Gyeonggi Province provides legal remedies to foreign residents through online services

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○ GMHR operates online petition system offering tailored services during pandemic
– Online legal consultations for delayed wage payments, unfair dismissals, and more

○ New methods for legal remedies proposed through diverse channels in addition to in-person and phone counseling

Gyeonggi Province’s online petition system, which handles foreign resident counseling on issues such as overdue wages, industrial accidents and unfair layoffs, has become the focus of public attention as it proves beneficial in providing legal remedies to foreign residents of Gyeonggi Province during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gyeonggi Province announced on September 2 that the system was introduced so that foreign residents could receive help in a convenient manner regardless of time and place through a contactless online consultation system in consideration of the difficulties with in-person consultations during the pandemic.

Since the Gyeonggi Institute of Research and Policy Development for Migrants’ Human Rights (GMHR), an institute commissioned by Gyeonggi Province, began operation of the system in July last year, a total of 11 cases, including 4 last year and 7 this year, have been received regarding consultations and legal remedies.

In one case, foreign resident “A” living in Goyang City was investigated on charges of violating the Control of Firearms, Swords, Explosives, Etc. Act after purchasing a stun gun for the purpose of self-defense. The issue was that “A” was not thoroughly aware of related domestic laws and thus needed professional support.

That is when “A” learned about the GMHR. It was difficult for “A” to travel to the institute as it is located in the southern part of Gyeonggi Province, while “A” lives in Goyang. Fortunately, remote counseling was available through the online petition system, which enabled “A” to conveniently receive help.

After receiving the case, the GMHR investigated relevant precedents, verified that the product he had purchased was not subject to authorization pursuant to related laws and explained the situation to the police, thus actively resolving the issue for “A.”

The online petition system allows any foreign resident of Gyeonggi Province whose rights have been violated, or any provincial resident aware of related cases, to apply for legal remedies.

To use the system, access the GMHR website ( either via PC or mobile phone, select the “Complaint Form” heading and provide basic information such as name and contact information to file a human rights violation claim.

An alternative method is to download an application form from the GMHR website, fill it out, and submit it via email (

In addition to information such as date and location of the infringement, related data including salary statements, written accusations and medical certificates can be attached as files, enabling the receipt and processing of incidents to be handled more rapidly than by phone calls or in-person visits.

Applications will be reviewed by lawyers and labor attorneys working full-time at the GMHR or by advising labor attorneys in each region of the province. Detailed counseling and legal assistance will then be provided by telephone or online.

Park Geun-tae, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Foreigner Policy Division, said, “We will be able to improve accessibility and convenience for foreign residents who have difficulties visiting the institute due to COVID-19 or wish to receive legal assistance through the online system. We will continue to take an active lead in ensuring that Gyeonggi Province values human rights without discrimination.”