Hydrogen Economy for the Future! Gyeonggi Province to hold the Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum 2020

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○ Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum 2020 to be held online from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., November 5 (http://h2forum.or.kr)
○ The first International Hydrogen Forum hosted by Gyeonggi Province to raise awareness on the need of hydrogen economy and establish a cooperation system
○ To be conducted in five sessions that includes domestic and international policies, laws, specialized organizations, and the people of Gyeonggi Province
○ How to participate: Visit the official website or search “Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum” on YouTube

Gyeonggi Province will be hosting on November 5 the “Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum” with an aim to boost the hydrogen economy by strengthening the cooperation and establishing a network between private and international sectors. It is the first ever International Hydrogen Forum hosted by Gyeonggi Province.

The forum will be held online to practice social distancing. Those who wish to participate may connect to the official website (http://h2forum.or.kr) or search for “Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum” on YouTube to watch the event.

This forum, with the theme of “Hydrogen Economy for the Future,” will have over 40 panels—from central and local government officials, domestic and international academia, experts of the hydrogen technology, entrepreneurs, and the public—to share different opinions on hydrogen and its future and discuss measures to expand the ecosystem of hydrogen energy in Gyeonggi Province.

The forum will commence with remarks by renowned domestic and international experts from hydrogen-related industries, including Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung, Gyeonggi Province Assembly Chairman Jang Hyun-guk, and members of the National Assembly Jeon Hae-cheol and Lee Hack-young, and keynote speeches by Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) President Chae Hee-bong, Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS) President Lim Hae-jong, International Association for Hydrogen Energy President John William Shepherd, and Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) CEO Fiona Simon. The keynote speeches are themed: The Future of Korean Hydrogen Economy; Realizing a Safe Hydrogen Economy; Global Trends in the Hydrogen Economy; and Strategies for Nurturing Hydrogen Economy.

The program will be followed by: Session 1. Present and Future of Hydrogen Economy; Session 2. Story of Future Hydrogen City; Session 3. Establishment Plan of Technology Oriented Hydrogen Industry Ecosystem; and Session 4. Case studies and open forum on hydrogen economy; and a talk concert with the public.

The energy status of Gyeonggi Province and Korea will be discussed, followed by the development direction and improvement measures related to the role of Gyeonggi Province, such as the appearance of a hydrogen city that we dream of in the future and measures to strengthen hydrogen technology in becoming a true hydrogen economy.

Session 4 especially features a discussion among experts and representatives of the public, including YouTubers and members of a hydrogen vehicle club, on what hydrogen is.

Finally, a special discussion with experts of the energy field from public organizations, industry circles, and civic groups, led by Senior Researcher Koh Jae-kyung of Gyeonggi Research Institute (GRI), will be held under the theme: “Direction of Energy Transition for Implementing the Green New Deal in Gyeonggi Province.”

Environment Director Eom Jin-seop of Gyeonggi Province said, “Gyeonggi Province has high demand on hydrogen economy, as well as high concentration of hydrogen-related fields, which makes the Province the most promising region where the hydrogen industry will vitalize,” and added, “Based on the production-based facilities in Gyeonggi Province, we will do our best for our hydrogen industry to take the hydrogen economy of Korea to another level.”

Starting this year, Gyeonggi Province plans to host annual forums for continued communication among private, public, industry, academic, and research fields for the development of the hydrogen industry.