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Golden time, 5 minutes

A commitment to realize a safer Gyeonggi-do

Golden Time 5 minutes
The five minutes of golden time. Safe Gyeonggi-do is a disaster safety project to secure golden time in order to create safe Gyeonggi-do. The arrival time, which is 8 minutes at the moment, will be reduced down to less than 5 minutes, the golden time. In addition, the arrival rate will also be improved from 37.3% to 45%. For this, the number of firefighting personnel, such as disaster experts, will be increased, firefighting equipment will be modernized, old equipment will be replaced and firefighting vehicles preferential passage system (UTIS) will be established.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • Extensively increasing the number of firefighting personnel in order to ensure swift disaster response and reducing arrival time
  • Installing War – Game Disaster Safety Center for disaster experience and safety culture education
  • Installing and extending Firefighting Safety Center to resolve firefighting safety blind spots
  • Modernizing firefighting equipment, such as to replace old fire trucks and reinforcing high-tech firefighting equipment
  • Promoting implementation of UTIS, a traffic signal remote control system, for firefighting vehicles preferential passage


Creating 700,000 jobs

Gyeonggi-do will create jobs for its residents

Create 700,000 jobs
Gyeonggi-do Overflowing with Jobs is a project to extensively support small and medium businesses and the people neglected from employment in order to create 700,000 jobs in Gyeonggi-do. In addition, Gyeonggi-do will foster industries specialized to the province by establishing a business incubation hub, developing MICE industries and building a game cluster, and also improve the related systems including regulatory rationalization.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • (Cooperation) Extensive investment in businesses producing an effect of job creation and employment service improvement
  • (Business Fostering) Creating high-quality jobs by promoting startups and fostering small, but powerful companies
  • (Investment Induction) Strengthening investment induction centering on global high-tech enterprises and service industry
  • (Customized Support by Class) Strengthening and cooperating for customized employment support by class, such as for the youth
  • (Regulatory Rationalization) Promoting balanced development through development demand generation by improving irrational regulations
  • Creating jobs by promoting socioeconomic activation and Big Pie project implementation


A socioeconomic hub, Gyeonggi-do

Socioeconomic activation is the hope for the economy

Social economic hub, Gyeonggi-do Image
Gyeonggi-do, a Socioeconomic Hub, is a project to extensively support socioeconomic support system, fund raising, startup support and socioeconomic organizations in order to overcome limitations of market economy and strengthen safety network for economy of the humble class.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • Creating jobs by fostering socioeconomic organizations
  • Establishing general support system in order to build a foundation for socioeconomic ecosystem
  • Building socioeconomic investment fund through private fund matching
  • Promoting socioeconomic activation by discovering new ideas and supporting startups
  • Extensively fostering business-centered socioeconomic organizations, such as companies focusing on technology development and solving social issues


Plus welfare

To improve emergency welfare + welfare for the elderly

Plus welfare Image
Plus Welfare is a project to supplement welfare blind spots and expand welfare support. The goal is to expand the scope of low income class, the target for emergency welfare support, and to increase cultural, living and medical welfare services for senior citizens.
Promotion Direction (Plan)

Caring Plus for Low-income Vulnerable Class

    • Adjusting overlapping items with government emergency welfare (9→5), installing new items recognized by major and county magistrate
    • Expanding emergency welfare targets and diversifying support classes by relaxing the criteria for support
    • Strengthening field-orientation in case of risk situations and stably securing budget
    • Providing linked support between workers’ rehabilitation and employment services

Senior Welfare Plus for Active Aging

  • Operating “Senior Citizens’ Cultural Enjoyment Center” for cultural activity production and consumption
  • Establishing “Senior Citizens’ Street of Culture” by expanding Senior Citizens’ Cultural Enjoyment Centers in each village
  • Building “Senior Citizens’ Happy Village” as a composite complex for residence, recuperation, hospital and leisure activities
  • Building “Senior Citizens’ Center of Hopeful Tomorrow” through communication and cooperation
  • Expanding medical service and providing customized cultural and hobby-related programs


A future city, the northern part of Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi-do will be reborn into a city of economy and national unification.

Future City Gym Northern Image
Northern Part of Gyeonggi-do, a Future City is a project to promote overall development of the northern part of Gyeonggi-do, which is lagging in development. This project will be implemented through transfer and installation of public organizations in the area, infrastructure development, regulatory rationalization and development of Techno Valley and Convergence Cluster in the area. In particular, Gyeonggi Provincial Government will suggest the development direction as the “Future City of National Unification,” and thus develop the area to function as an advance base for national unification and inter-Korean cooperation.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • Promoting “transfer of Economic Office” to the northern part and installation of “Gyeonggi Development Research Institute Northern Branch” and “Gyeonggi Bukbu Provincial Police Agency” as innovation plans to implement policies
  • Promoting designation of Unification and Economic Special Zone and establishment of DMZ World Peace Park
  • Building Techno Valley and Convergence Cluster in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do
  • Building joint furniture showrooms and logistics centers by zone
  • Building K-Fashion Design Village
  • Establishing Korea Polytechnics Gyeonggi Bukbu Campus specializing in service industry
  • Building K-Rock Village (Dongducheon), promoting phased development of Camp Greaves (Paju)


An overnight trip in Korea

Enjoy an overnight trip to the northern part of Gyeonggi-do with your family!

Korea 1 night 2 days Image
Two-day Trip of Korea is a project to develop two-day tour courses by linking security, ecological and Hallyu contents as well as leisure activities, festivals, accommodation and camping facilities in order to activate tourism in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do. While maximizing economic development in the northern part of the province by promoting tourism industry using characteristic features of the area, such as DMZ, this project will also focus on reinforcing tourism contents by building Hallyu infrastructure.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • Developing overnight stay tour courses by linking security and ecological contents, leisure activities, Hallyu + festivals, camping and accommodation facilities
  • Developing tourism resources to highlight regional characteristics and improving old facilities
  • Expanding camping infrastructure to contribute to local economy through a link with tourism and leisure activities
  • Building Hallyu infrastructure where Hallyu content production, experience and consumption are carried out in a single space


A place of coexistence and integration, Gyeonggi-do

Developing the future of Gyeonggi-do through cooperation rather than struggle

Korea 1 night 2 days Image
Gyeonggi-do of Coexistence and Integration is a project to integrate the society through coalition and propose a new model for local autonomy. For this, a personnel hearing system has been introduced for the positions of the heads of public organizations under management of Gyeonggi Provincial Government. In addition, a policy agreement containing the handling of four ordinance bills has been announced. In the future, budget plans will be discussed with the opposition party in advance by using Gyeonggi coalition budget account book and through financial strategy meeting and also policy integration will be promoted by dispersing personnel appointment and administrative authority to the vice governor for social integration recommended by the opposition party.
Promotion Direction (Plan)
  • Introducing personnel hearing system for the positions of the heads of public organizations under management of Gyeonggi Provincial Government
  • Preparing retired public officials employment system within public organizations
  • Drawing up Gyeonggi coalition budget account book
  • Operating financial strategy meeting
  • Appointing a person recommended by the opposition party as a vice governor of social integration and dispersing administrative and personnel appointment authority
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