Gyeonggi Real Estate web portal English and other new services start on December 15

Createdd 2020-12-14 Hit 213


○ Street address and place names to be provided in English for convenience of non-Korean residents
○ Topographic map with 5-meter contour interval to show geographic features and altitudes of Gyeonggi Province
○ More resident-requested services included, such as land lot information

The Gyeonggi Real Estate web portal ( will feature new services, including a topographic map with English labeling, starting December 15. It will also improve some of its existing services, provide information on land lots and real estate agencies, and offer printable maps.
The English map on the Gyeonggi Real Estate web portal features English labeling of administrative regions, street addresses, landmarks, public offices, and buildings in Gyeonggi Province. This provides non-Korean residents who are not proficient in Korean with access to Gyeonggi Province’s real estate and map services.
The topographic map that shows terrain elevation and gradient as well as other geographic features of Gyeonggi Province.
These improvements reflect the opinions of Gyeonggi residents in terms of the improvement of services as revealed through a survey and the web portal.
Regarding land lot information provided via map services, users can select land lots from the map and identify them by different colors. The web portal’s one-stop services have seen improvements in visibility through the highlighting of lines demarcating lots searched by users.
The web portal’s real estate agency section provides more comprehensive data, such as agency business information including owner, accredited agents and staff. Furthermore, when printing continuous cadastral maps, users can use clearer fonts.
The Gyeonggi Real Estate web portal opened in February 2011 with the aim of ensuring easy access to Gyeonggi Province’s real estate data. Today, it provides diverse information, such as real estate transaction costs, land lot information, development plans, aerial cadastral maps, street address maps, and other tailored services.
A Gyeonggi provincial official said, “Gyeonggi residents will be able to use our web portal more easily with our newly launched services. We will continue to listen to public requests and incorporate them into our services.”