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The Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (YESFEZ) is a 4,392,353㎡ (473,309,76 sq ft) area organized with the core goals of developing not only as a special economic zone that creates knowledge based industries but also as an advanced base of trade with China.

Two districts located in Pyeongtaek City of Gyeonggi-do – Poseung District and Hyeondeok District – will be developed for high-tech industry and international logistics by 2020 according to Article No.4 regarding the designation, structuring, and approval of Free Economic Zones.

YESFEZ undertakes overall development functions such as logistics & production, R&D, international business, residential housing, education, and entertainment based on world-leading clusters in the region. Also, it ensures free and broader business activities for resident companies and foreign investors by providing them with diverse incentives including administrative support and tax holidays.

Status Of Designation

Poseung District

Project Outline
Location : Poseung-eup Pyeongtaek City
Area : 2,073 thousand m2
Budget : KRW 800 billion (Approximately USD 695 million)
Business Sector : Automotive component complex, value-added logistics, machinery, electronics, chemical, and more
Future Population : 3,168 persons (1,173 households)
Future Plan
Site preparation – Completion in 2019 (t.b.d.)
Factory construction & operation – 2019 (t.b.d.)

Land Use Plan
Land use plan Table
Land Use Plan Chart
Land Use Plan Chart

Hyeondeok District

Project Outline
Name : Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Pyeongtaek Poseung District
Location : Hyeondeok-myeon, Pyeongtaek City
Area : 2,320 thousand m2
Budget : KRW 750 billion (Approximately USD 652 million)
Business Sector : Distribution, logistics, outlets, hotels, residential, housing, and more
Future Population : 29,943 persons (11,976 households)
Future Plan
Site Preparation – Commencement in 2nd half of 2016
– Completion in 2018 (t.b.d.)

Land Use Plan
Land use plan Table
Housing Construction51122.04
Distribution & Logistics66228.53
Commercial Business1767.6
Medical Tourism1185.1
Public Facility77133.25
Land Use Plan Chart
Land Use Plan Chart

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