Swimming Pools in Gyeonggi Province are Open to the Public

Createdd 2003-06-23 Hit 6184


o Thorough safety inspections such as water quality inspections and stationing lifeguards

Swimming pools in the Gyeonggi Province are busy preparing to open as the summer vacation season is just about to start.

The Golden Swimming Pool, located in Pyongtaek has opened on the 15th, ahead of other pools. And the Korean Folk Village in Yongin, Oddooki Swimming Pool in Yangju, Joongbu Swimming Pool in Gwangju, in Kwangtan Leisure Park in Yangpyong and the Keumkwang Farm swimming pool in Ansung will all open on the 20th.

And also the Wonchun Jumbo and the Wonchun Wave Pool in Suwon and the Felix Swimming Pool in Goyang will open all together on the 28th of this month. All other swimming pools are scheduled to open late this month.

Burim Swimming Pool in Ansung is planning to offer a delicious lunch to groups visiting the pool and other programs such as recreation water sleds, riding water slides while swimming and also face painting and wall painting is prepared for visitors.

The Gyeonggi Province plans to regularly inspect all safety measurements such as the water quality of all swimming pools, stationing enough lifeguards and also all water facilities for the safety of all visitors.