Gyeonggi Province introduces clean buses equipped with air purifiers to eliminate particulate matter and viruses!

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○ Gyeonggi Province to advance its clean bus pilot project for eliminating particulate matter and viruses by July
– Installation of air purifiers on bus ceilings; 99% of particulate matter and 93% of viruses/bacteria to be eliminated
○ Installations on 20 intercity buses and express buses operating on three routes in Gyeonggi Province that see high numbers of rush hour passengers
– Two express bus routes: Seongnam ↔ Incheon (#8806), Icheon ↔ Dong Seoul (#1336)
– One express city bus route: Pyeongtaek ↔ Gangnam (#6600)

Gyeonggi Province will introduce clean buses that can eliminate 99% of the particulate matter and 93% of the viruses and bacteria onboard.

Gyeonggi Province announced on March 4 that, for the first in the nation, it will operate clean buses; 20 clean buses equipped with air purifies that can eliminate particulate matter and viruses will begin operating this month on three routes so as to prevent health-related issues stemming from particulate matter and viral infections while ensuring a more pleasant bus environment.

Purifiers that can quickly remove particulate matter from passengers as well as in-bus pollutants will be installed on bus ceilings. Pre-filters will catch large dust particles while HEPA filters will eliminate 99% of particulate matter. UV disinfection lights will then eradicate more than 93% of harmful viruses and bacteria while carbon filters will remove unpleasant odors.

These easy-to-install purifiers, designed in consideration of optimal size and noise levels, are expected to receive positive responses from bus passengers and operators.

Gyeonggi Province will prioritize installation on 20 buses on one Seongnam-Incheon express bus route (#8806), one Icheon-Dong Seoul express bus route (#1336), and one Pyeongtaek-Gangnam express city bus route (#6600) that see high numbers of rush hour passengers.

During the pilot project period, Gyeonggi Province will measure and observe the levels of particulate matter and carbon dioxide in real time with grade 1 measuring devices certified by the Ministry of Environment. The evaluation of the project will be completed by July through a performance analysis, and the project will be expanded to cities and counties in the province in accordance with the results.

Driver A of bus #6600, who has more than twenty years of experience driving buses, commented, “The indoor air quality has improved after the air cleaning device was installed and breathing has become easier, which has improved my concentration level. The passengers are also satisfied, and I hope the number of clean buses is increased.”

Park Dae-geun, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s PM Countermeasure Division, stated, “A system that safely purifies polluted indoor air is necessary as frequent ventilation of city buses is difficult. We will strive to substantially promote the pilot project during this time of uneasiness with closed spaces due to COVID-19 so that everyone can ride buses with installed air purifiers.”