also presented best branding practices under the theme of ‘Gyeonggi Dullegil: Connecting Gyeonggi Province and Provincial Residents.’

In the second session, titled ‘Opportunity,’ Professor Yoo Hong-jun delivered a lecture on ‘Gyeonggi Province Cultural Heritage and Branding Plans as Tourism Resources.’ An endowed professor of Myongji University and former head of the Cultural Heritage Administration, Yoo Hong-jun is also the author of My Cultural Heritage Exploration. In addition, Jeong Ji-hee, an entrepreneur in Gyeonggi, delivered a lecture under the title ‘Sea of Opportunities: How to Survive in Gyeonggi Province,’ while Song Yoon-ju, a social enterprise entrepreneur in Gyeonggi, presented a lecture under the title ‘Dreaming of a Society for Everyone.’

The winners of the provincial resident participation contest also presented ideas for Gyeonggi Province brands. Kwon Se-ri, winner of the Change Award in the public writing category, made a presentation under the title ‘Running in My City,’ while Kim Bo-mi, winner of the Opportunity Award in the youth painting category, delivered a presentation under the title ‘Pride of Gyeonggi Province.’

Residents of Gyeonggi Province who attended the festival commented that it was an opportune time to think about and reflect on brands of the province in which they live through various best practice cases and in-depth lectures.

This forum, in which provincial residents, city/county representatives, and experts joined together to discuss brands, also featured additional attractions: PR booths showcasing 31 different city/county brands from Gyeonggi Province, personal color analysis, Gyeonggi Province resident card creation, Gyeonggi mascot “Bongongi” coloring, and more.

Gyeonggi Province’s Public Relations Planning Bureau plans to publish a booklet containing the proceedings of the 1st Gyeonggi-do Brand Forum and will continue discussions on creating a Gyeonggi Province brand that evolves further based on the opinions of residents.

Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services Receives ‘Grand Prize’ Among Rural Development Institutes Sun, 18 Dec 2022 04:13:21 +0000 * Efforts to protect agriculture and rural communities prove fruitful despite difficulties like COVID-19
– Expansion and distribution of domestically cultivated varieties, such as Charm Dream, by Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services; accounts for over 68% of domestic varieties in the province
– Provides Korea’s leading agricultural care services and ‘healing’ farms: 46 sites
– Fostering next-generation 4-H agricultural talents: 859 individuals (8.1% increase over 2021)
– Operating agricultural product safety analysis centers; expanded from 13 centers in 2021 to 15 centers in 2022

On December 15, the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services (GARES) was selected as Korea’s leading rural development institution among nine competitors and received the ‘Grand Prize’ during the ‘Agricultural Promotion Business Performance Sharing Contest’ at the Rural Development Administration (RDA).

To promote local agricultural research and extension services, the RDA identifies and presents awards to one leading institution and two exceptional institutions by evaluating their achievements in terms of rural guidance projects every year.

GARES has realized a number of achievements: increasing the cultivation area for Korean rice varieties in Gyeonggi Province from 36% in 2018 to 68% in 2022 so as to strengthen seed sovereignty; operating 46 ‘healing’ farms, more than any other Korean local autonomy, to provide exemplary care services; responding proactively to plant quarantine pests on a national level; securing 859 4-H members as next-generation agricultural talents, marking an increase of 8.1% compared to 2021; and operating 15 agricultural product safety analysis centers, more than any other Korean local autonomy. Overall, the institute endeavored to secure seed sovereignty, food safety, and future agricultural experts.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements, GARES received many awards in 2022, such as the 2022 Excellent PR Award, the Excellence Award for an Outstanding Agricultural College, the Excellence Award for Technological Support Promotion in Scientific Farming, and the Excellence Award for Dissemination & Innovation in Agricultural Technology, in addition to the ‘Grand Prize’ from the Rural Development Administration.

“Despite many difficulties including COVID-19, our efforts to protect agriculture and rural communities have paid off… We will strive to develop agricultural initiatives in Gyeonggi Province through communication and cooperation between provincial and city/county governments in 2023,” said GARES Director Kim Seok-chul.

Three Fortresses—Hanyangdoseong, Bukhansanseong and Tangchundaeseong—Prioritized for World Heritage List Wed, 14 Dec 2022 07:14:50 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province, Seoul Metropolitan City and Goyang City are promoting the inscription of their Joseon Dynasty fortresses on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
– On December 8, the Cultural Heritage Administration set three fortifications—Hanyangdoseong, Bukhansanseong and Tangchundaeseong—as priorities for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
– More procedures remain, including the selection of candidates and finalists.

