News – Gyeonggi Global Global Inspiration, Global Gyeonggi Province 2022-12-01T07:18:43Z WordPress gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggi Achieves Successful Overseas Expansion Through Booth Operation at G-STAR 2022]]> 2022-11-30T09:00:11Z 2022-11-23T08:59:20Z ○ Gyeonggi Province operated its booth in the BTB Hall of G-STAR 2022, a domestic game exhibition, to support local company entry into domestic and foreign markets.
○ 20 game-related Gyeonggi companies realized contracts worth USD 41.87 million
Department: Future Industry Division | Contact: 031-8008-5343 | November 23, 2022 | 7:01 AM

Gyeonggi Province announced on November 23 that the provincial government installed and operated a booth at G-STAR 2022 from November 17 to19, supporting 20 local game companies in the realization of deals worth USD 41.87 million.

G-STAR is an international game exhibition held annually in Busan Metropolitan City in the second half of the year. Held in a face-to-face format for the first time in three years, this year’s event was the largest to date with 1,957 booths in the BTC Hall as well as 564 booths in the BTB Hall (for B2B transactions) where Gyeonggi’s booth was located.

The Gyeonggi booth in the BTB Hall served as a channel to support domestic and foreign market entry by local game companies, providing them with opportunities such as one-on-one business matching (online and offline) with publishers and representatives of game-related industries from such regions as North America, Japan, and Europe. Interpretation services were also provided.

This year, 20 local companies in the province joined the booth to showcase not only mobile and PC games, but also hands-on games, VR game platforms, e-sports education programs, and more, participating in business meetings with game industry representatives from around the world.

Chae Se-byung, CEO of Teeny Studio and one of the booth participants, said, “I joined the exhibition to promote TeeTINY Online, a global community-based MMORPG through which players can communicate and play together via a real-time translation service… After undergoing closed beta testing for the upcoming global release of the game, having business meetings here at the Gyeonggi booth was of great help.”

Song Eun-sil, Director of Gyeonggi’s Future Industry Division, said, “After a three-year hiatus, we are pleased to finally unveil exceptional indie games of Gyeonggi Province to domestic and foreign distributors at G-STAR… We look forward to public interest and participation in the 2023 PlayX4, Korea’s leading game exhibition hosted by Gyeonggi Province.”

According to the 2020 Import and Export Trends published by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the export value of games was USD 8.19 billion, accounting for approximately 70% of all Korean content exports. This exceeds the export value of secondary batteries (USD 7.51 billion), one of the nation’s primary export items.

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Korea Gyeonggido Company Presents Awards to 20 University Teams This Year for Eye-catching SME Ad Creation]]> 2022-11-30T08:59:07Z 2022-11-22T08:58:13Z ○ The Korea Gyeonggido Company hosted the 2022 Didim Bridge Awards on November 21 at the Gyeonggi Startup Campus.
– Awards presented to 20 outstanding university teams in the industry-academia cooperation program for promotional content creation
○ Didim Bridge Awards program achieves two goals: promotional content creation for SMEs and practical skill development among youths
– 347 students from 10 universities joined the competition; created promotional content for 100 SMEs
Gyeonggi Province and the Korea Gyeonggido Company announced on November 22 that they held the 2022 Didim Bridge Awards on November 21 at the Conference Hall of the Gyeonggi Startup Campus to recognize university students who participated in the industry-academia cooperation program for promotional content creation this year.

The Korea Gyeonggido Company’s industry-academia cooperation program for promotional content creation was launched in 2019 with the aim of creating and providing promotional videos of products manufactured by local SMEs in collaboration with local university students majoring in content production.

The program has received positive responses from university students and SMEs as it provides opportunities for students to gain practical experience and for SMEs to promote their products by linking the bold and creative marketing ideas of students with the exceptional products of SMEs.

A total of 347 students from 10 universities participated in this year’s program to create promotional content for 100 SMEs.

