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Northeastern Distribution Hub

Pyeongtaek Port, the gateway of YESFEZ
Pyeongtaek Port, a flagship presence for the capital and central areas that are the center of national production and consumption, are growing as a leading port of China and the northeastern trade hub. At present, 2014, 62 berths are being run, and they will be developed to 79 berths by 2020 to carry out a role as a future advanced base of YESFEZ. There are about 100 industrial complexes to the rear of Pyeongtaek & Dangjin Port, and it is expected that a cooperative effect will be created along with YESFEZ.

Location Conditions

Geographical Conditions of Pyeongtaek Port

  • Pyeongtaek Port is safe from typhoons and tsunamis as it is located inside Asan Bay

    Depth of water average 14m, tidal range 9-10m, annual number of days with storms: 6.8 days

  • great advantage to trade, being located in an economic zone that takes less than 24 hours to sail to China

    China’s Rongcheng 388km, Dalian 482km, Qingdao 593km, Rizhao 689km

  • Secure stable depth of water enables a large ship to call

    Secure 14m in depth of water enables a mega ship to access(5000TEU or over)

    Great advantages for ships to sail safely and access by the depth variation that is below 8m

logistics hub of the capital and central areas

  • Major cities such as Seoul, capital area, Cheonan, Daejeon, Cheongju, etc.., are located within a 80km radius of YESFEZ
  • Vitalize prompt logistics by being connected with Seohaean, Gyeongbu, Dongseo Expressways and national highways
  • Form an industrial belt with large-scaled export factories(automobiles, display, iron manufacturing, etc…)

Status of Pyeongtaek Port
Status of Pyeongtaek Port
Total79 berths5326
in operation624022
62 general goods7, container7, automobile4, grain2,
steel1, cement3/passengers2, dolphin7, sand7
steel18, coal1, iron ore1,
general goods2
under construction11
under consideration16133
general goods4, multi-purpose2, automobile1,
iron ore1, steel2
Status of Major Facilities
Status of Major Facilities Facilities
Name of ProjectSectionLength(㎞)Detail
Second Seohaean ExpresswayPyeongtaek – Buyeo – Iksan 139.2km

Impletmentation Main Operator

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

Implementation Period

Pyeongtaek ~ Buyeo : ‘18~ ’22 / Buyeo ~ Iksan : ‘28~’32


Private Investment Project

Expansion of Seohaean Expressway Poseung JCT –
West Pyeongtaek IC –
West Pyeongtaek JCT

Implementation Main Operator

Korea Expressway Corporation

Implementation Period

Year 2019

Pyeongtaekho Crossing Highway Hyeondeok District ~
Paengseong –
eup, Pyeongtaek-si

Implementation Main Operator


Implementation Period

Year 2017

New construction of No. 302 local road in Pyeongtaek-si (Ihwa – Samgye 2) Poseung-eup,
Pyeongtaek-si –

Implementation Main Operator


Implementation Period

Year 2018

Poseung – Pyeongtaek Railway Pyeongtaek Port –
Pyeongtaek Station

Implementation Main Operator

Korea Railway Network Authority

Implementation Period

Year 2019

Seohae line double track subway Hwaseong –
Pyeongtaek –

Implementation Main Operator

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

Implementation Period

Year 2018

Consumer Market And Transportation Infrastructure

Enormous consumer market andtraffic infrastructure

The center of the Northeast Asian aviation and marine traffic network

Geographically, located in the center of the Northeast Asian aviation andmarine traffic network

Convenient traffic network


Inchen, Gimpo, churgju
International Airports



Pyeongtaek and Incheon
International Ports


15 Xpressways

Gyeongbu Expressway,
Seohaean Expressway


11 railways

Gyeongbu Railway,
Hanam Railway, etc…

Center Of Industrial Cluster

Automobile Cluster
Automobile Cluster

5.6% of the global market share, 6.4% of growth rate

  • Hyundai, Kia Motors, and Ssangyong Motor located in a 10km radius of YESFEZ
  • Concentration of more than 700 auto parts plants.

Global Company Cluster
Global Company Cluster
  • 10 companies of the “Fortune Global 500 companies’ have located near YEZFEZ
  • Samsung Electronics, CEPSA, TOTAL, Hyundai Motor Co, Honeywell, ABB, SONY, 3M, LAFARGE, etc…

Semiconductors & LCD Cluster
Semiconductors & LCD Cluster

10.8% of the global semiconductor market share(No.3 in the world)

8.3% of the global LCD market share(No.5 in the world)

  • Formation ofthe electronic cluster including Samsung Electronics, LG Innotek, Samsung LCD
    South Korea is the world’s No.1 LCD·DRAM production
    More than 650 neighborhood electronics industy companies
    such as Taesan LCD that surrounds the cluster

YESFEZ Infrastructure

Gyeonggi Yellow Sea
Free Economic Zone Authority

Gyeonggi Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority

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