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Gyeonggi-do created 8 industrial complexes exclusively for FICs to provide stable and long-term business sites for foreign investors.

Current Status Of Rent For Industrial Complexes Exclusive For FICs

Asia Amity Treaty Signed Table
Complex name Region Detail
Eoyeon-Hansan Pyeongtaek Developed area324,392.1
Leased area324,392.1
No.of tenant22
Remarks100% Occupied
Chupal Pyeongtaek Developed area88,976.1
Leased area86,475.4
No.of tenant7
Remarks97% Occupied
Poseung Pyeongtaek Developed area95,773.6
Leased area95,773.6
No.of tenant5
Remarks100% Occupied
Hyeongok Pyeongtaek Developed area500,708.9
Leased area480,870.9
No.of tenant31
Remarks96% Occupied
Jangan 1 Hwaseong Developed area418,156.7
Leased area315,273.7
No.of tenant15
Remarks75% Occupied
Dangdong Paju Developed area239,459.6
Leased area239,459.6
No.of tenant6
Remarks100% Occupied
Jangan 2 Hwaseong Developed area368,977.4
Leased area206,394
No.of tenant6
Remarks56% Occupied
Oseong Pyeongtaek Developed area353,928.9
Leased area135,102.2
No.of tenant6
Remarks38% Occupied

Unit : ㎡


Tenancy & Lease Conditions

Qualified industries
High-tech industry & high-tech business Advanced technology-based industry
(business exempted from taxes by Korean Ministry of Strategy and Finance)
Manufacturing industry with a high employment effect (to be deliberated and decided by the Resident Review Board)
Foreign investment ratio
More than 30% of total stock with voting rights or total investment amount
Area for rent
Less than area total of equivalent value corresponding to 100/100 of foreign investment amount
Area for rent Table
Division Investement amount
Eoyeon-Hansan / Poseung USD 1.2 million per 3,305㎡
Hyeongok / Chupal USD 1 million per 3,305㎡
Jangan 1 / Jangan 2 / Oseong USD 1.5 million per 3,000㎡
Dangdong Equivalent to site price
Rent fee
1 percent of the construction cost
(1 percent of the official land price, if the official land price is higher than the construction cost)
Rent reduction granted according to foreign direct investment amount and technology level
Rent fee Table
Eoyeon-Hansan 3,948
Chupal 3,156
Poseung 3,780
Hyeongok 3,204
Jangan 1 3,036
Dangdong 4,596
Jangan 2 3,636
Oseong 3,876

Unit : KRW /㎡,annual

Rent Period
Renewable for up to 50 years (a ten-year contract can be renewed every ten years)
For further information, please contact Investment Strategy Team of Division of Investment Promotion of Gyeonggi-do (+82-31-8008-2779)
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