The ads were aired on multiple cable channels through LG HelloVision, D’live, and SK Broadband, contributing significantly to the product promotion of leading local companies.

At the awards ceremony, 20 ads recognized for their exceptional quality were selected from among those created as part of this year’s program; one team received the Governor’s Prize and 19 teams received the National Assembly Member’s Prize.

Lee Chang-hoon, CEO of the Korea Gyeonggido Company, said, “This program has positive effects for both companies requiring promotional content targeting youths and young people who need practical experience in the field… We will continue to support the dreams of young people with outstanding capabilities and, together, contribute to local economic vitalization.”

Kim Dong-hyun, a Seoul Institute of the Arts student and recipient of the Governor’s Prize for 2022, said, “This program offered precious and meaningful experiences while exploring marketing directions with SMEs and creating ads based on our own ideas.”

The 2022 Didim Bridge Awards can be viewed on the LG HelloVision cable channel and the “School G” YouTube channel (

gg_mgr <![CDATA[GARES Holds ‘2022 Apple and Pear Show’ to Promote Delicious Fruit and Fruit-Based Baked Goods]]> 2022-11-30T08:58:00Z 2022-11-20T08:57:11Z ○ 18 award winners selected; Grand Prize went to Pocheon City’s Kang Hyo-jung for apples and Yangpyeong County’s Ahn Kyeong-bok for pears
○ Exhibitions and baking competitions for new fruit varieties to lay foundation for development of Gyeonggi Province’s fruit industry

The Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services (GARES) announced on November 20 that it hosted the “Apple and Pear Show” and “Fruit Baking Contest” to promote superior regional products on November 17 to 18 at the GARES Agricultural Science Education Hall.

GARES hosts fruit shows and exhibitions each year to improve the quality of locally produced fruits and promote local consumption. With the Korea Bakery Association as co-host, 10 master bakers and confectioners participated in this year’s apple and pear show and baking contest to showcase various fruit-based baked goods and promote fruit consumption.

Participating in the event were 76 members of the Gyeonggi Apple and Pear Research Association (39 apple researchers and 37 pear researchers) as well as various experts including Rural Development Administration research officers, professors, auctioneers, and the Gyeonggi Apple and Pear Research Association Chairperson who served as judges to evaluate the sweetness, taste, texture, color, and granularity of each fruit type.

After undergoing a screening process, 18 exemplary fruits were selected as winners of the Governor’s Prize and the Chairman’s Prize. The Grand Prize went to Pocheon City’s Kang Hyo-jung for apples and Yangpyeong County’s Ahn Kyeong-bok for pears. The fruits submitted to the event will be delivered to social welfare facilities in the cities of Suwon and Yongin.

GARES Director Kim Seok-cheol said, “Although farmers faced numerous challenges due to poor weather conditions this year, they joined the show with high-quality fruits. We intend to hold the event every year to increase the competitiveness of farmers in Gyeonggi Province.”

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggido Job Foundation Supports Investment Attraction for Young Manufacturers via Prototype Exhibits and Product Presentations]]> 2022-11-22T07:52:31Z 2022-11-11T07:51:33Z ○ Five ‘Youth Dream Master’ teams selected by Gyeonggido Job Foundation present prototypes to investment specialists
– Investment attraction potential of teams evaluated through prototype exhibits and related presentations
On November 10, the Gyeonggido Job Foundation held Youth Dream Master IR Day at the Courtyard by Marriott Suwon to support young manufacturers.

Youth Dream Master teams, selected last June from various fields including ESG, materials, parts, and equipment, participated in the event to demonstrate their prototypes and give presentations to attract investment.

The participating teams (ANAFNI, Chable, H&A, UZUS, and Another X) demonstrated their prototypes, which were realized through technology management consultations and supporting funds of KRW 10 million provided by the foundation.

Through this event, young manufacturers had opportunities to experience investment attraction as well as to receive feedback on shortcomings with their products and services, thus enabling them to strengthen their core competencies.

