Visit the Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex for This Spring’s Flower Viewing: Cherry Blossom Festival from April 13 to 15

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The ‘2018 Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex Cherry Blossom Festival: A Romantic Promenade’ will be held April 13 through 15 around the Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex, one of the best spots to view cherry blossoms in Gyeonggi Province.

With more than 200 cherry trees lining the roads of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex, nearby Paldalsan Mountain, and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, the area is a major cherry blossom viewing spot visited by over 200 thousand springtime visitors each year.

Gyeonggi Province offers a variety of cultural performances and hands-on programs during the festival, an annual event enjoyed by families and couples alike that is being held for its 32nd year.

More than 60 musical performances encompassing different genres including American and European pop music, K-Pop, and folk music will take place on six outdoor stages inside and outside of the complex including the front gate and quad. There will also be a variety of street art performances such as a clown show, magic show, and pantomime along the trails and connected streets.

In the food truck zone at the provincial government complex, visitors can taste over 40 different delicious items including roasted sushi, steak, and stir-fried glutinous rice cake at more than 30 food trucks, purchase specialty products of the provinces of Gyeonggi and Gangwon at 70 booths, and enjoy various hands-on programs in the quad such as pony riding, VR/AR experiences, and fire and earthquake response.

In addition, Gyeonggi Province has installed over 1,600 lights along the cherry blossom paths for nighttime visitors as well as variously themed photo zones at the front and back gates for fun photo-taking experiences.

At the Good Morning House, remodeled from the official residence of the Governor of Gyeonggi Province and opened to the public as a leisure space, a variety of programs and cultural and art performances including a family picnic program, a flea market, concerts, and sand art performances will be held along with exhibitions to celebrate the millennial anniversary of Gyeonggi Province.

Gyeonggi Province has expanded the number of temporary outdoor restrooms at the provincial government complex from 1 to 3, and will operate 20 toilets for women – ,twice as many as for men – for the convenience of visitors.

Vehicles will be prohibited from entering provincial government complex parking lots during the festival period, and two-way traffic will be suspended in front of the complex and on the roads leading to it on April 14 and 15 (Military Manpower Administration 4-way Intersection – Provincial Government Complex Detour – Provincial Government 5-way Intersection, Godeung-dong 5-way Intersection, Military Manpower Administration 4-way Intersection, Suwon Library 3-way Intersection).

Visitors with vehicles may use temporary parking lots at Suwon Elementary School, Suwon Citizen Hall, Maesan Elementary School, Suwon Tax Office, Korea Electric Power Corporation, Gyeongin Regional Military Manpower Administration, and Suwon Girls’ High School on April 14.

Gyeonggi Province will open some facilities in the complex including restrooms from this weekend for those visiting earlier than the festival period since the cherry blossoms have already started to bloom.

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