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When you think of a “cave,” you might imagine a natural cave. But Gwangmyeong Cave is the only man-made one in the capital area. The cave was developed in 1912 during the Japanese colony. Up until 1931, gold, silver, bronze, iron, brass were exploited to manufacture weapons during the Greater East Asia War and became the greatest metal mine of in the capital area as a center of Korea economic construction after liberation from Japan. Due to flood, it was closed in 1972. In 2011 it was open again for citizens after 40 years of closure. It’s been a century to reopen. Let’s keep an eye on Gwangmyeong Cave in order to enjoy the space of culture and arts.




Cave length


Cave openings

about 50

Total mineral deposits

19,000 ton (standard of 1950)

Gold outputs

52kg(1955 to 1972)

Average temperature in the cave



Don’t forget the mining experience of Gwangmyeong Cave which still contains much of reserved gold. Cost is 6,000 wonper person for gold and 4,000 won per person for mineral.

Gold and mineral experience

4,000 won for searching for shining gems(mineral) and 6,000 won for finding gold (gold mine)Hang ‘Golden Plate” in Gwangmyeong Cave: 5000 won for hanging a gold plate where you write your hope on the wall of God Road. Experience of Making Miner’s Cap : 3,000 won for Drawing Mine DIY

Major Place

Wormhole Palza

Wormhole Square

a space where 4 cave openings meet. Through wormhole, travel starts to the space and time of 100 years..

Light Space

Light Space

abyss fish, jelly pet alien creatures created by LED light artist, Kwon Youngjun.

Cave Arts Center

Cave Arts CenterCave Arts Center

3D hologram of meeting “Aixia and Cuo” and watching various events

Cave Based Aqua World

Cave Based Aqua World

Aquarium of using underground bedrock water of Gwangmyeong Cave. Keep an eye on fish living in the first degree of water!

Golden Road & Golden Plaque Wall of Wishes

Golden Road & Golden Plaque Wall of Wishes

It shows history of the cave. The place to hang a gold plate where you write your hope.

Golden Palace

Golden Palace

The experience zone to touch 6 giant gold pillars and gold bars.

Golden Room

Golden Room

The secret room where a cave fairy Aixia keeps her precious treasures.

Cave Underground World

Cave Underground World 

A tunnel with 32 angles where miners climbed up and down to dig.

Supernova of Wishes

Supernova of Wishes

A door of eternal youth without disease for passers-by

Modern History Museum

Modern History Museum

Introduction to the past from 1912 throughout Japanese colony to the closure of the cave in 1972 and to the future vision.

Wine Cave

Wine Cave

Wine Museum of 194m tunnel! There are full of fascinating stories about history of wine, producing place, kinds, manufacturing process. And you can taste wine and buy some.

Wine Restaurant

Wine Restaurant

Restaurant with vintage concept runs on membership.


27 Gahak-dong, Gwnamyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tuesday to Sunday 09:00~18:00(Closed on Monday, the last entry time is 17:00)


02) 2680-6550


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