Jeon In-ho, CEO of Another X, presented Korea’s first eco-friendly leather made from cactus and highlighted its advantage as a sustainable material. He emphasized the sustainability of the cactus leather, comparing it to the global eco-friendly fabric market which is primarily made up of recycled fabric.

Shin Dong-young, CEO of ANAFNI, introduced a customized muzzle for dogs made with 3D printing technology. The key advantage of this product is its minimal impact on a dog’s daily activities.

Kim Young-mi, CEO of H&A, demonstrated drones used for facility safety inspection and emphasized the successful lowering of the unit price through self-developed parts. Especially notable was the size of their drones, which were made smaller in consideration of domestic facility environments.

Choi Heo-jung, CEO of Chable, showcased a home training device with the ability to measure and record user performance and provide a suitable workout environment.

Park Seung-deok, CEO of UZUS, introduced a personal cup washer in line with disposable cup regulations. The differentiator for this product is a self-developed nozzle for higher washing capacity. Also, it records usage information and provides ESG data to enterprises.

Cho Eun-joo, head of the Gyeonggido Job Foundation’s Youth Job Office, said, “We hope this event will serve as an opportunity for participants to readily raise funds and find markets. We will also do our utmost to be strong supporters of youths in the manufacturing sector, enabling them to succeed and provide good jobs to other young people.”

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggido Job Foundation will host Youth Dream Master Networking Day on November 14 with 5 Youth Dream Master companies and support business exchanges among young manufacturing startups.

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggi Partners with Anyang City and KOPTI to Establish Innovative Foundation for XR Photonics]]> 2022-11-22T07:51:14Z 2022-11-07T07:50:04Z ○ On November 4, Gyeonggi Province, Anyang City, and KOPTI signed an MOU to establish the foundation for industrial innovation (XR photonic components).
○ Establishment of XR Photonic Components Center in Anyang City to provide technical support to SMEs and foster related experts; expected to pioneer local government in metaverse
Gyeonggi Province will establish a foundation for cultivating experts so as to foster the future-driven XR photonic components industry.

On November 4, Gyeonggi Province Vice Governor for Economy Yeom Tae-young signed a business partnership MOU with Anyang City Mayor Choi Dae-ho and Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) President Shin Yong-jin at the Gyeonggi Photonics Convergence Technology Center with the aim of establishing an industrial innovation foundation to support extended reality (XR) photonic components and devices. Attendees included National Assembly Member Kang Deuk-gu and CEOs of 9 other related companies.

According to the MOU, KOPTI will establish and operate the XR Photonic Components Center early next year. Gyeonggi Province and Anyang City plan to cooperate with KOPTI to lay a foundation for the technical support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in photonic convergence fields in the province while also fostering XR photonic experts and leading enterprises through administrative and financial support.

Construction of the XR Photonic Components Center, which will be built in Dongan-gu of Gyeonggi Province’s Anyang City, will be realized through allocations of KRW 10 billion from the central government, KRW 2.65 billion from the provincial government, and KRW 2.65 billion (including space) from Anyang City over a span of five years through to 2026. The center will be equipped with devices, technologies, and a technical support team for the manufacture of photonic products, which are central to XR photonic components, and will be associated with other XR content demonstration centers for fast market entry.

The XR device market, exemplified by AR glasses being developed by Google and Microsoft, shows a high annual global growth rate of 48.3% and is expected to replace phones in the coming decade. However, many enterprises are facing obstacles in entering this new industry as those with less capital do not have a common foundation to support technology development and market entry.

In response, Gyeonggi Province secured KRW 10 billion from the central government upon being selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a recipient of support for XR photonic component and module manufacturing in May.

Through this initiative, enterprises located in the province will be able to significantly reduce the test production procedures and time required while receiving customized technology support for market entry. Gyeonggi Province presented its plan to cultivate 600 XR photonic and optic experts over the next 10 years while increasing corporate inducement by 200% and sales by 130%, thereby strengthening its position as Korea’s leader in the XR photonic components industry.

