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Gyeonggi-do, the center of global R&D business and the cluster of Future cutting-edge science industries
Gyeonggi Province is leading an age in which Korean households realize an income of USD 40,000 national by establishing high-tech industrial R&D clusters of international caliber.


Fostering a high-technology base and research institutes
  • Revitalizing Gwangyo·Pangyo Techno Valley
  • Fostering an eco-friendly, green technology city
  • Strengthening the foundation of public institutions’ support services for enterprises
Expansion of strategic R&D investment
  • Expanding strategic industries and company-led technology development
  • Strengthening support for next-generation bio-health industry research
  • Fostering high-tech convergence industries
Strengthening networking and commercialization
  • Expanding industry-academia cooperation R&D networks
  • Strengthening international joint R&D and establishing joint research centers
Cultivating science and technology manpower and popularizing science and technology culture
  • Fostering new researchers through projects such as BK21
  • Expanding science and technology culture through programs such as Gyeonggi Science Mentoring and the Gyeonggi Science Festival

Construction Completed

Pangyo ∙ Seongnam
Pangyo Techno Valley

Fostering high-tech knowledge industry city where international businesses, knowledge industry, and global R&D innovation functions converge and develop together
Developed area661,915㎡
Location condition20㎞ from downtown Seoul, 15㎞ from Gangnam
Great accessibility : close to major strategic zones and full-scale development areas of Gyeonggi-do
Current Status1,002 R&D institutes are located and 70,000 people are working
CategoryRepresentative corporates
IT companiesAhnlab, SK Telesys, Mtekvision, SIGONG tech, Samsung Techwin, LIG, Nexone, etc.
Game developersNexon, NCSOFT, Neowiz, Hangame
BTPasteur, Cha Medical Center, Medipost, Satorius, etc.
Public research institutesPublic research institutes GE, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI)

Gwanggyo ∙ Suwon
Gwanggyo Techno Valley

Fostering new national growth engines by establishing an advanced R&D industry base
Urban support facilities space
Area : 480,198㎡
Building-to-land ratio : 60%
Floor area ratio : 400%
Location condition
  • Pivotal hi-tech cluster and home to Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology, Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center and Gyeonggi Institute of Science & Technology Promotion
  • 30㎞ from Seoul, approx. 200 cutting-edge companies are located including R&D institutes, global companies such as Samsung Electronics and Sea Gate Korea and 3,600 people are employed
Integrated venture facilities, urban factories, education and research facilities, offices

Sihwa ∙ Ansan
Ansan Science Valley

Establishing an industry-academia cooperation R&D cluster for science and technology innovation and a major supply base for technology, labor, education and culture
Education facilities area
Hanyang University, 1,312,815m2
R&D institutes area
7 institutes apart from Gyeonggi TP, 988,726m2
Location condition
  • 30km from Seoul, extensive metropolitan transportation network Easy and diverse utilization of available resources
  • Smart hub concentrated by the nation’s largest small and medium corporate groups Close to Sihwa Multi-Techno Valley (MTV)
  • Focused on 8 participating institutions, about 200 corporates are located Approx. 4,000 research manpower and 2,800 equipment are integrated
Specialized realm
Electronics, information, communications, mechatronics, medical devices, automobile parts, medical and fine chemicals, bio industry
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