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Investment attraction in Gyeonggi-do :
its excellent track record in foreign investment guarantees more success stories
The Samsung semiconductor IT cluster, LG display cluster, Hyundai Kia motor cluster, and the latest addition, the promising cutting-edge industrial
cluster of Samsung Godeok Complex will turn your investment story into a legend.

Large-Scale Industrial Cluster

Semiconductor Industry
Korea accounts for 50% of the world’s memory semiconductor market.
71% of products are shipped from Gyeonggi-do.

Display industry
227 companies in Gyeonggi-do (52% of nation’s total)

Automotive industry
1,780 companies in Gyeonggi-do (25% of nation’s total)
Turnover: 22% of nation’s total

Automotive industry

Industrial Complex

Lg logo
LCD Industrial Complex
Construction Completed

LG Industrial Complex
Investment RegionWollong-myeon, Paju City
Investment AmountUSD 10 billion (LG Display)
Investment AreaDisplay Complex : 1,650,000㎡
(4,440,000㎡ including 1,950,000㎡ of partners and 840,000㎡ of affiliates)
Resident Companies8 large companies including LG Display, ASE and NEG & more than 30 partner companies and client companies
Employment17,000 people in Display Complex
ProductsTFT-LCD (7th-8th generations, organic EL)

The Paju Display Cluster was formed focusing on LG Display Complex. The rear industry (support industry) for materials, parts, and equipment providers and the front industry producing complete products are concentrated in one area, making it the world’s largest cutting-display complex. The 450,000㎡ Paju Display Cluster is the driving force behind making Korea #1 in the display industry while being the mecca of the display industry of the world.
Paju Display Cluster

Samsung logo
Godeok Industrial Complex
Under Construction

SAMSUNG Industrial Complex
Investment RegionGodeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek City
Investment AmountUSD 100 billion (KRW 100 trillion)
Industrial Complex3,950,000㎡
Products to be produced in the futureNew promising industries such as next-generation semiconductors, solar batteries,
medical machinery

At 3,950,000㎡, the Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Godeok Complex will be the largest investment in production line Samsung has invested so far at home and abroad. Samsung will invest KRW 100 trillion in building a plant dedicated to new rising promising industries such as next-generation semiconductors and solar batteries.
Samsung Godeok Complex is scheduled to be completed by 2017.
The area is expected to become an optimum investment for associate industries and parts specialized companies in conjunction with related industries in nearby Pyeongtaek, Anseong, and Hwaseong, creating the employment for 150,000 people with economic effect of KRW 41 trillion.
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Godeok Complex

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