Gyeonggi’s Special Judicial Police to Undertake Intensive Quarterly Crackdown on Illegal Waste Disposal Activities

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Gyeonggi Province will crack down on illegal acts involving private sector waste disposal in all regions of the province by the end of the year. This crackdown is being undertaken in accordance with the results of a 2022 survey of Gyeonggi residents on areas in need of strengthened crackdowns by the Special Judicial Police. Provincial residents identified the environmental (waste) sector as the field most in need of such crackdowns.

Unlike previous years, Gyeonggi Province’s Special Judicial Police plan to increase the concentration of year-round crackdowns on illegal waste disposal activities with tailored quarterly crackdowns that take into consideration the seasonal characteristics of such acts. Accordingly, the following illegal activities will face intensive crackdowns on a quarterly basis: (Q1) illegal incineration, embankment, and landfill disposal of various wastes under the guise of farmland use that frequently occur in winter; (Q2) illegal disposal of construction waste stemming from increased construction work in spring; (Q3) improper treatment of animal waste due to increased chicken consumption in summer; and (Q4) illegal waste dumping by junk shops and recycling companies.

Since reports from Gyeonggi residents significantly aid in the eradication of such crimes, the Special Judicial Police plan to encourage reports and tips from the public through promotion via local residents and various organizations (environmental groups, community leaders, etc.). The Special Judicial Police plan to foster a social consensus that “illegal acts must be punished” by carrying out preliminary publicity and post-investigation briefings to prevent crimes involving waste.

“We will do our best to improve the satisfaction of Gyeonggi residents and eradicate illegal waste disposal activities by the private sector through a crackdown undertaken jointly with cities and counties,” said Hong Eun-ki, head of Gyeonggi Province’s Public Welfare Special Judicial Police.

Gyeonggi Province’s Special Judicial Police receive reports of illegal activities from Gyeonggi residents through their website ( and via the Gyeonggi-do Call Center (031-120).

Illegal waste disposal activities in Gyeonggi Province decreased from 213 cases in 2021 to 150 cases in 2022.

Gyeonggi Province conducted a survey of 1,000 provincial residents aged 18 or older from September 20 to 22 last year. A number of areas were identified by respondents as requiring strengthened crackdowns: environmental pollution (18%); real estate speculation (13%); proxy purchase of alcohol and cigarettes by teenagers (13%); animal abuse (10%); and subsidy corruption in social welfare facilities (9%), among others.