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seouland first opened in may 1988 right before the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games as the first Korean amusement theme park.
the unique themes are presented in the world plaza, adventure land, Fantasy land Tomorrow land Samcheolli Hill and others’




As subway lines opend in 1994, Seoulland has become a favorite spot with its close location th the Seoul Grand Park’s Zoo and Botanical
garden, National Museum of Contemporary Art and Gwacheon National Science Museum. Also, Seoulland has continuously brought about changes by introducing a flower festivals with tulips, cherry blossoms, mums and various other amusement facilities, performances and exhibi-tion every year the nightime views are especially enjoyable with fantastic fire-works and laser shows Seoulland plans to future develop
its park by introducing various amusement facilities so that it can provide vistitors with precious memories during their visit all year long.


Everland & Carribeanbay price
AdmissionDay-Time20,000 won17,000 won15,000 won
Night-Time18,000 won15,000 won13,000 won
Free admission is allowed to infants under 36y months.
Please bring a valid ID or valid documents for verification.
One Day PassDay-Time20,000 won17,000 won15,000 won
Night-Time18,000 won15,000 won13,000 won
Admission + unlimited free use of all attractions
(except experiential facilities / coin facilities / special exhibitions / special performances)

Major Place

World Plaza

World Plaza

The World Plaza presents various unique architectural styles of different countries. It makes you feel like uou are traveling the world Also you can find the Planet, a symbol of Seoulland, many peformances, and various convenient facilities and shop in the plaza

Adventure Land

Adventure Land

The Adventure Land is a place for the courageous and adventurous where you can enjoy challenges in various facilities. In a small village filled with log cabins, you will feel like you are in the western pioneering period in America. You can also enjoy rafting on the biggest Korean ‘King Viking’ which flies above the water and shoouting guns, like a western gunman in a shooting range decorated like a whiskey salon

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land

The Fantasy Land presents beautiful dream and a fatastic world with its cute and fun rides such as the Big Merry-Go-round, Bumper cars, Super Swing, and the Sky Cycle. In addition, the Vroomiz Hill at the center of the ‘Fantasy Land’ will be kid’s No. 1 place because it is decorated with Character Vroomiz, one of children’s favorite characters

Tomorrow Land

Tomorrow Land

The Tomorrow Land pursues dream for the futere and expresses high-end scientific development and future images through it. It is full of amusement facilities and programs with futuristic characters and the unique buildings makes you believe you are in the future. In this futuristic illusion, it also is an educational channel where children can imagine future life.

Samcheolli Hill

Samcheolli Hill

The Samcheolli Hill is equipped with various performance failities to oromote Korean, there is a marketplace where you can try Korean traditional foods. Also you can enjoy big shows at the Samchulli Large Theater which is a replica of Suwon Palace


181, Gwangmyeong-ro Gwachon-si

Weekdays 09:30~20:00 / Weekends 09:30~18:00




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