Gyeonggi Province, Seoul Metropolitan City and Goyang City are working to promote the inscription of the Hanyangdoseong, Bukhansanseong and Tangchundaeseong fortresses on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and have recently completed the first step.

On December 14, Gyeonggi Province announced that the Cultural Heritage Administration has included these three fortifications built during the Joseon Dynasty on the priority list for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The priority list identifies heritage sites that have been well-preserved and are strong candidates for designation as World Heritage Sites. The proposal must still go through a number of procedures, including the selection of candidates and finalists, before it is submitted to UNESCO.

Gyeonggi Province, Seoul Metropolitan City and Goyang City and the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation named the three fortresses for inclusion on the priority list. Hanyangdoseong Fortress, a.k.a. Seoul City Wall, is currently included on UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List.

The three local governments have been actively carrying out campaigns to promote the inscription of the fortresses on the World Heritage List. The most recent event was an academic symposium held on September 30 under the theme of “Capital Defense System and Military Heritage.’

The partnership has been focusing on proving the systematic and organized operation of fortresses during the 18th century Joseon Dynasty, as well as on undertaking joint studies on inscription, securing expert advice, benchmarking foreign cultural heritage sites, hosting global academic symposiums, and forming a related task force.

The three fortresses, completed in the 18th century to defend Hanyang, the capital city of the Joseon Dynasty, are acknowledged as outstanding examples of a capital defense system. Moreover, they exhibit a distinctive architectural style and comprise a coordinated defense system thanks to their interconnectedness.

A Gyeonggi provincial official said, “We will jointly pursue registration on the World Heritage List by strengthening the cooperative relationship between Gyeonggi Province, Seoul Metropolitan City and Goyang City, and shall form an integrated research group to promote such efforts in the future.”

Gyeonggi Province Institute of Health and Environment Receives Global Recognition for 7 Consecutive Years Tue, 13 Dec 2022 07:13:48 +0000 ○ Took part in Environmental Resource Associates global proficiency testing
– 7 consecutive years of recognition for excellence since 2016

On December 13, the Gyeonggi Province Institute of Health and Environment announced its recognition as a Laboratory of Excellence in the drinking water category for a seventh consecutive year during proficiency testing.

In testing conducted by the Environmental Resource Associates (ERA), the institute received satisfactory grades in all 17 evaluation criteria: 5 heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, and chrome); 5 ions (ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, chloride ions, sulfate ions, and fluoride ions); phenol; cyanide; 3 volatile organic compounds (benzene, chloroform, and bromodichloromethane); and 2 organophosphorus pesticides (diazinon and parathion).

The ERA is an authorized global proficiency testing institute approved by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. It conducts proficiency testing to improve the reliability of analytical and experimental data from environment-related research institutes and agencies worldwide, identifying errors and evaluating data accuracy. The Gyeonggi Province Institute of Health and Environment takes part in ERA testing every year. This year’s testing saw the participation of 700 institutes around the world, including 80 from Korea.

This year, institutes measured and analyzed an unknown sample (provided to the analyzing institute with relevant information—e.g. concentration, composition—concealed) that was shipped to all participating institutes on the same day. Each institute enters its results on the ERA website to compare with the standard values and measurements of other participants. The final values are then converted into a Z-score of three levels: Satisfactory, Warning or Unsatisfactory. A Z-score refers to a value obtained by dividing the difference between the standard values and the observed values by the standard deviation of the samples; the closer to 0, the better the accuracy. If all categories are within the satisfactory range, a participant is given a certificate of excellence.

Park Yong-bae, head of the Gyeonggi Province Institute of Health and Environment, said, “Our institute has been internationally recognized for its analytical ability through international certification for seven consecutive years since 2016… We will continue to strengthen our international testing and analytical ability to earn the trust of Gyeonggi residents.”

