Gyeonggi Province’s International Medical Initiative Receives Grand Prize in Contest for Exemplary Internationalization Cases

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Gyeonggi Province advanced to the final round and won the grand prize at the Contest for Exemplary Internationalization Cases on October 23.

Hosted by the Governors Association of Korea, this contest was designed to raise awareness of exemplary cases of international exchange and cooperation and to increase in such efforts. Today, there are 243 local governments (17 metropolitan and 226 regular cities) in Korea that are pursuing international exchange and cooperation with local governments overseas.
In the final round, 6 local government initiatives for international exchange and cooperation were selected as contenders including Gyeonggi Province’s international medical initiative.

Since 2009, Gyeonggi Province has signed 23 cooperative health and medical treatment agreements with 12 countries, including Kazakhstan, dedicating efforts to expand the international medical business sector. Since 2011, the province has been pursuing more human resource exchange initiatives for the overseas expansion of the medical industry. One such effort was the provision of training programs in Korea for foreign medical personnel; 539 participants from 10 countries completed these programs. To ensure systematic implementation, Gyeonggi Province has accepted and is following the Gyeonggi Province International Medical Initiative Basic Plan (2018 to 2020).

Contest Details

○ Participants: 243 local governments in Korea (17 metropolitan and 226 regular cities)
○ Contest Topic: Cases of increasing positive relations with local governments overseas through sisterhood agreements and friendly relations and contributing to fostering a global mindset
○ Hosted and Supervised by: Governors Association of Korea

Local Governments in Final Round (Government / Case Title)
*The award-winning projects were chosen in a final evaluation of six selected projects

– Gyeonggi Province / Gyeonggi Province Global Healthcare Support Project
– Daejeon Metropolitan City / Successful Hosting of 2017 Asia Pacific City Summit
– Bucheon City, Gyeonggi Province / Strengthening Competitiveness in the World through the Advancement of Bucheon’s International Relations
– Yeongdo-gu, Busan / Building a Futuristic Global Culture City, an International City for the World: Yeongdo
– Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province / Suwon City: Embracing the World
– Yeosu City, Jellanam-do Province / Serving through Small Acts of Sharing: Yeosu, a City of Happiness