Gyeonggi supports newspaper subscriptions for multicultural families

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○ Multicultural newspaper provides useful information to multicultural families
– Inquiries and applications accepted by multicultural family support centers and community service centers of 30 cities/counties (excluding Anseong)

Gyeonggi Province will support multicultural newspaper subscriptions again this year for multicultural families who lack access to information due to language barriers.

The multicultural newspaper offers information about lifestyles, education, immigration, Korean language education, welfare and parenting with regards to multicultural families; it is published twice a month and provided free of charge to multicultural families and related organizations by post.

It also carries important information that is essential for multicultural families (such as COVID-19 vaccinations, etc.) in different languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Russian and Taiwanese.

Gyeonggi Province has carried out this project to support multicultural newspaper every year since 2013. Last year, a total of 243,833 copies were distributed to approximately 9,000 multicultural families and related organizations within the province. The province plans to distribute 236,000 copies this year.

Multicultural families and related organizations in the 30 cities/counties of the province (excluding Anseong) wishing to subscribe to the newspaper can receive it free of charge by applying to the relevant department of multicultural family support centers and community service centers.

Family Multiculturism Division Director Choi Yeong-mook said, “We will devise various ways to increase accessibility while boosting the subscription rate of multicultural families and immigrant workers.”