Imjingak to open on Dec. 3 transformed into a tourist attraction for night-time experiences

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○ New face of Imjingak presenting “Peace Fantasy” through night-time tourism content
– Media art created based on a storyline utilizing the surrounding environment, lightings and artificial structures
○ Expected to be reborn as a must-see attraction of Northern Gyeonggi Province and revitalize the region

– A media facade on an immense tree of 13 meters created to become the main icon of night-time tour in Northern Gyeonggi Province

○ Trial operation to be conducted during the social distancing period following quarantine measures

Imjingak, Korea’s main tour attraction related to national security, will be adding night-time tour content to transform into a tourist attraction with peace and hope.

Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Tourism Organization (GTO) spent KRW 1.9 billion on Supul Nuri in Imjingak to install artificial structures and lightings for media shows with the purpose of creating a night-time tour facility, which opened on December 3.

Gyeonggi Province and the GTO explained that the night-time tour facility was created to disperse the concentration of Imjingak and Pyeonghwa Nuri Park visitors to Supul Nuri, and to create a pleasant night-time view of Imjingak and the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

The size of the newly-opened night-time tour facility of Imjingak is 52,884 m2, which takes about 40 minutes to tour along the course. Interesting structures and laser art add fun to the tour, which is based on a storyline of flower seeds that made their way from the north, which bloomed to become the rose of Sharon (national flower of Korea) and peonies, spreading petals and messages of peace. The space is divided into sections of presentations that draw visitors’ attention.

The beginning of the tour depicts a dandelion puff and scattering seeds with lighting. Another flower structure blooms by itself when a person comes near and lasers that move like flower seeds travel along with the wind. They move toward Hanageuru, the main content of this show, creating a magical and dreamy atmosphere.

Hanageuru, a breathtaking media show presented on a massive tree of 13 meters in harmony with the surrounding landscape, is the greatest attraction of the program. Hanageuru screens main and seasonal videos with a running time of 15 minutes per session. The main video is a magnificent presentation of flower seeds with a message of hope clustering to form a tree. Before and after the main video, a seasonal video is played to function as a photo zone. A Christmas-themed video will be screened for winter.

By the waterside, a high intensity laser is used to create wavelengths that appear as gentle waves, while moving lasers visualize flower pollens of Hanageuru, giving visitors an exciting experience while walking down the pathway.

The night tour facility is planned to be operated by the GTO, which is also in charge of the Pyeonghwa Nuri Park of Imjingak. A trial operation will be conducted during the level 2 social distancing period. During the trial, the Hanageuru media show will be open for 3 days a week from Thursday to Saturday and Sundays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (3hours). Lighting will be on every day all year round for four hours after sunset. Images sent by visitors will be applied in the Hanageuru event video to create more opportunities that visitors can participate.

Gyeonggi Province expects this project to become the core of peace tour and the hub of long-stay tourism in Northern Gyeonggi Province, along with Pyeongwha Nuri Park Adventure Playground, a successful and popular spot for family visitors that opened last October 21 as well as camping sites.

Choi Yong-hoon, Director for Tourism of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “When the level of social distancing is reduced after the trial operation, we will showcase our new genre of “Peace Fantasy” in Supul Nuri to Imjingak visitors.” He added, “Just like the meaning of Hanageuru, which prays for the unification of South and North Korea, we hope men, women, elderlies and children make happy experience from here.”