Gyeonggi Province operates Korea’s first regional child protection agency, enhancing response capabilites

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○ Reorganization of roles and functions of existing Gyeonggi Province Child Protection Agency and implementation of roles for administrative headquarters of child protection agencies in each city and county
– Guidance for Gyeonggi Province’s special project on operation of new Child Protection Agency; training to strengthen capabilities of child abuse responders, development of standardized operation guidelines and advising on abuse cases

This year, Gyeonggi Province will begin operation of its province-wide child protection agency to respond more systemically to child abuse issues by providing training and guidance to child protection agencies and child abuse responders of each city and county, as well as research projects on abuse prevention.

Gyeonggi Province currently operates 19 child protection agencies, including the Suwon Child Protection Agency (located in Paldal-gu), while the newly opened Gyeonggi Province Child Protection Agency has been reorganized to serve as the nation’s first province-wide management headquarters. This stems from the establishment of separate child protection agencies last year in the cities of Gunpo, Uiwang and Gwacheon, which are under the jurisdiction of the Gyeonggi Province Child Protection Agency.

Unlike the city/county child protection agencies, which provide direct assistance such as case management for abused children and abuse recurrence prevention, the Gyeonggi Province Child Protection Agency supports activities for families of abuse victims and response personnel throughout the year, such as abuse prevention research projects, emergency medical care, mental therapy, and legal counseling.

In addition, the provincial agency is responsible for supporting the activities of city/county child protection agencies, such as training child abuse response personnel and providing guidance on abuse cases. It is also developing standard operating procedures to ensure the smooth initial operation of four child protection agencies to be opened in the cities of Gimpo, Yangju, Osan and Pocheon this year.

Of particular note, it is providing operational support and consultations for employees of child protection agencies in the cities of Gwangju and Paju, which opened in November and December last year, respectively. The aim is to provide support so that new child protection agencies can acquire operational stability and systemic response capabilities as early as possible through theoretical education, field training, administrative guidance, workshops, and more.

Childcare Division Director Yoo So-jung said, “In order for children to grow safely and healthily, close cooperation among the child protection agencies of the province, cities and counties is essential.” She added, “Gyeonggi Province will continue to promote quantitative and qualitative expansion of child protection networks through the operation of Gyeonggi-based child protection agencies along with those in each city and county.”