Governor Dong Yeon Kim: “More and Fairer Opportunities For Young People” – Plans Monthly Meetings with Young People

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○ Launching ceremony held for the 2nd Gyeonggi Province Youth Participation Committee on September 17.
– Gyeonggi Province Governor Dong Yeon Kim encourages and welcomes policy proposals from the Youth Participation Committee.
○ A total of 569 young people applied for committee positions with a 2.6:1 acceptance rate; final selections were made by lottery.
○ One-year committee term starts from September 17, fulfilling a role in proposing youth policies and supplementing existing policies.

In commemoration of Youth Day (third Saturday of September) on September 17, Gyeonggi Province Governor Dong Yeon Kim pledged to meet young people on a regular basis in an effort to create “more and fairer opportunities” for young people.

Governor Kim attended the launching ceremony for the 2nd Gyeonggi Province Youth Participation Committee, which was held at the provincial government complex on the same day, and said, “What our young people need now is not short-term aid through budgetary support, but opportunities.” He added, “We will build a community of inclusiveness and mutual growth by creating more and fairer opportunities including opportunities to work, study and love.”

In addition, he made two pledges to help young people raise their voices by breaking away from ideas of older generations and vested interests.

Governor Kim emphasized, “We ask young people to take courage and break down the patterns of thinking while using their imaginations. In tandem with this, Gyeonggi Province will change the way of doing work.”

He also made a second pledge by adding, “I will set aside one day a month to meet young people. I will even travel long distances to hear their voices,” adding, “By communicating with young people on a regular basis, I will listen to their voices.”

The Gyeonggi Province Youth Participation Committee is a body in which a total of 215 young people aged between 19 to 39 from eastern, western, southern and northern regions of Gyeonggi Province participate in developing and proposing youth policies. They serve a one-year term, identifying and proposing policies in high demand areas – such as housing, jobs, and safety – and autonomous areas in which they can freely express their opinions.

Last year, Gyeonggi Province launched four final projects from among policies proposed by the first Youth Participation Committee through review and discussion with relevant departments. These can be implemented as effective policies after deliberation in accordance with the participatory budget process.

The four projects included the following: a gift package for single young adult households, providing daily necessities and a youth policy brochure; a guidebook publication program to disseminate basic living and youth policy information in Gyeonggi Province; mental health programs for young adults to support musical, artistic and athletic activities and connections with local counseling specialists; and mental health programs for hard-working young residents. At the launching ceremony, members of the first Youth Participation Committee directly presented policies to Governor Kim.

Governor Kim awarded letters of appointment to the youth members of the 2nd Gyeonggi Province Youth Participation Committee and encouraged them after listening to related policy proposals.

Meanwhile, a total of 569 people applied during the June recruitment process for the 2nd Gyeonggi Youth Participation Committee, equating to a 2.6 to 1 competition rate. After an initial screening based on the cover letters and career plans of applicants, Gyeonggi Province made final selections by lottery from among those young people whose interest in youth policies was confirmed.