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The center of the west coast Era
Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone!
Northeast Asia has emerged to be among the world’s three major economic zones along with EU and NAFTA. The Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone located in the capital region of Korea will create a would-class business environment and living comditions as a hub of the Northeast Asia.
The YESFEZ fits important requirements for creating the Knowledge creation-type FEZ to focus on high-tech industry, because it is located where has the best industrial infrastructure for the business activities and there are many Korea’s representative global companies such as Samsung-Godeok Complex, Hyundai·KiaMotors, Ssangyong Motor, Hyundai Steel nearby. the high-tech industry, having an optimal industrial infrastructure for businesses.
The best business environment will be created by developing not only a cluster of the high-tech industry but also fields such as On the casis of the high-tech industry cluster, the optimal settlement environment will be developed by adding functions of Manufacturing, R&D, Knowledge convergence industries and developing its education·health · tourism · distribution.
As an international port, the Pyeongtaek port is connected with major ports(Dalian, Shanghai, Weihai, Qingdao, etc.) in China so it will be developed as a transport hub links to the Industrial belt in China’s coastal areas with the shortest distance by Trans China Railway(TCR) and Trans-Siberian Railroad(TSR), futhermore, the YESFEZ will be an advanced base for China and Southeast Asia through adding more liners from the current 62 up to 79 by 2020. the Trans China Railway(TCR) and Trans Siberian Railway(TSR), having the shortest distance from the China’s Coastal Industry Belt. In Your investment would be highly welcomed. The Advanced base of export-import with China!! The trade hub of Northeast Asia!! The would-calss special economic zone!!
President of Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority


  • Notified the exemption of Agricultural Promotion Area, Approval on the Execution Plan of Hyeondeok District

  • Started a ground-breaking on Zone 2 of Poseung District

  • Started a ground-breaking on Zone 1 of Poseung District

2015. 07.14
  • Completed a compensation for private land owners

  • Announced the approval of change of development plan on Hyeondeok District(Ministry of Industry)

  • Launched the branch of Gyeonggi Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority

  • Approved dispersion of the association due to lifting Chungnam District(Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs)

  • Permitted the implementation plan of Poseung District(Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority)

  • Lifted Chungnam District(Songak-Inju)

  • Designated the project promoter of Hyeondeok District(Korea China Castle Development Co., Ltd.)

  • Lifted Hanjung District

  • Announced change of development plan of Poseung District(Changed the project promoter)

※Changed the project promoter: LH, Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation, Pyeongtaek Urban Innovation Corporation→Gyeonggi Urban Corporation,
Pyeongtaek Urban Innovation Corporation

  • Announced change of development plan(Separated Poseung District into 3 Districts)

※Poseung District(5.75km²)->Poseung District(2.07km²), Hyeondeok District(2.32km²), Hanjung District(1.06km²)

  • Announced the reduced adjustment of development area(Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)

※Poseung District(20.1km²→5.7km²), Songak District(13.0km²→6.0km²), Inju District(13.0km²→4.0km²),Lifted Jigok District(3.5km²), Hyangnam District(5.0km²)

  • Designated the project promoter of Poseung – Inju District

※Poseung: 75% for LH; 20% for Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation; 5% for Pyeongtaek Urban Innovation Corporation, Inju: 100% for LH

  • Opened Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority(Dangjin, Chungnam)

  • Announced official journal designated by Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone(Chungnam 3, Gyeonggi 2 District)

organization chart

organization chart

major project

Pyeongtaek Poseung District
  • eco-friendly car and antomotive parts, and semiconductor
  • value-added logistics
  • foreign company-exclusive lease tvne

Land Use Plan Chart

Pyeongtaek Hyeondeok District
  • Distribution,Logistics, Outlets,
  • Hotels, Residential Housing, etc…,
  • foreigner’s Settlement environment

Land Use Plan Chart



(17962) 8F Marine Center, 73 Pyeongtaekhangman-gil, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-city, Gyeonggi-do province, Korea




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