Gyeonggi Province and Chongqing City Agree to Open “New Door for Economic Exchange and Cooperation”

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○ Meeting at Foreign Affairs Office at 3 pm on November 27 (UTC +8); approximately 30 participants from Gyeonggi Province and Chongqing City
– Reaffirmed commitment to economic exchange and cooperation; will promote cooperation starting with big data information and data sharing
– Lee Jae-myung: “Let’s meet again in Gyeonggi Province under greater terms” / Tang Liangzhi: “My first stop in Korea will be Gyeonggi Province”
○ Gyeonggi Province establishes bridgehead for exchange and cooperation with central and western regions of China beyond northeast; anticipates development in big data field

Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung and Chongqing City Mayor Tang Liangzhi agreed to open a “new door for exchange and cooperation”.

Governor Lee and Mayor Tang instructed their respective working groups to embark on active exchange and cooperation starting with information and data sharing for future industries such as big data. Of particular note, Mayor Tang had his staff organized a team to organize a visit to Gyeonggi Province by a delegation from Chongqing City in the near future.

In a meeting held at 3 pm on November 27 at the Foreign Affairs Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Governor Lee said, “Chongqing City and Gyeonggi Province have many things in common. Geographically, we are located in the center of our respective countries, and we also play central roles in national development of industries.” He added, “I hope that Chongqing City and Gyeonggi Province will open a new door of exchange and cooperation in the future.”

“In addition to SK Hynix, which is also located in Chongqing, Pangyo Techno Valley, the hub of Korea’s Fourth Industrial cooperation, is located in Gyeonggi Province,” continued Governor Lee. He expressed his intention to invite Mayor Tang to Gyeonggi Province, saying, “I hope that a delegation of Chongqing City will visit Gyeonggi Province on more developed terms. We will prepare for and await your visit.”

Mayor Tang responded, “I am planning a visit to Korea, and when I do come to Korea, my first stop will be Gyeonggi Province.” He added, “I will be sure to pay a visit to Pangyo Techno Valley and SK Hynix to find the ways for us to cooperate with one another.”

Of particular note, Governor Lee introduced Future Growth Policy Bureau Director General Lim Mun-yeong, who accompanied him on this visit to Chongqing City. “Gyeonggi Province is also very much interested in big data-related fields. A related official has accompanied me on this trip.” He instructed his team at the site to strengthen cooperation with Chongqing City, starting with big data information and data sharing.

Introducing Big Data Development Bureau Director Luo Qingchen to Director General Lim immediately afterwards, Mayor Tang instructed Director Luo to not only cooperate closely with Director General Lim, but also to organize a task force as quickly as possible for his visit to Gyeonggi Province.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, with Mayor Tang explaining the economic conditions, environments, and characteristics of Chongqing City, and Governor Lee responding to Mayor Tang’s proposal to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future.

Adding that he was well aware of Gyeonggi Province’s policies for “basic income” and “balanced development of northern provincial regions”, Mayor Tang evoked laughter from the attendees by telling Governor Lee that he was also a “big name” in China.

Having initiated cooperation with Chongqing City, Gyeonggi Province is expected to secure a bridgehead in expanding the scope of exchange and cooperation not only with northeastern Chinese regions, but also central and western regions of China.

Starting with Tianjin Metropolitan City in 2008, Gyeonggi Province has been promoting active exchange by establishing friendly relationships for economic cooperation with Jiangsu Province in 2011, Jilin Province in 2014, and Heilongjiang Province in 2016. However, this is the first time that it has engaged in a detailed discussion of cooperation with a city from central or western China.

Chongqing City is a hub for central and western China, and the Chinese government is fostering it as a strategic center for the country’s future industry development including the big data industry. As such, Gyeonggi Province’s cooperation with Chongqing City is expected to provide a major turning point in the development of the big data industry, which the provincial government is promoting actively.

Following the meeting, which lasted approximately one hour, Governor Lee and Mayor Tang exchanged gifts as they promised to cooperate with one another based on mutual trust and friendship.

Governor Lee prepared a white porcelain “Moon Jar” created by a master potter in Icheon City as a gift for Mayor Tang, and Mayor Tang presented Governor Lee with a copy of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms written in Chinese and English along with a fan handcrafted by a master artisan designated as an intangible cultural asset in China.