Global Automotive Parts Producer Bosch Initiates Cooperation with Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center

Createdd 2020-02-07 Hit 165


○ Bosch Group Vice Chairman overseeing IoT/autonomous driving visited Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center on February 7
○ Test rode “Zero Shuttle” and discussed means by which to cooperate with the center
– Showed interest in Gyeonggi’s autonomous driving infrastructure and partnerships with the center’s resident startups

On February 7, a delegation from Robert Bosch GmbH, a global auto parts producer, visited the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center located in the second Pangyo Techno Valley to explore ways in which to cooperate with the local startups in autonomous driving.The delegates, including Vice Chairman Michael Bolle of Bosch Group and President Frank Schaefers of Bosch Korea, met with Gyeonggi Province Economicy Planning Officer Director General Kim Gyu-sik to exchange opinions on Gyeonggi’s autonomous driving infrastructure and support for businesses in the sector.Under the slogan of “Invented for Life”, Bosch has spurred the development of cutting-edge intelligence technologies in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, robotics, safety, blockchain, smart cities, and healthcare.
As market demand is expected to increase for future vehicles such as self-driving cars, Bosch has assigned over 3,000 developers the driver assistance system field and is seeking partner companies in regions around the world including Korea.
On the same day, the Bosch delegation test rode the Zero Shuttle, a level-4 self-driving vehicle developed by Gyeonggi Province, and then observed the demonstration tests of startups and big data collection activities supported by the center.
The delegation then listened to presentations on research and project activities by representatives of startups currently based in the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center and had in-depth discussions on the ways in which Bosch and the startups can work together.
The delegates showed particular interest in the resident startups of the autonomous driving center including Morai (autonomous driving simulation software), AIMMO (deep-learning-based driving situation awareness models), Bitsensing (autonomous driving sensors), SOS Lab (autonomous driving LiDAR sensors), Seoul Robotics (LiDAR software solutions), and Waytis (V2X communication terminals and applications).

“I was very impressed by Gyeonggi Province’s leading role in the establishment of the autonomous driving center and development of an open platform for idea sharing with ​​startups along with the provision of active support for them. I hope that Bosch will have a good opportunity to work with this excellent cluster,” Bosch Group Vice Chairman Michael Bolle said.
“Bosch, which focuses on life-friendly new technologies, and Gyeonggi Province, the center of technology-based startups in Korea, can cooperate in many areas. I hope that the companies of the two countries can find good opportunities to prepare for the future mobility industry through cooperation with the Autonomous Driving Center,” Gyeonggi Province Economic Planning Director General Kim Gyu-sik emphasized.

Gyeonggi Province promoting the global network expansion of local startups and SMEs by supporting linkages and cooperation between foreign and foreign-invested companies in Korea and businesses in the province.