Gyeonggi Province to complete safety inspections of seven recreational water parks by end of August

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○ Safety inspections of recreational water parks in province to prevent safety accidents in summer
– Seven recreational water parks in province to be inspected
– Joint public-private sector inspections conducted to ensure safety, particularly at recreational water parks with highest summer visitor numbers

Gyeonggi Province plans to complete comprehensive safety inspections of seven recreational water parks in the province, including Caribbean Bay in Yongin City, by the end of August. This initiative is aimed at monitoring the safety and water quality management practices of such facilities ahead of the peak summer holiday season.

The inspections include the following major areas: defects in amusement rides such as water slides; management of hazardous goods and various facilities; operational status of fire safety equipment; presence of lifeguards with required qualifications; use of water depth indicators, water quality-testing equipment, and rescue equipment; presence of covers on drainage holes in wave pools and floating water pools in response to a recent accident; and compliance with government COVID-19 protocols during the summer season.

Following the inspections, minor issues and non-compliance with protocols, such as not wearing a face mask in indoor spaces, will be noted and corrected on the spot. The province will continuously monitor areas requiring improvement, while city/county governments will perform safety inspections of 32 small recreational water parks in the province.

“We expect to see a spike in the number of water park users following the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions,” said Choi Young-hoon, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Tourism Division. “We will conduct thorough inspections together with professional agencies so as to ensure the safety of provincial residents while they are on vacation. We remain committed to managing recreational water parks and preventing accidents in all areas.”