Gyeonggi Province’s Invitational Training for Russian Medical Practitioners Successfully Completed

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○ Gyeonggi Province held a training completion ceremony for the 9 participating medical professionals in the situation room of the provincial government complex on September 18.
– The trainees experienced advanced medical technologies at 5 hospitals in the province from August 26 to September 20, showing keen interest in the latest IT medical technologies.
– The medical professionals are expected to serve as a bridge between Gyeonggi Province and Russia in inter-regional medical cooperation and as a vanguard in promoting the medical technologies of the province.

All nine Russian medical professionals who visited Gyeonggi Province for the “2019 Invitational Training for Russian Medical Practitioners in Gyeonggi Province” returned home on September 20 after completing their training.

The Russian medical practitioners who successfully completed the four-week program that ran from August 26 to September 20 will serve as a bridge between Gyeonggi Province and Russia for inter-regional cooperation in health and medical care and as a vanguard in promoting the advanced medical technologies of Gyeonggi Province in their country.

Selected through recommendations made by the Khabarovsk and Irkutsk regional health departments, the trainees included surgical, neurosurgical, cardiovascular, and orthopedic specialists who work for Khabarovsk Regional Clinical Hospitals Nos. 1 and 2, Khabarovsk Regional City Clinical Hospital No. 11, Khabarovsk Regional Children’s Hospital, and Irkutsk Regional Hospital.

During the four-week program, the practitioners received training in superior clinical techniques and advanced medical technologies at five hospitals in Gyeonggi Province: St. Mary’s Hospital, the Catholic University of Korea Bucheon; Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital; GSAM Hospital; Sejong Hospital; and Wills Memorial Hospital.

Throughout the program, the trainees showed keen interest in severe disease treatment technologies that require advanced medical skills (cancer, cardiovascular, neurosurgical and others fields); smart IT medical technologies introduced and utilized by Gyeonggi hospitals; and robotic surgery using advanced medical equipment.

With the completion of training by the nine Russian medical practitioners, the number of overseas medical professionals who have experienced and trained in advanced medical technologies in Gyeonggi Province through the invitational training program that began in 2011 now totals 580, representing 10 countries.

Gyeonggi Province had previously signed a health and medical care cooperation agreements with Khabarovsk in 2011 and Irkutsk in 2017, and has since promoted various exchange and cooperation projects with the two regions, such as medical training, reciprocal visits, and joint international academic conferences.

Gennadi Aldaranov, a specialist at Irkutsk Regional Hospital, expressed his gratitude to Gyeonggi Province, saying: “I have learned a lot from this program, experiencing the latest medical technologies and equipment in Gyeonggi Province that are of global caliber. I was also very impressed by the local doctors’ efforts to become closer to and better communicate with their patients. Korea is an amazing country. I am grateful to Gyeonggi Province for providing us with this training.”

A Gyeonggi Province official said, “The training program for overseas medical professionals is a key project in building a human network and helping the Korean medical industry advance into global markets, as well as in the creation of a Korean medical wave in Russia. We will expand the medical training program as medical practitioners who have completed the training can play key roles in promoting medical development in Gyeonggi Province.”