Japanese Lifelong Learning Experts follow Projects of Gyeonggi-do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning

Createdd 2019-03-05 Hit 85


Japanese lifelong learning experts visited the Gyeonggi-do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning (GILL) to study the operation of its eup/myeon/dong lifelong learning centers, the activities of study managers, and the best practices among GILL’s projects.

GILL announced on February 21 that Nagasawa Seiji (Professor emeritus, Chiba University), and Asano Kaoru (Professor, Fukushima University) participated in this two-day mission from February 18 to 19.

On February 18, they visited the Lifelong Learning Center of Bucheon City, which exemplifies lifelong learning practices, and its community service center. They also participated in a seminar with lifelong educators and local activists of Hakseup Bandi, the local learning centers.

They discussed in depth the subject of citizenship and community in the context of lifelong learning based on daily life and reached a consensus on the development of local lifelong learning.

On February 19, GILL head Han Seon-jae explained trends of lifelong learning at eup, myeon, and dong levels (administrative sections). He also introduced the insitute’s major projects: the operation of the Gyeonggi-do Democratic Citizen Education Support Center – a center that offers universal citizen education, a symbol of “New Gyeonggi Province, Fair World” – and Gyeonggi’s Career-resuming Adult Education Program for middle-aged individuals.

He emphasized the philosophy that, especially in order to prepare for a super-aged society and in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, education for those who are over 60 years old should become compulsory. He also mentioned that Korea and Japan should continue their active exchanges in terms of lifelong learning by sharing their best practices.

Professor emeritus of Chiba University Nagasawa Seiji said, “We are grateful that we could have the opportunity to examine the best practices of Gyeonggi Province, a leading region in terms of lifelong learning in South Korea.” He added, “We will promote those cases in Japan and reflect Gyeonggi Province’s methods by maintaining a close cooperation with GILL.”

Han Seon-jae, the director of the GILL, shared, “We are glad that educators from Japan, a leading country in terms of practicing in-depth social education, visited our institute to share exemplary cases.” He continued, “We will create a strong model of international cooperation by aggressively building up our network with Japan.”