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Gyeonggi-do Budget

Gyeonggi-do City/Country Budget for 2019

KRW 62.3617 trillion/
Provincial Budget: KRW 24.3731 trillion

Gyeonggi Province’s 2019 total budget amounts to KRW 62.3617 trillion. The financial independence rate of Gyeonggi Province stands at 57.4%, which is higher than the national average of 51.4%.


2019 Gyeonggi Budget Table
DivisionOriginal Budget for 2019 (KRW 100 million)Financial Independence Rate (%)
Gyeonggi ProvinceGeneral accounts210,97457.4
Special accounts32,757
Cities ㆍ CountiesGeneral accounting293,09547.9(average)
Special accounting86,971

※ Seoul (excluding districts) KRW 29.8011 trillion


Budget by Sector in 2017 (KRW 100 million)

Budget by Sector in 2017 (KRW 100 million)



Gyeonggi-do Annual Budget Trend (based on initial budget)_KRW 100 million

Gyeonggi-do budget by year (original budget) (billion won)



Gyeonggi Province is supporting vulnerable social groups (KRW 743,000 million / 10.9%) and childcare, families and women (KRW 2.6179 trillion / 38.3%) through the distribution of the welfare budget to the sectors of gender equality as well as health and welfare in 2017.

Welfare Budget in 2017 by Field (Organization)

Budget by welfare sector in 2017 (by organization)



Trend of Social Welfare Budget by Year

Proportion of Social Welfare Budget by Year


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