Gyeonggi Province Concludes 3rd High-Tech Environment Operation Technology Experience Exhibition of 2022

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○ 3rd Kia Hwaseong Plant exhibition on October 25
– On-site opportunities to experience latest technologies of large corporations for those working in environmental companies and provincial residents interested in environmental fields
– Response especially good from small business employees who have difficulties dealing with environmental pollutants
Department: Local Environmental Management Office | Contact: 031-8008-8394 | Oct. 25, 2022 | 17:10:07

The Gyeonggi Province Environmental Management Office held the third High-Tech Environment Operation Technology Experience Exhibition of 2022 on October 25 with the participation of provincial residents and environmental personnel.

The exhibition was held at Kia’s Hwaseong Plant as an event where the general public, field personnel, and small business site technicians could share knowhow and study information and technologies pertaining to the systematic pollutant management of large corporations.

This year, representatives of SK hynix, Samsung Electronics, and Kia participated, discussing and sharing operational knowledge and technical information about air and water pollution prevention facilities while also providing opportunities for employees of environmental companies to experience the latest environmental technologies for operating relevant facilities and more.

A number of experiences were featured at this event: the introduction of the environmental management status of Kia’s Hwaseong Plant (business site overview, environmental facility management status); on-site management of air and wastewater pollutant prevention facilities (using QR codes and mobile devices for on-site management of air and wastewater pollutants, installing submersible pumps in two stages to flexibly deal with wastewater storage tanks); and special lectures on degradative recycling of waste resources (thermochemical recycling and energy conversion of waste resources, and current status of domestic and foreign technologies for gasification of waste resources).

Park Ha-ni, who works in the semiconductor industry, said, “Kia’s Hwaseong Plant is an advanced workplace, and it was very helpful to be able to see and talk about how to share air prevention facilities with QR codes and mobile devices and technologies.”

Lim Yang-sun, head of the Gyeonggi Province Environmental Management Office, said, “This experiential exhibition, which has taken place three times this year, is expected to realize economic effects such as job creation by promoting environmental industry development via the promotion of the latest environmental pollution prevention technologies in accordance with the government’s carbon-neutral policy… As many people involved in this industry participated, it stands to significantly improve the management abilities of environmental pollution prevention facilities.”

Gyeonggi Province plans to continue this exhibition of cutting-edge environmental operation technologies that can be directly experienced on-site next year for related company personnel who have difficulties with environmental management and by provincial residents who are interested in environmental fields.