Gyeonggi Province to Conduct Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in 5 Areas including Ilsan-dong of Goyang City

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Gyeonggi Province announced on June 6 that it would launch a CPTED project in five selected areas that maintain a weak infrastructure and with a concentration of foreign residents through the utilization of a budget of KRW 2.25 billion.

The five areas to be included in the project are: Gyeongan-dong of Gwangju City and Bongam-ri of Yangju City, targeting old housing structures; Ilsan-dong of Goyang City; Sinjang 1-dong of Hanam City; and Bakdal 2-dong of Anyang City, targeting close-quartered multiplex housing and weak infrastructure.

The CPTED project aims to prevent crime by improving the residential environment in crime-prone areas while also enhancing the quality of residential life.

Gyeonggi Province said that it had received recommendations from each city and county in the province prior to making its final selection based on assessments regarding the level of accident vulnerability, residents’ willingness to participate in the project, project feasibility and the potential to become a standardized model of development.

The province will implement the project after gathering public opinion from local residents and police departments in each region and performing environmental characteristic analysis-based design of basic infrastructure. Residents will participate in the entire process from design to construction while CPTED specialists will provide guidance for enhanced project completion.

Specific changes to be made throughout the project include the fortification of old wall structures, increase of alleyway lamps, installation of security cameras and emergency sirens, and the establishment of resident community spaces through the restoration and maintenance of parks, vacant lots and empty houses.

According to a recent survey conducted in Uijeongbu City, Paju City, and Yangpyeong County, all of which recently completed the project, 68% of residents answered that their relationships with their neighbors were improved after project completion, while 90% said that they were satisfied with the project.

Song Hae-chung, Director of Architecture and Design Division of Gyeonggi Province, explained, “Based on the achievements of the CPTED projects thus far, we will continue to expand the project to vulnerable areas, communities with dense foreign populations, and Woman Safety Zones. We will work to ensure crime prevention while creating a pleasant residential environment in which residents can always feel safe.”