Vice Governor Yeom said, “This cutting-edge XR photonics industry needs to be strategically fostered in terms of securing national technological competitiveness and future development… Gyeonggi Province is the largest base in Korea for the XR photonics industry and will work towards becoming a metaverse-leading local government.”

Mayor Choi said “It is gratifying that Anyang City can lay a foundation to foster the XR photonics industry, which is the core of Industry 4.0. Building a center is only a beginning… We will attract related enterprises and provide active support to foster the XR photonic industry, such as improved regulations and foundation establishment.”

KOPTI President Shin said, “The goal of this initiative is the establishment of an SME-support system based on the expertise of joint research and world-leading photonic convergence technologies.”

Founded in 2001, the Korea Photonics Technology Institute is a specialized production technology research center that engages in R&D for the energy, environmental, and self-driving vehicle sectors, as well as in the provision of technical support to SMEs.

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggi Launches Accessible Tourism Guide Services for People with Visual and Auditory Impairments]]> 2022-11-22T07:49:55Z 2022-11-01T07:45:31Z ○ Gyeonggi Province offers sign language and experience-based services at 26 major attractions.
– Hwaseong Fortress (Suwon City), Oido Island (Siheung City), Namhansanseong Fortress (Gwangju City), Haengjusanseong Fortress (Goyang City), and more
○ Service schedule for each attraction available from Gyeonggi-do Association for the Blind and Deaf

Starting this November, Gyeonggi Province is launching accessible tourism guide services at Haenggung (Suwon City) and other major tourist attractions in the province for people with visual and auditory impairments, providing auditory and tactile accessibility in order to enhance their tourism satisfaction.

The accessible tourism guide services will provide direction and distance information for people with visual impairments and present each attraction using auditory and tactile media. Also, related services using sign language will be provided for people with auditory impairments.

To this end, Gyeonggi Province trained approximately 60 guides last year; those who completed the program were placed at 26 major tourist attractions across the province. Of particular note, Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi-do Association for the Blind and Deaf will collaborate in encouraging people with visual and auditory impairments to use the provided services to full advantage.

Gyeonggi Province is planning to expand its guide training programs this year in order to provide better services to people with auditory and visual impairments.

Choi Yong-hoon, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Tourism Division, said, “Starting with the provision of customized accessible tourism guide services, we will make accessible services more readily available and also expand necessary education to raise current standards.”

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggi Province Concludes 3rd High-Tech Environment Operation Technology Experience Exhibition of 2022]]> 2022-11-03T00:54:10Z 2022-10-25T00:50:13Z ○ 3rd Kia Hwaseong Plant exhibition on October 25
– On-site opportunities to experience latest technologies of large corporations for those working in environmental companies and provincial residents interested in environmental fields
– Response especially good from small business employees who have difficulties dealing with environmental pollutants
Department: Local Environmental Management Office | Contact: 031-8008-8394 | Oct. 25, 2022 | 17:10:07

The Gyeonggi Province Environmental Management Office held the third High-Tech Environment Operation Technology Experience Exhibition of 2022 on October 25 with the participation of provincial residents and environmental personnel.

The exhibition was held at Kia’s Hwaseong Plant as an event where the general public, field personnel, and small business site technicians could share knowhow and study information and technologies pertaining to the systematic pollutant management of large corporations.

This year, representatives of SK hynix, Samsung Electronics, and Kia participated, discussing and sharing operational knowledge and technical information about air and water pollution prevention facilities while also providing opportunities for employees of environmental companies to experience the latest environmental technologies for operating relevant facilities and more.

A number of experiences were featured at this event: the introduction of the environmental management status of Kia’s Hwaseong Plant (business site overview, environmental facility management status); on-site management of air and wastewater pollutant prevention facilities (using QR codes and mobile devices for on-site management of air and wastewater pollutants, installing submersible pumps in two stages to flexibly deal with wastewater storage tanks); and special lectures on degradative recycling of waste resources (thermochemical recycling and energy conversion of waste resources, and current status of domestic and foreign technologies for gasification of waste resources).

