Gyeonggi Province to supply remote fire-monitoring security systems to 20 traditional markets

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○ Applications from traditional markets for remote fire-monitoring security systems accepted until June 18
– 20 traditional markets, shopping districts and commercial activity zones will be selected
○ CCTV-mobile connection services will be provided to the selected markets

Gyeonggi Province announced on June 8 that it launched the “2021 Remote Fire-Monitoring Security System Installation Project for Traditional Markets” and is accepting applications for project participation.

The project involves connecting CCTVs installed in traditional markets to mobile phones so that market operators are able to monitor emergency situations such as fires.

Traditional markets, shopping districts and commercial activity zones registered in Gyeonggi Province are eligible for the project pursuant to the Special Act on the Development of Traditional Markets and Shopping Districts. The project will be limited to some 20 locations.

Priority will be given to locations where store rent has decreased by 20% or more, where 50% or more of businesses have applied for Gyeonggi Sarang Voucher membership, where 50% or more of businesses have installed fire detectors, and where 50% or more of businesses have fire insurance or were selected by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups for the fire alarm facility installation and deteriorated electrical wiring repair project.

Those interested can submit an application to the Gyeonggi Provincial Government by June 18 via related departments at their local city or district office.

Gyeonggi Province will first consult with the traditional markets that apply for the project, and then select project participants according to urgency and priority after document screening and deliberation. The project will be operated through the Gyeonggi-do Market Revitalization Agency.

Detailed information can be obtained by visiting the official Gyeonggi Province website ( or by calling the Gyeonggi Provincial Government’s Small Business Division (031-8030-2853).