Venture Exhibition to eliminate Cold Wave resulting from SARS

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For three days, beginning on May 28, the Exhibition will be held by inviting over 100 international and domestic buyers. 

The Gyeonggi Business Expo 2003 will be held for three days beginning on May 28, at the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Center located in I-Eui-dong, Suwon. The purpose of the Expo will be to provide new marketing opportunities for promising Small and Medium Business and venture firms and exploring their possibilities of entry into overseas markets. 

The Expo will include four categories: High-Tech (including IT and BT), High-Quality Goods, Angel Mart (for attracting investors), and Permanent Exhibition. Over100 will companies participate in the expo to display and promote their products and technologies, seek technology exchange and attract investors. 

Substantial support will be provided so that so participants can find marketing opportunities and secure investments. Counseling sessions between large companies/distributors and Small and Medium Business/Venture Firms will be offered, as well as export talks by buyers from the Middle East/Africa and Overseas Korean Traders, business talks with commercial attachés currently stationed in Korea, University circles? 

start-up competition, investment presentations, knowledge industry forums, SME/Venture firm catalogue exhibitions and other events. 

Also, available will be various events such as the Hanmaeum Concert, featuring classical, vocal and popular music, demonstration matches by inviting programmers, and on-line game competitions with the general public. These will be held to encourage the public to come and enjoy event. 

Shuttle buses providing convenient transportation for the public will be available at 15-minute intervals nearby the SME Support Center. 

For more information, contact the Knowledge Industry Team of the Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Support Center at 031-259-6143. 

Schedule of major events is as follows: 
Exhibition booths open from May 28~ May 30 (10:00~17:30), 
Business Talk with Large Companies and others: May 28 (13:00~17:30), 
Export Talks with Buyers: May 28 (09:00~17:30), 
Knowledge Industry Forum: May 28 (10:30~12:00), 
University Circles’ Start-up Competition: May 29 (13:30~17:00), 
Venture Firm Investment Presentation: May 29 (14:00~16:00), 
On-line Game Competition: May 29 (14:00~17:30), 
Hanmaeum Concert for SME: May 29 (18:30~19:30), 
Business talks with the commercial attachés stationing in Korea: May 30 (14:00~18:00), 
Event for Overseas Korean Traders: May 26 to May 29 (09:30~17:00).