Park Ha-ni, who works in the semiconductor industry, said, “Kia’s Hwaseong Plant is an advanced workplace, and it was very helpful to be able to see and talk about how to share air prevention facilities with QR codes and mobile devices and technologies.”

Lim Yang-sun, head of the Gyeonggi Province Environmental Management Office, said, “This experiential exhibition, which has taken place three times this year, is expected to realize economic effects such as job creation by promoting environmental industry development via the promotion of the latest environmental pollution prevention technologies in accordance with the government’s carbon-neutral policy… As many people involved in this industry participated, it stands to significantly improve the management abilities of environmental pollution prevention facilities.”

Gyeonggi Province plans to continue this exhibition of cutting-edge environmental operation technologies that can be directly experienced on-site next year for related company personnel who have difficulties with environmental management and by provincial residents who are interested in environmental fields.

gg_mgr <![CDATA[81% of Gyeonggi Province’s Seawater Ranks Grade 2+ in Quality and Tidal Flats Show Satisfactory Pollution Levels]]> 2022-11-03T00:50:03Z 2022-10-20T00:49:17Z ○ Water quality evaluation index WQI grade 2 or higher → Healthy sea with almost no external pollutants
○ Tidal flat organic matter and heavy metal contamination are good; continuous observation of some sites required

Gyeonggi Province announced on October 20 that, through a pollution survey of its seawater and tidal flats undertaken over the past three years, seawater quality has been found to be above grade 2 while organic matter and heavy metal pollution of tidal flats was deemed positive.

The Gyeonggi-do Maritime & Fisheries Research Institute examined the Water Quality Index and the Cleanup Index of Eutrophication (CIET) of 10 sea and tidal flat areas in the cities of Hwaseong, Ansan, and Siheung so as to assess the province’s water quality and tidal flat organic matter contamination.

The water quality evaluation index ranks water quality by dividing it into grades 1 to 5 based on five criteria: dissolved oxygen concentrations, phytoplankton concentrations, transparency, nitrogen content, and phosphorus content. In addition, the CIET determines the extent to which tidal flats have been contaminated based on analyses of three items (reduction of ignition, chemical oxygen demand, and acid volatile sulfides).

According to the survey, consisting of 488 water quality assessments conducted over the past three years, grade 2 accounted for more than 81%. Grade 2 refers to a healthy state with almost no external pollutants, an institute official explained.

From late summer to autumn, 11 cases of grade 4 (bad) and 1 case of grade 5 (very bad), were found in some sea areas; however, these were attributed to temporary increases in phytoplankton due to shallow bay-type marine structures. In addition, tidal flat organic matter pollution was deemed to be very good with only one case out of 90 showing eutrophication, and there was little or no pollution.

The results of this survey will be used as basic data for establishing marine environment management policies through further research.

Kim Bong-hyeon, head of the Gyeonggi-do Maritime & Fisheries Resources Research Institute, said, “The research institute is assembling scientific and systematic data on the fishery environment through regular water quality and sediment surveys… Based on this, we will strive to improve not only marine pollution but also marine productivity.”

gg_mgr <![CDATA[‘Mimi Sour’ Rice Beer Wins Gold Medal in World Competition with Technology Transferred from Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services]]> 2022-11-03T00:49:08Z 2022-10-19T00:47:00Z ○ ‘Mimi Sour’ rice beer developed by Gyeonggi Province wins gold medal at international beer competition in Japan
○ Rice beer with improved flavor and manufacturing process patented by Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services transferred to Eight People Brewery in Namyangju City
○ Sour beer with superior acidic taste using 50% Gyeonggi’s Charm Dream rice

‘Mimi Sour’ rice beer developed by Gyeonggi Province won the gold medal in the American Style Sour Ale category at The International Beer Cup (IBC) 2022 in Japan, one of the world’s top three beer competitions.

