Governor Kim: “The Gyeonggi Pass Application Has Been Launched. I Hope Provincial Residents Enjoy Many Benefits”

Createdd 2024-04-24 Hit 20


With “The Gyeonggi Pass” set to launch on May 1, Gyeonggi Province Governor Dong Yeon Kim promoted the initiative by personally demonstrating the process of applying for The Gyeonggi Pass card.

On April 24, Governor Kim applied for the exclusive The Gyeonggi Pass card from his office through a card company’s app on his smartphone, saying, “On April 24, the long-awaited acceptance of applications for The Gyeonggi Pass began. I came to work today and applied for the card before doing anything else… I hope provincial residents will also apply for The Gyeonggi Pass and enjoy its many benefits.”

The Gyeonggi Pass extends the K-Pass limit of 60 rides per month to unlimited rides and reimburses 20% of monthly public transportation expenses (30% for young adults in their 20s and 30s, 20% for those over 40, and 53% for low-income individuals). The threshold for young adults eligible for the 30% discount has also been expanded from 19-34 to 19-39. However, the cardholder needs to use it at least 15 times to qualify for the discount.

The pass covers all modes of public transportation nationwide, including metropolitan buses, the Shinbundang subway line, as well as more expensive modes of public transportation such as the GTX (Great Train Express), which began service in March this year. It’s also a reimbursement system, so card holders do not need to recharge the card every month after the initial registration. However, transportation that requires a separate ticket, such as highway buses and the KTX, are not eligible for reimbursements.

Provincial residents who wish to use The Gyeonggi Pass can obtain a K-Pass-only card (credit/debit card) from the K-Pass website ( or from individual credit card company websites (Shinhan, KB, NH, Woori, Hana, Samsung, Hyundai, BC, IBK, Kwangju Bank, K-Bank, Go Joy, DGB U Pay) and register on the K-Pass website from May 1.

The acceptance of applications for the card began on April 24. When signing up, the applicant’s address will be automatically verified; if confirmed as a resident of Gyeonggi Province, the applicant will automatically receive the benefits of The Gyeonggi Pass.