The Gyeonggi Province designates its strategically core item for its Technology Innovation Center

Createdd 2003-05-31 Hit 6244


Laying the basis for R & D for small-sized businesses in the Province

The province will soon finalize the strategically core item to be fostered at the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) which operates with the financial support of local autonomous bodies after selection by the MOCIE. The center is designed to provide support concerning use of state-of-the-art equipment, joint research with universities, education of training of employees, information-sharing and things required for start-ups.

Universities in the province interested in participation of the 2003 program are invited to submit their applications to the SME Support Department of the Gyeonggi Province Office not later than June 7 for the province’s recommendation to the Ministry.

The province will have a team of experts screen the applications submitted based on the possibility of cooperation between university and business, feasibility of the proposed project proposed and business objectives and select a representative core item for recommendation to the Ministry.