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Organization Introduction

Gyeonggi Content Agency (GCA) is a public organization established in 2001 to foster and support the cultural content industry with content covering games, animation, cartoons, characters, movie and digital convergence. GCA has dedicated itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the culture content industry and has contributed to the economic growth through efficient and comprehensive support for the content industry.

GCA has its headquarters based in Bucheon and has content industry clusters all throughout Gyeonggi Province. As of 2017, GCA operates the Bucheon Cluster and 4 Gyeonggi Cultural & Creation Hubs including the Seongnam (Pangyo), Suwon (Gwanggyo), Bukbu (Uijeongbu) and Seobu (Siheung) hubs. It is also running the G-Next Center (Gyeonggi Global Game Center) for fostering game corporations and the Big FI Center for analyzing and supporting big data.

GCA is working on various major projects to develop the content industry in Gyeonggi Province. These projects include establishing the overall infrastructure of the content industry, research on the content industry, support for new business and development of talent, support for content production, support for global distribution, investment support such as funding, hosting the largest game show in the first half of the year, ‘PlayX4’, hosting Korea’s largest 4th industrial revolution forum, ‘B.I.G. Forum’, supporting game start-ups and invigoration of the film industry through support of diverse film industries.


  • Hosting of the Second Gyeonggi Creator’s Day
  • Hosting of GDF 2018
  • Hosting of 2018 PlayX4
  • Hosting of NRP 1st Demo Day – VR Startup Promotion
  • Opening of G-HUB Seobu (Siheung)
  • Hosting of Gyeonggi VR/AR Conference
  • Held G-Next Global Week, produced 14.02 million USD in exports in the game industry
  • Held the B.I.G Forum 2017 (Sep 20~22)
  • Appointed the 8th president, Oh Chang-hui
  • Opened the VRAR experience center, ‘Wow Space’
  • Held the 2017 PlayX4
  • Held the 2016 Next Startup Awards
  • Documentary Mom and Clarinet, nominated for 2016 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Grand Prize & Emmy Award
  • Conducted the indie musician search project
  • Appointed the 5th chairman, Kim Seung-jong
  • Held VR/AR Creative Audition
  • Opened Big FI Center (in Start Up Campus)
  • Held Bukbu Gyeonggi Cultural & Creation Hub departing ceremony
  • Held big data forum, ‘B.I.G. Forum 2015’
  • Held Game Creative Audition – commercialization category
  • Held the Good Game Show Korea 2015, possessing the largest scale in history with 67,000 spectators and a 29 million USD record in exports
  • Opened Gwanggyo Gyeonggi Cultural & Creation Hub, a start-up support facility based on cultural technology
  • ‘Attended Korean Hall at ‘Game Connection America 2015’, Achieved USD 7.63 million exports by 7 game companies in the province
  • Inauguration of the 6th President Gwak Bong Gun
  • Hosted ‘G-HUB Game Connect’, the Pangyo Game Business Festival
  • Hosted ‘Creator’s Day’, the Gyeonggi Content Korea Lab
  • Supported 10 provincial companies at ‘Hong Kong International Licensing Show’, Achieved a total of USD 5.25 million
  • Promoted the Bigfi Project(in the Pangyo Public Support Center , Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Opened the Gyeonggi Content Korea Lab(in the Pangyo Public Support Center, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Achieved USD 13.4 billion in exports at the CONTACK 2014(Game content trade fair for China market)
  • Established public facilities of 3D printers and UHD/HD editing equipment(Bucheon, Anyang, Pangyo)
  • Diffused free of charge educational games for elementary students learning
  • Supported 8 companies in the province at International Game Trade Fair held in Germany and achieved USD 10.9 million in exports
  • The 1st Digital Content Korea Lab made a content sales contract with a Chinese distributor
  • Achieved USD 7.2 million by 13 companies at Character Licensing Fair at Gyeonggi-do Hall
  • Conducted ‘S/W Experience Education’ for elementary students
  • Hosted a successful ‘Good Game Show Korea 2014’ with 60, 395 visitors, recorded USD 24.13 million
  • Opened the Gyeonggi Culture & Creation Hub(in the Pangyo Public Support Center, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Opened the 3rd Digital Content Korea Lab
  • Opened Digital Content Korea Lab for the first time in the country(at Gyeonggi Content Agency Headquarter, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Hosted Gyeonggi Content Company Association Annual Meeting
  • Conducted demonstrations of the educational game for school learning(9 classes in Gyeonggi-do)

Organization chart

organization chart

Creating future value of the content industry

Create Content Industry Virtuous Cycle Ecosystem
  • Vitalizing Publication Industry
  • Accelerating Music Industry(Indiestance)
  • Game Industry Development
  • Video Industry Development
  • Supporting Investment in Content Industry(Nexeed)
  • Export & Marketing Assistance
  • Training Professional Human Resources
Stimulate Regional Specialized Center
  • Strengthen Regional Startup Ecosystem
  • Strengthen an ecosystem for Startups in high technology development regions
  • Operate G-HUB
  • Operate the Kyung-gi Content Korea Lab
  • Foster VR / AR Industry
Secure Next Future Growth Fundamental
  • Secure Next Growth Fundamental
  • Big Data Industry Promoting
Expanding the big data industry
  • Reinforcement Organization’s Capability
  • Strengthen Public Relationship



(14557) 9F 202 Dong Chunui Techno Park Bd II. Bucheon-ro 198beon-gil 18, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea




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