Gyeonggido Job Foundation Supports Investment Attraction for Young Manufacturers via Prototype Exhibits and Product Presentations

Createdd 2022-11-11 Hit 147


○ Five ‘Youth Dream Master’ teams selected by Gyeonggido Job Foundation present prototypes to investment specialists
– Investment attraction potential of teams evaluated through prototype exhibits and related presentations
On November 10, the Gyeonggido Job Foundation held Youth Dream Master IR Day at the Courtyard by Marriott Suwon to support young manufacturers.

Youth Dream Master teams, selected last June from various fields including ESG, materials, parts, and equipment, participated in the event to demonstrate their prototypes and give presentations to attract investment.

The participating teams (ANAFNI, Chable, H&A, UZUS, and Another X) demonstrated their prototypes, which were realized through technology management consultations and supporting funds of KRW 10 million provided by the foundation.

Through this event, young manufacturers had opportunities to experience investment attraction as well as to receive feedback on shortcomings with their products and services, thus enabling them to strengthen their core competencies.

Jeon In-ho, CEO of Another X, presented Korea’s first eco-friendly leather made from cactus and highlighted its advantage as a sustainable material. He emphasized the sustainability of the cactus leather, comparing it to the global eco-friendly fabric market which is primarily made up of recycled fabric.

Shin Dong-young, CEO of ANAFNI, introduced a customized muzzle for dogs made with 3D printing technology. The key advantage of this product is its minimal impact on a dog’s daily activities.

Kim Young-mi, CEO of H&A, demonstrated drones used for facility safety inspection and emphasized the successful lowering of the unit price through self-developed parts. Especially notable was the size of their drones, which were made smaller in consideration of domestic facility environments.

Choi Heo-jung, CEO of Chable, showcased a home training device with the ability to measure and record user performance and provide a suitable workout environment.

Park Seung-deok, CEO of UZUS, introduced a personal cup washer in line with disposable cup regulations. The differentiator for this product is a self-developed nozzle for higher washing capacity. Also, it records usage information and provides ESG data to enterprises.

Cho Eun-joo, head of the Gyeonggido Job Foundation’s Youth Job Office, said, “We hope this event will serve as an opportunity for participants to readily raise funds and find markets. We will also do our utmost to be strong supporters of youths in the manufacturing sector, enabling them to succeed and provide good jobs to other young people.”

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggido Job Foundation will host Youth Dream Master Networking Day on November 14 with 5 Youth Dream Master companies and support business exchanges among young manufacturing startups.