Gyeonggi Province exposes fraudulent websites stealing money through fake disaster-related basic income payment notices

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○ Gyeonggi Province acts on resident report to expose fraudulent website on January 29; immediate deletion following notification of web portal
– Installation of malware after attaining access; scams users into micro-transactions via mobile phones
○ Gyeonggi Province to actively monitor websites via web portals; police to investigate upon exposure
○ Gyeonggi Province actively publicizes its disaster-related basic income website via social media
– Public advised to use Gyeonggi Province’s disaster-related basic income website (

With plans underway for Gyeonggi Province to begin accepting applications for its 2nd round of disaster-related basic income on February 1, which will provide KRW 100,000 to every resident of the province to help overcome the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gyeonggi took immediate action upon discovery of fraudulent websites scamming residents into micro-transactions via their mobile phones.

Gyeonggi Province asked that residents exercise special caution in avoiding dubious links to unknown websites as notices for the 2nd round of disaster-related basic income payments and resident verification procedures are undertaken only through the official website (

According to Gyeonggi Province on January 31, a report was made at approximately 6 PM on January 29 by a resident that led to the discovery of a fraudulent website for basic income application, prompting the province to take immediate action.

The website was found after searching for the keywords “application guide for 2nd disaster-related basic income.” Accessing the website automatically led to the installation of malware on devices through which it was accessed. If a user entered a mobile phone number to receive the disaster-related basic income payment, the fraudulent website would initiate micro-transactions without user consent. The individual who reported the fraudulent website did not fall victim to the scam.

After receiving the report, Gyeonggi Province made a request to the related web portal, Daum, for action to be taken, leading to the subsequent deletion of the fraudulent website. After deletion, Gyeonggi Province continued monitoring and discovered thirteen additional fraudulent websites, all of which were deleted after being reported to the relevant web portal.

To prevent further occurrences, Gyeonggi Province is publicizing the official link ( via its official website and social media channels. Thorough monitoring of online forums, blogs and social media has also been reinforced. As of January 31, Gyeonggi Province reported zero cases of reported damage.

Gyeonggi Province has requested that searches and discoveries of fraudulent websites found through the keywords “Gyeonggi Province disaster-related basic income (etc.)” on NAVER, Daum and other web portals be automatically intercepted. Gyeonggi Province plans to deal sternly with such fraudulent websites through criminal investigations.

Public Relations and Planning Bureau Director General Lee Seong-ho said, “With the recent notices about Gyeonggi Province’s 2nd round of disaster-related basic income sent out by credit card companies, the Gyeonggi website has been accessed by many interested residents.” He added, “We will actively monitor websites so that residents do not fall victim to these fraudulent websites.”

Gyeonggi Province’s 2nd round of disaster-related basic income payments will be made available through three options – online application, on-site receipt, and a visiting service – so as to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Starting February 1, applicants can select from among twelve credit card companies or Gyeonggi Province’s local currency card and conveniently apply online. After verifying one’s residence in Gyeonggi Province on the official application website, individuals can select the card company through which they will receive the disaster-related basic income payment, which they can then use via the selected card.