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Since its foundation in 1997, the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation has been committed to enhancing the welfare of its inhabitants and developing the
Gyeonggi-do with efforts such as residential area development, industrial complex construction, public housing and housing welfare projects.
On its 20th anniversary, the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation announces its new vision “Birth of a happy city – A Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation that is by your side!” reaching out to people across the province.
With this new vision, we promise to constantly study the roles that must be fulfilled by everyone at the corporation to improve the comfort and welfare of the Gyeonggi residents and the economic development of the Gyeonggi-do, and act accordingly.
In addition, after adopting the ISO26000 system, an international standard for social responsibility, we are now promoting sustainable performance enhancement that will push for better mutual growth, sustainable management, integrity and ethics.
We humbly ask our customers and the Gyeonggi residents for their continued interest and support.
Thank you.


Spurred Innovation toward the Future (2010.1~The Present)
  • Held an oath ceremony on social responsibility with construction customers
  • First residents moved into the Dongtan-2 New City Construction Area
  • Residents moved into the Anyang-Gwanyang rental housings
  • Held the International Smart City Seminar
  • Received the 16th Yulgok Grand Prize (Public Construction category)
  • Held a briefing session on the complex development project of the Seojeong-ri station area in Godeok International New City
  • Held the Happy Workplace Workshop
  • Started developing a housing welfare index

  • GICO’s new vision announced
  • Commenced occupancy of rental housings
  • Commenced occupancy of Dasan City
  • Started construction of Yeoncheon BIX Industrial Complex
  • Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Government Building of Gyeonggi-do
  • Inauguration of the 10th president Yong Hak Kim

  • Completion of Pyeongtaek Godeok Industrial Complex
  • 20th Presidential Award for Apartment Livability
  • 13th Local Public Corporations Day : presidential award for the best public enterprise

  • Ground-breaking Ceremony for 2nd Pangyo Techno Valley

  • Started construction of Namyangju Dasan City
  • Won grand prize with Gwanggyo new City Lake Park at Korean Landscape Awards

  • Started construction of Godeok Industrial Complex in Pyeongtaek

  • Won the president’s Award at the 6th Korean Landscape Architectural Awards

  • Won the highest credit rating(AAA)

Launched Urban Development Customized to Gyeonggi (2006.9~2009.12)
  • Started construction of Gwanggyo New City

Re-drew the Industrial Map of Gyeonggi(2002.9~2006.8)
  • Completed the 1st phase of the Paju LCD Industrial Complex

  • Started construction of the Paju LCD Industrial Complex
  • Won the president’s Award at the Local Public Corporation Management Awards

Strongly Enhanced Organizational Capabilities(2001.3~2002.8)
  • Won a runner-up prize fot the Mid- and Long-term Strategic management Plan 2001
  • Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
  • Established and proclaimed the Practical Standards for Ethical Management

Started Challenge for Hope(1997.12~2001.3)
  • Won the Grand Prize in Local Public Corporation Management

  • Established the corporation

organization chart

organization chart

major project

Housing Site Development
We have led the balanced development of Gyeonggi Province by promoting housing site development projects such as Gwonseon 3 District in Suwon, Gugal District in Yongin, Cheongbuk District in Pyeongtaek, and Gongdo District in Anseong. Also, we have drafted a new map of Gyeonggi Province through building not only the 2nd Dongtan New Town and Godeok New International Town following Gwanggyo new town representing the secondary new towns but also Gapyeong rural housing complex offering a new concept of low density housing complex.
  • Gwanggyo New Town
  • 2nd Dongtan new town
  • Godeok new international town
  • Goyang Tourism & Culture Complex
  • Gwangju Station Area

Public Housing Project
The public housing project presents a new concept of housing that embraces small and medium-sized presale and rental housing built by the public. Also, it is a consumer-centric housing project that allows the government to provide various forms of housing in response to demand according to income level, in order to eliminate one-sided supply from providers. The housing is being supplied for the purpose of presale or rental as it is constructed and purchased through public funding and financial support.
  • Namyangju Dasan Jingeon
  • Namyangju Dasan Jigeum
  • Wirye new town
  • Pyeongtaek Godeok
  • Hwaseong Dongtan-2

Development of Industrial Complexes
We build great industrial complexes for enterprises to do business in Gyeonggi-do. We lead the world with the most dynamic transportation hub on the Korean Peninsula.
  • Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Poseung District
  • Godeok Globalization Planning District
  • Jeongok Maritime Industrial Complex
  • Anseong Wongok Logistics Complex
  • Anseong 4th General Industrial Complex
  • Gimpo Yangchon Industrial Complex
  • Dongducheon 2 Industrial Complex
  • Yangju Nammyeon Industrial Complex
  • Yangju Hongjuk Industrial Complex
  • Yeoncheon Baekhak Industrial Complex
  • Osan Gajang Industrial Complex
  • Jangan High-tech 2 Industrial Complex
  • Paju LCD Industrial Complex
  • Paju Munsan (Dang-dong) Industrial Complex
  • Paju Munsan (Seonyu) Industrial Complex
  • Paju Wollong Industrial Complex
  • Pyeongtaek Osung Industrial Complex
  • Pangyo Zero-City
  • Pangyo Zero-City Public Knowledge Industrial Center

Housing Projects
  • Gapyeong Rural Housing
  • Presale Housing
  • Public Rental
  • National Renta

Development of Industrial Complexes
  • Sewage Sludge Treatment Facility in Yongin
  • Sewage Disposal Facility in Yeongdeok
  • The 3rd Gyeongin Expressway
  • Yeoninsan Provincial Park
  • Pangyo Techno Valley
  • R&D Center of Pangyo Techno Valley
  • Yangju Textile Promotion Center
  • Pangyo Techno Valley Industry University Institute Collaboration R&D Centerl
  • Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town

Urban regeneration project
The Urban Regeneration Project is designed to reorganize and renovate old and defective buildings in existing cities that are relatively lagging behind amidst the change in industrial structure and new town-oriented city expansion projects, to raise the quality of residential environment.
  • The renewal promotion project
  • Customized welfare village housing remodeling project
  • Residential Environment Improvement Project in Anyang Naengcheon District
  • Street Housing-led Housing Renewal project

Housing welfare
Housing Welfare Service is a service provided by the state or society launched to aid those who cannot fulfill basic needs regarding housing. Gyeongki Urban Innovation Corporation has launched various housing welfare services to improve residence stability of those who are in poor housing conditions.
  • Existing housing lease purchasing project
  • Reconstruction lease purchasing project
  • Existing housing lease project
  • Gyeongki Province Housing Welfare Model
  • Housing Renewal/Renovation
  • Security deposit subsidy for purchased rental housing

Foreign investment zone and rental complex
After the 1997 financial crisis, the government’s national and local tax exemption and infrastructural support contributed to attracting new investment from foreign investors.
  • Jangan 1 ․ 2, Osung, Dangdong Foreign Investment Zone (FIZ)
  • Hyeongok, Poseung, Chupal rental complexes



(16556) 46, Gwonjung-ro, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (Gwonseon-dong)



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