Gyeonggi Province Fire Department Develops New Tranquilizer Gun for Animal Rescue – Both Safe and Effective Wed, 07 Dec 2022 07:12:01 +0000 ○ Overall safety and effectiveness enhanced through accident prevention for firefighters and extended lifetime of projectiles
– Improvement in terms of administration, from needle point to side, as well as substantial enhancement in anesthesia safety with drug administered to muscle layer even when hitting bone or joint of animal
– Supplied to three fire stations that frequently use tranquilizers, including Yongin Fire Station

The Gyeonggi Province fire department has successfully improved the safety and effectiveness of tranquilizer guns used for rescuing animals by developing a rechargeable compressed-gas type tranquilizer gun from a traditional firearm version.

On December 7, the Gyeonggi-do Fire and Disaster Headquarters announced that three stations, including the Yongin Fire Station, which report the highest number of wildlife rescues (including dogs, boars, and water deer) are now using the new rechargeable compressed gas-type tranquilizer gun. The device was developed by Jung Hee-soo, head of the Fire Audit Division.

Animal tranquilizers are administered via a projectile that contains an anesthesia. The traditional approach of propelling the projectile with a gunpowder charge had several drawbacks, such as a decrease in projectile lifetime due to gunpowder degradation, as well as accidental discharges in extreme cases.

The new rechargeable compressed-gas device uses the pressure from compressed gas to propel the tranquilizer. This new system prevents accidents, lengthens the lifetime of the tranquilizer projectiles, and reduces outlays for gunpowder rounds, thereby improving safety and efficiency. In addition, the improved version of the tranquilizer needle has seen the administering apertures moved from the point to the side. Moreover, unlike the previous projectiles, the new version does not cause any issues when encountering bones or joints; additional apertures found on the side of the projectile needle ensure that the tranquilizer penetrates muscle tissue (see picture).

To date, 30 of the new tranquilizer guns have been supplied to three fire stations in the Gyeonggi Province with the highest number of wildlife reports: Yongin Fire Station, Anseong Fire Station, and Paju Fire Station.

Cho Sun-ho, Vice Chief of the Gyeonggi-do Fire and Disaster Headquarters, said, “We plan to distribute the [new tranquilizer guns] to more fire stations to ensure the safe rescue of animals… With the newly developed technology transferred to private companies, we don’t foresee any problems with supply.”

Gyeonggi Achieves Successful Overseas Expansion Through Booth Operation at G-STAR 2022 Wed, 23 Nov 2022 08:59:20 +0000 ○ Gyeonggi Province operated its booth in the BTB Hall of G-STAR 2022, a domestic game exhibition, to support local company entry into domestic and foreign markets.
○ 20 game-related Gyeonggi companies realized contracts worth USD 41.87 million
Department: Future Industry Division | Contact: 031-8008-5343 | November 23, 2022 | 7:01 AM

Gyeonggi Province announced on November 23 that the provincial government installed and operated a booth at G-STAR 2022 from November 17 to19, supporting 20 local game companies in the realization of deals worth USD 41.87 million.

G-STAR is an international game exhibition held annually in Busan Metropolitan City in the second half of the year. Held in a face-to-face format for the first time in three years, this year’s event was the largest to date with 1,957 booths in the BTC Hall as well as 564 booths in the BTB Hall (for B2B transactions) where Gyeonggi’s booth was located.

The Gyeonggi booth in the BTB Hall served as a channel to support domestic and foreign market entry by local game companies, providing them with opportunities such as one-on-one business matching (online and offline) with publishers and representatives of game-related industries from such regions as North America, Japan, and Europe. Interpretation services were also provided.

This year, 20 local companies in the province joined the booth to showcase not only mobile and PC games, but also hands-on games, VR game platforms, e-sports education programs, and more, participating in business meetings with game industry representatives from around the world.

Chae Se-byung, CEO of Teeny Studio and one of the booth participants, said, “I joined the exhibition to promote TeeTINY Online, a global community-based MMORPG through which players can communicate and play together via a real-time translation service… After undergoing closed beta testing for the upcoming global release of the game, having business meetings here at the Gyeonggi booth was of great help.”

Song Eun-sil, Director of Gyeonggi’s Future Industry Division, said, “After a three-year hiatus, we are pleased to finally unveil exceptional indie games of Gyeonggi Province to domestic and foreign distributors at G-STAR… We look forward to public interest and participation in the 2023 PlayX4, Korea’s leading game exhibition hosted by Gyeonggi Province.”

According to the 2020 Import and Export Trends published by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the export value of games was USD 8.19 billion, accounting for approximately 70% of all Korean content exports. This exceeds the export value of secondary batteries (USD 7.51 billion), one of the nation’s primary export items.