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Gyeonggi’s new symbol represents the ambition, fortitude and resolution of
the province to emerge as a leader in a prosperous world.

The Symbol Of Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi’s new symbol represents the ambition,
fortitude and resolution of the province to emerge as a leader in a prosperous world.

global inspiration GyeongGi-Do

Slogan of Gyeonggi-do

We are living in a global era in which the ideas and inspiration of each country’s competitiveness are ceaselessly interconnecting.
Against this backdrop, the Gyeonggi slogan – “Global Inspiration, GyeongGi-Do” – embodies the determination of the province to become the center of Northeast Asia as well as the world with its advanced knowledge, cutting-edge technology, creative thinking and innovative actions.

Logo of Gyeonggi-do

The logo represents the strong network and solidarity of the 31 cities and countries that comprise the province as well as robust global networks. The logo also characterizes dynamics that are reaching out to the world in the pursuit of limitless growth potential and opportunities. Furthermore, it reflects the province’s ambition to promote co-existence among all peoples, paving the way by first overcoming conflicts in Korea and then expanding to the world.

Colors of Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi Blue, the primary color, symbolizes cutting-edge knowledge and technology, creative thinking and innovative actions, while sky blue signifies the province’s infinite potential and opportunities.
Gyeonggi Orange, one of the two additional colors, expresses the warmth and cooperative spirit of Gyeonggi residents, while, Gyeonggi Green represents the affection of provincial residents for Mother Earth and the environment.

Flower of Gyeonggi-do
Flower of Gyeonggi-do

A great number of forsythia grow in the area of Gyeonggi-do and they easily multiply.
They symbolize prosperity as well as friendliness, gaiety and grace.

Bird of Gyeonggi-do
Bird of Gyeonggi-do

As the dove symbolizes peace worldwide, it also represents the aspirations of provincial residents for peace and their hopes for the peaceful unification of Korea.

Tree of Gyeonggi-do
Tree of Gyeonggi-do

A gingko tree endures hardship and has a very long life. Its magnificent appearance symbolizes great prosperity. The tree also yields high quality wood and fruit. With its fresh verdure and splendid yellow leaves, a gingko tree is one of the most admired trees in Korea.

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