Gyeonggi proceeds with 92 projects this year including new children’s playgrounds to create safe environments

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○ Gyeonggi Province allocates KRW 9.4 billion for 92 projects to create safe environments in its 31 cities/counties in 2022
-Safety initiatives in five fields: road equipment repairs, traffic safety, children’s playgrounds, facility safety maintenance, and safety culture/lifestyles
-Creation of small-scale facilities for improving repairs in dangerous living environment areas

Gyeonggi Province announced on February 22 that it will allocate KRW 9.4 billion for projects that realize safe environments in 2022 by creating safety facilities needed in everyday life, such as playground facility replacements as well as orange traffic light and safety logo light installation.

These projects aim to create safe and stable environments for residents by preemptively identifying and remedying dangerous aspects in everyday life. A total of 92 projects for realizing safe environments will be undertaken at locations with high accident rates in the 31 cities/counties of the province through advance selection.

The projects are categorized into 5 fields: 1) road equipment repairs; 2) traffic safety; 3) playground facilities for children; 4) safety maintenance of facilities; and 5) safety culture and lifestyles. The targets are small-scale facilities valued at less than KRW 200 million that reflect the characteristics of the cities/counties.

Main projects include: 1) replacement of playground facilities for children; 2) establishment of safety facilities in front of schools and school zones (orange traffic lights, Yellow Carpet, etc.); 3) installation of automatic saline dispersion devices to prevent falls in winter; 4) installation of non-skid pavement on inclined roads; 5) security inspections of facilities; 6) installation of safety barriers; and 7) installation of safety logo lights.

Gyeonggi Province allocated KRW 9.4 billion last year to the installation of 147 safety facilities, including closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems, safety fences, automatic saline dispersion devices and road barriers in 30 cities/counties.

Through these efforts, the province was recognized for outstanding results with regards to safety management in the highest number of categories (4 out of 6 categories), receiving a level-1 national ranking in the 2021 local safety level index for a seventh consecutive year.

Safety Planning Division Director Park Sang-deok said, “Gyeonggi Province has been appraised as being safer than other provinces due to the continued interest of residents in establishing safety infrastructure.” Park added, “We ask for more interest and cooperation in identifying dangerous aspects of living environments so as to make the province safer.”