The IBC competition, the largest craft beer event in Asia, has been held every year in Japan since 1996. Entries are judged by approximately 70 beer experts from around the world with gold, silver, and bronze awards being presented in each category.

At the beginning of the year, the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services transferred technology for a “rice beer with improved flavor and manufacturing process” to Eight People Brewery (CEO Jo Jun-hwi) in Namyangju City. Eight People Brewery used this to launch ‘Mimi Sour’ rice beer and started selling it in May.

Gyeonggi Province’s rice beer has realized a differentiated flavor by increasing the proportion of Charm Dream rice to 50% (54.9% based on starch). The gold medal-winning ‘Mimi Sour’ is a type of sour beer with a taste attributable to the acidic characteristics of the rice used during fermentation. Although sour beer is generally enjoyed only by enthusiasts due to its strong acidity, the newly released rice beer is less acidic and so can be served as an aperitif and also pairs well with Korean food.

Although beer consumption has recently increased among young people, most of the main ingredients for beer are imported agricultural products, so the increased beer consumption has not contributed significantly to the income of domestic farmers. Accordingly, the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services developed a rice beer with a high rice content and applied for a patent in 2020 based on this new beer that increases rice consumption and utilizes domestic agricultural products as the main ingredients.

Lee Young-soon, Director of the Crop Research Division at the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services, asserted, “We anticipate that this rice beer containing Charm Dream rice, having received top honors at an international competition, will lead to an increase in rice consumption in Gyeonggi Province… As part of our efforts to increase the use of Gyeonggi’s agricultural products, we will support research on alcohol using local agricultural products, including the development of beer with fruit in the coming year.”

Eight People Brewery entered products made with the technology transferred from the Gyeonggi-do Agricultural Research & Extension Services in the craft beer category at the 2022 Korea Liquor Awards and received the grand prize.

gg_mgr <![CDATA[Gyeonggi Province Introduces Self-Driving “Zero Shuttle” at 2022 Smart TransLogistiX]]> 2022-10-20T06:02:28Z 2022-10-12T06:01:30Z ○ Gyeonggi Province participated in the 2022 Smart TransLogistiX, the first smart road transportation distribution expo in Korea, to support the performance expansion and market development of the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center and resident companies.
○ Introduction of Zero Shuttle, Korea’s first public self-driving vehicle, and presentation of Pangyo Zero City’s operation results

On October 12, Gyeonggi Province announced that 5 resident companies of the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center will participate in the 2022 Smart TransLogistiX at COEX Seoul from October 12 to 14.

A total of 111 major companies and government organizations related to road transportation and mobility – including the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center, Korea Railroad Research Institute, and Amazon Web Service Korea – are slated to participate in the 2022 Smart TransLogistiX, Korea’s first smart transportation distribution expo, which is co-sponsored by COEX and the Korea Road Association. Innovative technologies and solutions pertaining to the mobility and distribution industries, such as autonomous driving and smart distribution, can be viewed at this event.

Gyeonggi Province introduced Zero Shuttle, Korea’s first public level-4 self-driving vehicle, which was realized by Gyeonggi Province in cooperation with companies of the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center. On October 13 at the Smart Mobility & Smart Logistics Innovation Strategy Conference, Gyeonggi will present the autonomous driving that has been its primary focus since 2016 at the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center, including the performance at Pangyo Zero City and the operation of the autonomous driving testbed.

In addition, Gyeonggi Province will introduce resident companies of the center, including Treeze Engineering, This is Engineering, Wayties, Hills Engineering, and Divine Technology. The center has been supporting the resolution of difficulties faced by new autonomous driving companies, including performance expansion and market development.

Kim Kyu-sik, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Future Growth Policy Bureau, said, “We will constantly strive to promote the development and advancement of autonomous driving technologies and achieve results via overseas investments and autonomous driving services for provincial residents through the continued support and cooperation of the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center’s resident companies.”