Gyeonggi Special Judicial Police Crack Down on Illegal Activities at Restaurants that Handle Seafood

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From February 27 to March 10 this year, the Gyeonggi Province Special Judicial Police will intensively crack down on 360 restaurants that handle imported seafood in the province.

Misrepresentation of fishery product country of origin and violation of business operator requirements are the main focus of the crackdown. For some imported seafood products, samples will be taken randomly to verify safety, and radioactivity tests will also be performed. In cases where levels exceeding the standard value (100 Bq/kg) are detected, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety will be notified of the results and the competent authority will take action to recall the product.

Misrepresenting the country of origin of imported marine products as Korean, for example, may result in imprisonment for up to 7 years or a fine of up to KRW 100 million in accordance with the Act on Labeling of Origin of Agricultural and Marine Products.

Violations exposed through this crackdown will be dealt with rigorously through means such as requests for administrative penalties from competent authorities, the indictment of perpetrators, and sending perpetrators to prosecution.

Hong Eun-gi, head of the Gyeonggi Province Special Judicial Police, said, “We will do our best to relieve public anxieties about the safety and supply of seafood.”

The Gyeonggi Province Special Judicial Police receive public reports of illegal activities through their website ( and the Gyeonggi-do Call Center (031-120).