Gyeonggi Province becomes the center of knowledge-based industry in Korea

Createdd 2003-06-12 Hit 6364


It appears that Gyeonggi Province is the leading player in the knowledge-based industry, with 6,078 (41.2% of the national total) businesses engaged in knowledge-based manufacturing and an average of 241,194 people (41.9% of the national total) employed monthly in the sector.

The number of those engaged in knowledge-based manufacturing accounts for 19.4% of the total number of manufacturers in the province, and the average monthly number of employees accounts for 32.5% of the national figure. This shows that knowledge-based manufacturing generates a considerable employment effect in the province.

It also turns out that the Ansan area in particular, shows a high share (about 10%) both in the number of knowledge-based businesses and the average monthly number of employees in the total provincial figures. Recent trends towards knowledge-based manufacturing businesses are spreading to the outer limits of the province.

Knowledge-based manufacturing in Bucheon, Ansan and Anyang are mostly SMEs, whereas their counterparts in Suwon, Yongin and Icheon are mostly large businesses.