The Gyeonggi Techno Park opens

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It will be an engine for technological innovation of businesses in the province.

On May 29, the Gyeonggi Techno Park opened. Many dignitaries, including Gyeonggi Province Governor Sohn Hak-gyu, MOCIE Minister Yoon Jin-sik, Ansan City Mayor Song Jin-sub etc, were present at the opening ceremony and encouraged businesses in the Park. The Park is expected to contribute greatly to development of industrial technologies for businesses, particularly those located in the Southwest region of the province with close cooperation among universities, businesses and research institutes.

In his congratulatory speech at the opening ceremony, Gyeonggi Governor Sohn Hak-gyu emphasized the importance of fostering state-of-the-art industrial technologies, particularly by the businesses in the province that accounts for 40% of the nation’s knowledge-based manufacturing and 23% of the GRDP to stay ahead of other competitor nations in this era of limitless competition. He assured that the Province Office will do its best to provide support to those in the Park so that they can eventually form a core cluster for innovations in the nation’s industrial technologies.

The 99,000 square meter-Gyeonggi Techno Park was established with a total of \99.5 worth of investments (\25 billion from MOCIE, \10 billion from the Gyeonggi Province, \53.5 billion from Ansan City and 6 universities including Hanyang University). The 39,670 square meter research-production facility is comprised of the Technology Sophistication Center (housed in four 3-10 story buildings), two test-production buildings and the Support Center.

With opening of the Park, it is now possible to provide a one-stop corporate support service concerning R&D, production of pilot products, quality certification, startup of ventures, technological education and training and management consulting.

It is expected that the Park will be firmly established as the cradle for development of the knowledge-based, cutting-edge industries in the Seoul area, as national research institutions such as Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea Academy of Industrial Technology, Micro Biochip Center etc will provide CE, ISO and KS quality certification service and part material reliability inspection service in the Park. A six-university (Hanyang, Kyunghee, Myungji, Sungkyunkwan, Suwon and Ajou) consortium will also provide R&D support for the Park.

The 75 businesses located in the New Technology Business Incubation House of the Technology Sophistication Center include many promising venture businesses with world-level technological prowess.

The Park in Ansan (the name was changed to Gyeonggi Techno Park from Ansan Techno Park) offers a geographically advantageous location. It is just a 5-minute drive from the Maesong Exit of the West Coast Highway or a one-hour drive from Seoul. It is close to Banwol/Sihwa Industrial Complex where about 4,000 business doing operation, Pyeongtaek Port, Incheon Port and Euiwang Logistics Complex.

The Province Office plans to provide positive support to the Park so that it may eventually play a role as the linchpin of the knowledge-based, cutting-edge industries of the province, fully utilizing its excellent research environment and advantageous location.